How to Remove Bathroom Tile: an Easy Step by Step Guide

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Apr 07, 2024

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How to Remove Bathroom Tile
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    Tiles in the bathroom play an important part in leaving an impact on the person using the bathroom, and the effect could be positive or negative depending on how old or new the tiles are, so maintaining the tile on a regular basis or replacing them when needed is vital.

    The best thing is changing the tile is an easy DIY project that takes around two to three days of your schedule. All you have to do is dig into bathroom decor ideas, grab a few tools, remove the old tiles, and fix the new ones. If you are planning to extend a makeover to your bathroom with new tiles, here we are with detailed information on how to remove bathroom tile. Kindly have a look.

    Easy Steps to Remove the Old Bathroom Tile

    Change the old floor and wall tile in the bathroom with the use of the right tools and following safety precautions. Let’s have a look:

    Gather Right Tools

    The primary requirement of the entire process is gathering the right tools and supplies, which gets half the work done. For smaller projects, you can use manual tools such as a chisel or ball peen hammer, and for larger projects, you will require power tools such as an angle grinder or oscillating tool.

    Tools Required Safety Gears
    Chisel and Reciprocating Saw Gloves
    Hammer Face Mask
    Pry Bar Boots
    Utility Knife Goggles for Eye Safety
    Shop Vac Pants
    Plastic Sheeting Shirt With Long Sleeves

    In addition to the above list of tools and supplies, you would also require a trash bag, trash bin, and knee pads.

    Remove the Toilet, Vanity, and Sink

    The first step is to turn off the water supply in the bathroom before removing the toilet and sink. Disconnect the pipe from the wall to the sink and toilet, unscrew the vanity to loosen it from the wall, and pull it. Similarly, remove the toilet.

    Protect Other Bathroom Fixtures

    A lot of debris and dust gathers when you start working in the bathroom, so protect the fixtures such as shower glass, shower curtain, and mirror from any damage. Keep them away at some other place or cover them with a plastic sheet to prevent dust accumulation.

    Remove Grout

    To remove the floor tile, first loosen and remove the grout. For small spaces, using hand tools can work well, and for bigger rooms, use power tools such as rotary tools to cut along the edges of grout to make the work easier and faster.

    Remove Grout
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    Tips: Remember to wear safety tools like goggles, long-sleeve shirts, and gloves to prevent damage to the eyes, hands, or other body parts.

    Remove the Floor Tile

    Start removing the floor tile from the doorway, where the bathroom floor and the adjoining room meet, and continue towards the inside. Break one tile with a hammer and chisel and then use the chisel under the next tile and lift it using the hammer. Continue the process until all the tiles are removed.

    To remove the wall tiles, use the same method, but horizontally starting from the doorway. Use a chisel and hammer to remove all the wall tiles.

    Clean the Bathroom

    After removing the bathroom tiles, clear all the mortars and debris for the next step.

    Prepare the Floor for New Tiles

    Check the floor for normal damage, water damage, or rough patches. New tiles can be laid perfectly only on a smooth floor. The best way is to sand the subfloor with a sander and vacuum the area to get rid of dust and debris.

    Which is a Better Option: Hiring a Professional or DIY?

    Undoubtedly, DIY is time-consuming work, but you can save money up to $2000 by doing it yourself. Do it if you are willing to spend time and energy and save money.

    Hiring a professional will complete the work in less time, but it will require more investment as a fee to the professional.

    Table of Content

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