What Should You Do Before Your Movers Arrive to Pack?

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By Jeana Harris

Updated: Mar 26, 2024

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How To Prepare For Movers
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    Preparing for a move requires thorough planning, including arrangements for the movers themselves. Don't overlook this aspect amidst the flurry of tasks. Ensure readiness by considering essentials like tipping funds and pet crates well in advance. Handle your possessions with care, manage logistical aspects on moving day, and often expedite the process.

    Pros and Cons of Hiring Professional Packers for Your Move

    Benefits of hiring professional packers for a move include expert handling to ensure items arrive safely, financial responsibility of the company for any damage incurred, provision of necessary packing materials, efficient packing and loading, and avoidance of the need to pack and load heavy items. World Class Moving New Jersey is one such professional service provider for movers.

    However, drawbacks include potential mixing of items in boxes, lack of discretion in deciding what to pack, packing items as they are without thorough inspection, limited control over packing methods, incomplete inventory labelling, and the risk of items going missing during the packing process.

    Essential Packing

    If you are not opting for packing services, it is your responsibility to correctly package most of your possessions before the movers come. Ensure you have suitable boxes and materials beforehand, including various strong boxes for different rooms, dividers, foam pouches, and bubble wrap for fragile items.

    Remember to include telescope boxes for artwork, mirrors and TVs—plastic bins for clothes and electronics and banker boxes for office supplies. Efficient packing reduces the risk of accidental damage by movers. Ensure each box is properly labelled according to the room it belongs to in your new house. This simplifies the process for movers and makes unpacking easier for you.

    Proactive Planning

    Parking, often disregarded amidst the hustle of moving, emerges as a critical factor on the day of relocation. Expect the driver to contact you beforehand, seeking directions on where to park the sizable truck. If arrangements haven't been made with the moving company, ensuring adequate parking space becomes important. Whether it is obtaining a street parking permit or securing permission for shared driveway use, proactive planning is key.

    Pre-Moving Precautions

    Prior to the arrival of the moving team, it falls upon you to properly ready and protect both your current and future homes.


    It is essential to take precautions against adverse weather conditions such as rain, snow, ice or sleet to avoid any water damage. To prevent the tracking of mud indoors, you might want to place sizable blankets or tarps at entry points such as doorways, doorsteps, entryways and hallways.


    Regardless of weather forecasts, it is wise to shield hardwood floors with blankets or a tarp to mitigate any potential harm.


    Lastly, ensuring the safety of your movers is paramount. In slippery conditions caused by weather, like icy or snowy doorsteps and walkways, using salt is recommended to reduce the risk of accidents.

    Ensuring Smooth Furniture Transitions

    Smooth Furniture Transitions
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    It is likely that a reputable moving service can smoothly transition your furniture from your current residence to the new one. Nevertheless, if doorways are narrow or furniture is exceptionally large, it is beneficial to inform your movers beforehand. This allows them to prepare adequately and bring necessary equipment for the job. Take measurements of bulky items like couches to ensure they can pass through doorways or windows seamlessly.

    Caring for your Child and Pet

    They could easily get injured, with doors being left open for extended periods and their routines disrupted by the chaos. To ensure their safety and maintain order during the move, consider leaving them with a trusted friend or relative. Alternatively, arrange for childcare by hiring a baby sitter or pet care to keep them away from the disturbances and potential dangers.

    Maximise Efficiency

    To save time during your move, dismantle furniture before the movers come. This includes beds, sofas, tables, and anything else that needs disassembly. Doing this yourself can speed up the loading process when the movers arrive. Plus, you can organise and label all the hardware for easy reassembly at your new place.

    Essential Items

    Perhaps you're packing your vehicle and embarking on a journey to your fresh destination, or catching a swift flight to reach your new residence.Regardless of the situation, you'll need a few bags packed with essential items to support you while your belongings are being moved by movers. These necessities include important documents such as your birth certificate, passport, or marriage licence, along with toiletries and several outfits for different occasions.

    The Moving Day

    Be available during the moving process to address any queries from movers and handle unexpected situations. Being onsite lets you oversee delicate items, tackle last-minute concerns, and offer guidance on moving specialised furniture.

    Have cash ready to tip your movers once the truck is packed. Before movers start loading, do a final walkthrough of each room to ensure nothing is left behind. Check drawers, closets, and other areas for overlooked items. Once everything is clear, bid farewell and anticipate your next journey.

    Table of Content

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