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Updated: Mar 07, 2024

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Five Piece Bathroom

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    Whether you are building a new house or renovating the existing one, shopping items and the latest trending terms used for those items tend to confuse us. When it comes to bathroom renovation, there are commonly used terms like half bathroom, four piece bathroom, quarter bathroom, and five piece bathroom, with which most of us are well acquainted. Four piece bathroom is a common term, but five piece bathroom is comparatively a stand out idea. If you know about it, but would like to know more, read the article. Whether you plan to rent out or sell the property or transform the existing bath space fit for multiple users, a five piece bathroom will surely help. In this article, we have tried to share all the possible information related to the term to help you have a unique bathroom.

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    All You Should Know About Five Piece Bathroom

    A five piece bathroom is a type of bathroom with five plumbing accessories with a combination of a shower, bathtub, sink, and bidet or double sink. The five piece bathroom is usually seen in master bathrooms for a luxurious and spa look. No matter what's trending, it all depends on your personal preference, whether you love to spend time in the bathtub or under the shower, if you want to share it with a partner or not. Plan the bathroom decor and fixture accordingly. If you don't like bathtubs for any reason, expand the shower space and install double showers from the list of numerous stylish showers available, so you don't have to worry about it.

    Reasons for the Popularity of Five Piece Bathroom

    There are various reasons for the popularity of five piece bathrooms such as to give a luxurious look to the bathroom, to add value to the property to fetch maximum rent or sale price because the functional and luxurious bathroom has a positive impact on the buyers.

    If you've one bathroom, a five piece bathroom with two sinks, toilet, bathtub, and bidet helps a lot in the morning when two kids get ready for school at the same time or you and your partner have to get ready for work. Two sinks allow two people to use it simultaneously.

    With a bidet selected as the fifth fixture in a five piece bathroom, hygiene will ensure better posterior health and less infection.

    Factors to Consider When Designing a Five Piece Bathroom

    What will be the intended use of the bathroom? If you want to get ready in the bathroom, a vanity and mirror are a must. If you have a vanity and mirror in the dresser area, have a bigger bathtub to soak in rather than having double sinks, vanity and a big mirror. Number of people using the bathroom is an important factor because the bathroom setup meant for multiple users is entirely different from a single user, the age group of members who intend to use the bathroom. If two adults intend to share the bathroom, it is designed in a different way, and the design and fixtures for the two kids are different.

    The size of the bathroom plays an important role because the types of fixtures, design, and the number depend on the bathroom layout and size. Storage planning is essential. Explain to the contractor your requirements clearly. Based on the bathroom layout, more storage space can be built to store all the bath essential items.

    List of Fixtures and Fittings for Five Piece Bathroom

    • Toilet (it includes plumbing fixtures to allow water to go into the tank and waste to go out.
    • A sink (single or double) is installed depending on the number of family members using it.
    • The shower (single or double) is hung on the usage. If you want to save time with two little kids getting ready for school in the morning, this idea is a boon to save time and rush during the peak morning hours.
    • Bathtub
    • Bidet to maintain hygiene and minimize infection.

    Different Bathroom Looks and Five Piece Bathroom Accessory Combinations

    Rustic fixtures for traditional style homes, Modern, stylish, and luxurious fixtures for contemporary homes and all white accessories for an elegant and classy look. Black and white fixtures for a classic and timeless touch

    Real Estate's Point of View Regarding the Five Piece Bathroom

    Five-piece bathroom idea

    The real estate experts have immense experience dealing with interior decor requirements of different homes, so they bring in their expertise to help homeowners reach the best possible decisions. Talking of a five-piece bathroom idea, here are a few possible queries and their solutions from their perspective.

    • What to do if a homeowner doesn't need the five piece bathroom immediately? - You know the present requirement but have no idea about the future needs. It's advisable to plan for the future. Even if you don't need it right away, you may need it in the coming years with the addition of more kids in the family. Rather than getting plumbing work done from scratch for an additional sink, fix it now to avoid last-minute rush.
    • Do you want to add value? Real estate professionals say that from a sales perspective, having a five piece bathroom with luxurious fixtures will help you fetch the maximum rate in the market because the bathroom represents an individual's personality.


    The concept of a five piece bathroom is merely an extension of a three or four piece bathroom with adding a few plumbing fixtures. Plumbing fixtures (sink, bidet, toilet, bathtub, and shower)are planned considering the intention of usage, age group and number of family members using the bathroom, size of the bathroom, its layout, and many more factors. Your plan to rent out the property or sell it in the coming years also impacts the decision. Be wise and implement the planning after consulting the plumbing expert.


    What is a Five Piece Bathroom?

    A five-piece bathroom is a bathroom with five plumbing accessories in different combinations. It could be a bathtub, shower, toilet, sink, and bidet, or a double shower, double sink, toilet, and bidet. The number and type of fixtures depend on the use.

    Is a Single or Double Sink Better for a Bathroom?

    Well, it depends on the use of the bathroom, size, and distance from the bedroom. If two people intend to use it, it's worth fixing two sinks. If the bedroom is near the bathroom, it's again a brilliant idea to have a double sink to ensure two adults can get ready in the morning or wind up before going to bed. The last and most important factor is the size of the space. All the above factors can be considered only if the size of the room allows.

    What is a Two Sink Bathroom Called?

    A two sink bathroom is called a double vanity bathroom.

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