How Do I Find a Hidden Room in My House?

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Mar 11, 2024

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Hidden Rooms Found In Old Houses
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    In ancient homes inhabitants often come across unexpected surprises over time. Some may chance upon a laundry channel, while others might uncover a hidden treasure or a concealed chamber.

    Homes lacking in historical depth or modern construction are less likely to harbor such hidden spaces. However, those adorned with century-old architectural features, strong and hard wooden doors, or a closet space may harbor hidden areas awaiting discovery.

    Creating a Layout

    You must first note down our plan with a tape measure and draft a scaled representation of your home layout. Take a stroll around the perimeter, sketching its contours. Once completed, replicate the house's outline indoors and describe the wall configuration, floor by floor. Ensure each level's layout is documented separately to prevent confusion. With your plan in hand, start searching for any clues that will make your search for a hidden room easier.

    Analyzing the Plan

    The initial clue lies within the very plan you've crafted. Examine each floor's overhead blueprint closely. Are there any particular gaps between walls? Mark these spaces and cross-reference them with other floors by overlaying the sketches against a light source. Any irregularities suggestive of concealed chambers should be investigated further.

    Identify the Hidden Room

    There is more to uncover. Upon identifying a suspicious area, knock on the wall. Does it vibrate hollowly? If so, you may have stumbled upon a dead space, possibly remodeled throughout history. Dead spaces, though initially unusable, can be repurposed creatively, including as secret chambers. To confirm your suspicions without resorting to demolition, a drill and flashlight will be sufficient.

    Revealing Secret

    Drill two holes, one at shoulder height and another at eye level, about two feet apart. Shine the flashlight through the first hole and observe through the second. Does it reveal a hidden room? The problem now lies in whether to unveil its secrets or exploit it carefully. Consider why a secret room might exist and where it could be concealed. It may surprise you with the thrill of discovery awaits. With this knowledge, you possess the means to craft your own concealed room should the need arise.

    Explore the Hidden Rooms Within the Historic Houses
    Photo: Bit Rebels

    Explore the Hidden Rooms Within the Historic Houses

    Hidden Within the Depths

    Constructed in 1910 for a prestigious Portuguese family, the extensive fortress was later acquired by an entrepreneur. Interestingly, the new proprietor had a fondness for mystery elements and crafted two subterranean towers measuring 88 feet beneath the estate. These underground structures boast networks of rooms entirely artificial in nature.

    The Shadows of the Mansion

    Picture an inn nestled in the landscapes of Alsace, once a millennium-old convent, now a well-maintained hotel. With huge walls and storage, there are priceless manuscripts and an extensive range of books. In 2002, Police, while investigating the disappearance of several rare artifacts at Mont Sainte-Odile, found a concealed doorway leading to a small, covert chamber, the very passage utilized by the thieves to make its way to the library.

    30 Hidden Rooms

    Sarah Winchester, who inherited a fortune California house, believed it was cursed. So, she kept changing her house, adding weird things to confuse the ghosts. People often talk about the stairs going nowhere and doors leading to walls. But not everyone knows about the secret 30-room space hidden behind a cabinet in one of her six kitchens.

    The Secret Passageway

    Lovers roam the hidden corridors of the Sessions House, originally built in 1710 by Captain Jonathan Hunt, to safeguard his family. Beneath the house lie passages designed for quick escape. Hunt's granddaughter met her lover through these passages despite her family's objections. Denied the chance to wed her love, it is believed that their spirits linger in the secret passageway.

    The 800-foot tunnel

    This Toronto mansion was constructed in 1914 and was later transformed into a hotel where lots of Hollywood films were made. Beneath its well-known exterior lies an 800-foot tunnel linking the mansion to its stables. Furthermore, during World War II, the stables were repurposed into a technology laboratory where anti-submarine sonar sensors were developed for the Allied forces.


    Historical residences are filled with tales from yesteryears, providing significant insight into the periods they were built. Whether it is lavish estates or hotels situated within old structures are other structures concealed. Traces of bygone eras awaiting discovery by keen observers, such ancestral residences serve as ideal spots for uncovering the secrecy of hidden rooms.

    Table of Content

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