6 Smart Tactics to Sell Your Property Fast

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By Jeana Harris

Updated: Jul 04, 2024

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how to sell your property fast
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    Selling property is a stressful task, and it gets more challenging when you want to sell it fast due to a financial crunch, shifting to a new location due to personal or professional reasons, or for any other reason. The primary concern is" how to sell your property fast." Well, there are multiple strategies that work, such as proper marketing, providing incentives to potential buyers, and many more discussed in the article. Have a look at the strategies to sell your property fast.

    Tips to Sell Your Property Faster

    The Right Selling Strategy

    Before you decide to sell your property, it's essential to assess your path, whether you can accomplish the task yourself or need professional help, and whether you are confident in negotiating with prospective buyers and fetching the best deal.

    Deep Clean the House

    Declutter and deep clean the house for a clean and tidy look. Buyers have their own imagination about their future home and a tidy home gives them space to visually fit in their household items. Make sure the kitchen and bathroom counters are clean, laundry room shelves are arranged, magazine racks are organized, and the garage is clutter-free.

    Decluttering can be overwhelming, especially if you've accumulated years of belongings. That's where professional help comes inCompanies like Solomon & Sons Relocation offer services that go beyond traditional moving, assisting homeowners in selectively packing and moving items to storage, thereby decluttering the living spaces and making them appear more spacious and inviting.

    Fix a Reasonable Selling Price

    Price is an important factor in selling a property, but determining the right price could be tricky. Hiring a professional realtor can help you assess the right price of the property, but if you want to do it yourself, map the market and fix the price. Too high a price will turn away the potential buyer, and too low a price may raise doubts about your property. The accurate price is the soul of the process.

    List on MLS(Multiple Listing Service)

    Listing on MLS can help you get the best deal for your property. You will have to pay a small fee to get listed on MLS, which varies in different states.

    Opt for iBuyer

    Rather than listing your property on the marketplace, hire a company that can buy your house for cash. This is the fastest way to sell your property as you get a guaranteed price, but the price is not as much as you get by entertaining different buyers.

    FSBO(For Sale by Owner)

    If you know the real estate market like a pro, you can DIY without paying a commission to the realtor and handle the listing, showing the property to the buyers, and negotiating, and selling the property all by yourself.

    Hire a Real Estate Agent

    Hire a Real Estate Agent
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    Find an experienced agent by interviewing them. Check for their experience, market knowledge, conversion rate, and overall convincing skill before hiring. The right agent can help you close the deal in less time at a satisfactory price. Consider seeking assistance from professionals like The Colectivo Group, who specialize in real estate solutions in Puerto Rico. This group offers extensive local market knowledge, helping you price your property competitively and connect with potential buyers efficiently.

    Hire a Professional Photographer

    When you list the property online, the photo is the first impression on the buyer, based on which they decide if they want to see the property or let it go. A professional photographer will clearly click photos focusing on the key features in a bright and well-light area. This will help buyers shortlist your property.

    Offer Incentives to Potential Buyers

    There are several ways to incentivize the prospective buyer. Some of them are discussed below:

    • Offer a home furnishing you don't need anymore and make it part of the deal rather than listing them on the marketplace.
    • Offer closing costs that lie between 2% to 5% of the total selling price to help buyers who are already under tremendous pressure of down payment, relocation cost, and other random costs. Closing costs will incentivize buyers to book the deal on the table.
    • Buy down the buyer's interest rate so that the buyer can lock the interest rate at a lower rate by paying an upfront fee.
    • Offer buyers a bonus on closing by date for fast closing of the deal.

    Offer to Bear Repair Cost

    If your property requires minor repair, extend the offer to the prospective buyer to bear the repair cost. This will save your negotiation time and expedite the selling process.

    Offer Flexible Move-out Date

    If you offer a flexible move-out date to the buyers, it'll help you sell the property fast because buyers can easily decide their move-in date at their convenience.

    Be Flexible in Showing Property

    Try to show the property at the buyers' convenience. Be available as and when they are free, which will help you sell the property faster. Hiring a real estate agent helps immensely with flexible timing because they are free to show the property to prospective buyers, even if you are stuck at the workplace.

    Remove Extra Furniture

    Shift extra furniture pieces in a rented self storage container because a house with too much furniture makes it look small. Let the buyer see the house with minimal books, a rug, limited kitchen items, and a clean kitchen countertop to analyze the actual space.

    Enhance the Home's Exterior and Interior Look

    The exterior home is the first visual impression on the buyers, so upgrade it with design elements. Spruce up the outdoor area to enhance the architectural features. Adding a few well-placed plants or flowers can add color and vibrancy, creating an inviting entrance. Even small updates, such as a new mailbox or house numbers, can contribute to a fresh and appealing exterior.

    Paint the House With a Neutral Color

    Paint the House With a Neutral Color
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    Before showing the property to the buyer, paint it with a neutral shade to make it like a blank slate where they can visualize their own favorite shade. Neutral tones such as white, cream, or earthy tones fade into the background.

    Make Your House Neutral Territory

    Before you begin to show your home to buyers, remove all the family photos, figurines, kids toys, artwork by kids, political and religious items or any items that define your house as your territory. Allow buyers to visualize the house and think more about the house rather than your collections.

    Make the Entryway Visually Appealing

    When the buyer enters your property, they take the decision within a few minutes and nothing can impress them more than the entryway which leaves the first visual impact on them. Add a wow factor with a clean foyer, a coat of fresh paint on the walls and clean floor.


    The pressure to sell the house fast is not easy to deal with. However the right strategy and process discussed in this article can make the task achievable. All you need to do is make minor changes to the house to make it attractive.

    Table of Content

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