7 Best Outdoor Flooring Ideas Over Concrete For Your Dubai Home

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By Alexandra Miller

Updated: May 24, 2024

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Outdoor Flooring Ideas
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    Are you someone who has a concrete patio or driveway but is now looking to cover that unsightly look of concrete? Well, if that is the case, you can do it without spending much. There are actually many great outdoor flooring options to cover your concrete flooring.

    Today we bring to you 7 inexpensive outdoor flooring ideas over concrete that you can use. Also, you can buy this flooring at floorland.ae, A popular flooring company in Dubai.  Utilizing any of these flooring ideas will not only make your outdoor space visually appealing but also functional for relaxation.

    7 Best Inexpensive Out Flooring Solutions

    1.  Artificial Grass

    Artificial grass is and will always remain one of the best choices to cover the unsightly appearance of concrete flooring. The reason is that it offers a lush green appearance mimicking the real grass, minus the maintenance. Not only for concrete floors in your backyards it is also a great option for patios, terraces, poolside areas, and balconies. The initial cost of purchase and installation of artificial grass can be a bit costly in Dubai, but the long-lasting use and low maintenance costs make it a viable outdoor flooring option.

    Grass fibers are made from materials like nylon and polyethylene, which are known for their sustainability and softness. Thus, you get a flooring option that is as resilient as concrete floors.

    2.  WPC Decking

    WPC (wood Plastic Composite) decking is an outdoor flooring option that combines the natural look of wood with the longevity of plastic. It is available in interlocking tiles, making it easy to lay over concrete floors.

    This outdoor flooring is made from recycled materials, which makes it eco-friendly. WPC floors are highly durable and resistant to rot, decay, and the usual termite damage, like wood flooring.

    3.  Outdoor Carpet

    Instead of getting costly flooring options, lay down outdoor carpet over your concrete floors. Such outdoor carpets are made from special materials like olefin or polypropylene, which makes them all-weather resistant. Due to the wide variety in colors and designs, they can significantly increase the outlook of your outdoors in your preferred style.

    Be sure to have these outdoor carpets installed by a professional. The professional will lay down a proper backing layer to prevent moisture build-up.

    4. Rubber Pavers

    Rubber pavers are one of the best choices for outdoor flooring over concrete flooring. Firstly, they are made from recycled rubber tile and this rubber build makes them highly durable. They offer a non-slip surface, giving them a safer walking surface for any outdoor space.

    Rubber pavers are available in interlocking designs which makes them easy to install over concrete and require less maintenance than most flooring options. However, prolonged exposure can cause color fading.

    5.  Rubber Flooring Tiles

    Another great outdoor flooring idea in rubber is the rubber flooring tiles. They are often made from recycled rubber or other synthetic rubber compounds. These rubber tiles are highly durable for high foot traffic areas with a cushioned surface. Their natural water resistance prevents them from flooring issues like other floorings.

    The tile design can be laid down over concrete subfloors easily with adhesives; however, only a professional floor fitter should do it. One thing to remember is that these rubber floor tiles are usually simple in design and might not suit the aesthetic preferences of many.

    6.  Resin Bound Stone Carpet

    If you are looking for an inexpensive outdoor flooring idea for your concrete floor that is also elegantly looking, it is surely a Resin-bound stone carpet. This type of flooring is made by combining concrete stone aggregates with high-quality resin to create a shiny yet durable surface. Such flooring in Dubai is ideal for driveways, walkways, and patios.

    Resin-bound stone carpet flooring should be installed only by a professional flooring service. It is an inexpensive solution that requires low maintenance overall and provides a prolonged natural look.

    7.  Epoxy Flooring

    Epoxy flooring is similar to resin-bound carpet flooring over concrete. To achieve epoxy flooring over concrete, a variety of epoxy resins and hardeners are applied over a clean concrete surface. This creates a durable surface that can last longer under heavy use and extreme weather climates.

    Epoxy flooring is ideal for areas like patios, garages, and in most commercial spaces. It is easy to clean as it is resistant to stains & spills. keep in mind, to always call a professional flooring service to have epoxy floors laid down over concrete flooring.

    Factors to Keep in Mind While Selecting Outdoor Flooring Options Over Concrete

    Making the decision of which outdoor flooring idea is the best to lay over concrete floors requires several factors to consider. We have laid down the key ones below.

    Local Climate

    The climate and weather conditions where you are laying down the new outdoor flooring matter a lot. Flooring materials like epoxy or rubber are ideal for places with high temperatures due to their immense durability. As for outdoor carpets, they might not hold up as well as other flooring in wet weather.

    Regular Foot Traffic

    You also need to consider how much foot traffic your new outdoor flooring will experience. Rubber pavers, WPC decking, and epoxy are great options for high-foot-traffic areas like patios or driveways. For low-foot-traffic areas, you can opt for aesthetic flooring options like artificial grass or outdoor carpets.


    Price is always the critical factor in any home improvement or home renovation choice. Options like epoxy flooring or resin-bound floors can result in high initial costs but their long-term value is immense.

    Aesthetic Appeal

    Outdoor flooring should not just be a cost-effective solution but also should reflect your aesthetic style. If you want a natural feel, you can opt for resin-bound stone carpeting or artificial grass floors. For a modern appearance with functionality, rubber flooring tiles are a great option.

    Our Final thoughts

    To choose the right kind of outdoor flooring to lay over concrete, one needs to balance the aesthetic, budget, durability, and overall functionality in one. Whether you opt for a natural look with artificial grass, a modern one with epoxy floors, or a durable one with rubber pavers, each option should reflect your personal preferences. With the information we provided above, make an informed decision to create a functional outdoor decor.


    Table of Content

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