How to Make My House Smell Fresh: Know Unique Ways for a Fresh-smelling House

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By Deirdre Mundorf

Updated: Feb 15, 2024

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How to Make My House Smell Fresh

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    We humans are blessed with a sense of smell and prefer to live in an environment with pleasant odors. A house with a lovely smell has a pop of positivity and energy spread across to every nook and corner. Due to some natural factors such as overflowing trash bins, smelly shoes, pet mess, burnt recipes, and many more, foul odors develop, which require proper handling to eliminate. In this piece, we have mentioned some amazing ways to create a nice-smelling house.

    Different Ways for Fresh Odor in Homes

    Homemade Scent

    There are several ways to prepare organic scents at home with ingredients available in the kitchen. One of the smart ways is to mix lemon, orange, and lime slices with lavender, mint, or basil in a pan and simmer on the stove. Let the fresh organic aroma fill the house with its freshness.

    Use Candles or Diffusers to Scent Your Home

    Candles and diffusers are an easy and effective way to spread aroma in the house. During the rainy season, packing days, cleaning the closets days, or when guests come over, candles or diffusers transform the ambiance of the house into an exciting place. Entertain the guests at home with warmth and fragrance.

    Use Lemon in the Garbage Disposal

    The unpleasant smell from the garbage disposal makes the house unwelcoming for guests and even for family members. The best way to get rid of the bad smell is to run cold water over the cut lemon slice through the garbage disposal for a fresh aroma.

    Remove Pet Odors With Fabric Spray

    Improve the smell of the home to welcome your dear ones by eliminating pet odors with a fabric scent. Make this easy scent at home with some easy steps: take one tablespoon of baking soda in a bowl, add 30ml of wild orange essential oil, and mix with a fork. Take a spray bottle, put scented baking soda with two cups of distilled water, and shake well. Then, spray the solution in the air or on the fabric for an amazing aroma.

    Mild Room Spray

    Your homes already have the typical smell of laundry detergent, hair shampoo, and kids soap that you get used to and start loving the scent. To add one more layer to these smells, spray a mild fragrance scent to ensure the strong smell doesn’t overshadow the existing homely aroma.

    Layer Up Aroma to Make a Custom Scent

    There are scent studios selling a variety of fragrances from which you can create a personalized fragrance to layer in different parts of the house.

    Use Dried Floral for Natural Scents

    Make use of flowers to create soothing natural scents with a pleasant smell. Grow a variety of flowers such as roses, gardenias, and lilacs in the garden, pluck them to arrange in a bouquet, and keep them in different parts of the house for a fresh smell.

    Regularly Clean Pet Beds, Rugs and Carpets

    Pets usually create a mess on the rugs and carpets, which leaves an odor even if you clear the mess. The best way to clean them is by sprinkling soda, gently wipe in the dirty area, leaving them for an hour, and then vacuuming. 

    Tips: Clean the vacuum dust cup and filter for better suction.

    Keep the Trash Bin Clean

    Women Cleaning Trash Bin

    Trash bins emit an unpleasant smell because they hold leftover food every day. Freshen up your trash bin in a few easy steps; sprinkle soda into it while changing the liner and washing it. Make sure you wash around the rim where debris accumulates.

    Bring in Freshness With Indoor Plants

    Place some pleasant-smelling indoor plants of jasmine, eucalyptus, and gardenias for natural fragrance in the house. All you have to do is care for these plants. 

    Working With Dryer Sheets

    Put dryer sheets in closets or dressers for a pleasant smell of laundry, even if laundry is piled up for months.

    Spread Delicious Smell With Essential Oil via an Air Conditioner Filter

    Put a drop of essential oil in the AC filter to spread a sweet smell all around the house.

    Tips: Test the smell of the oil because once spread, it can’t be undone easily.


    A common question arises in the mind of homeowners regarding how to make my house smell fresh. There are many natural ways to eliminate bad smells from the house and bring in freshness. Bring indoor plants, add layers of pleasant odor, keep the trash bin clean, and many more ways discussed in the article.

    Table of Content

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