How to Get Items for a Penny at Home Depot?

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By Daniela Klein

Updated: Apr 05, 2024

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Home Depot Penny Items

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    Achieving the best deal can be crucial for a project at Home Depot. Certain shoppers possess the skill to utilize elusive discounts, while others strategically time purchases during sales events. However, one Home Depot patron has uncovered a method to procure select items for a mere penny. Discover the details below to assess its viability for yourself.

    How to Obtain Items for One Cent at Home Depot?

    Numerous retailers offer exclusive promotions and guidelines that can result in immediate cost reductions on certain occasions. By being aware of the right places to explore and the techniques to employ, you can frequently secure excellent bargains through clearance sales and similar avenues.

    The Home Depot's principles, pricing strategies, and grasp the necessary steps to successfully undertake the enjoyable endeavor of purchasing items for a penny from start to finish.

    Knowledge of the fundamentals, including essential insights such as the rationale behind Home Depot's penny pricing, avenues to discover newly discounted items, methods for deciphering prices from tags, conducting price comparisons, and navigating from spotting these advantageous deals to finalizing the purchase. You will be equipped to compile your personalized Home Depot.

    What Are Penny Products?

    When products are marked for clearance, a timer begins for how long they will remain in the store. The key aspect of Home Depot is that if items on clearance aren't purchased within a specific timeframe, store staff must dispose of them.

    These unsold items are automatically tagged with a price of one cent when scanned, and they frequently disappear from the inventory. This typically occurs after six to over eight months of being in the clearance section. Often, employees are slow to remove them from the shelves, providing opportunities for discovering these excellent clearance deals and penny products.

    Unveiling Penny Items and Store Variance

    Not all Home Depot outlets operate similarly, prompting inquiries such as which stores offer penny items and where to locate them within Home Depot. Responses to these queries often lack clarity. However, one certainty is whether Home Depot indeed offers penny items, to which the answer is affirmative.

    Variations in employees and store inventory contribute to the discrepancy between locations. Stock availability and individual employees' adherence to disposal protocols further influence item availability. Additionally, the pace of seasonal merchandise turnover varies depending on when one visits.

    Unpublished Penny Items

    If you happen to purchase an item for a mere penny because Home Depot's staff failed to remove it from the shelves in time, the company has not publicly addressed this scenario, as no policy regarding these penny markdowns has been published.

    Insight of Home Depot 

    According to various sources such as news reports, couponing websites, and online employee forums, these penny items are typically ones that Home Depot has already classified as unsold and disposed of. Despite this, some of these sources provide tips for locating penny items, including screenshots from Home Depot software displaying the pricing.

    Smart Penny Purchase

    Experienced bargain shoppers often opt to use self-checkout registers when purchasing penny finds to avoid potential complications. This approach is understandable, suggesting that certain cashiers may opt not to sell penny items discovered by customers. This precaution aligns with the company's general directive for stores to dispose of, donate, or return such products to vendors.

    Striking Deals

    Using self-checkout minimizes the risk of a cashier preventing one's hopes of acquiring a one-cent item. However, it may be more convenient and beneficial to seek out legitimate deals through clearance sales and understand the significance of Home Depot's yellow tags.

    Unlocking Discounts at Home Depot
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    Unlocking Discounts at Home Depot

    To uncover their discounted offerings, focus on the Born On Date labels.


    Typically, goods become eligible for discounts when they reach certain milestones- 50% off after four months on clearance, 75% off after six months, and priced at one cent after eight months.


    Watch out for price tags ending in .06 (indicating 50% off) or .03 (reflecting 75% off) to ensure you're decoding the discounts correctly. Manufacturer coupons might further sweeten the deal.


    The countdown to the one-cent mark is signaled by the figures representing six and three weeks on the label. Keep an eye out for Home Depot's automated removal of clearance items, even if they're still on the shelves, as those are the hidden gems you're seeking.

    Table of Content

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