How to Remove Scratches From Glass Table?

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By Deirdre Mundorf

Updated: Jun 03, 2024

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How to Remove Scratches From Glass Table
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    Repairing a glass table, especially if it serves as the focal point of your living space, can be particularly alarming. Glass surfaces are vulnerable to various forms of damage, often starting from the manufacturing stage and continuing through consumer use.

    One common cause of scratches is inadequate cleaning before the tempering process. If dust particles remain on the surface during tempering, they can later cause scratches when the glass table is wiped out with a clean cloth.

    Dealing with scratches on glass tables can be quite a task, especially when you have invested in your ideal piece of furniture. Fortunately, there are numerous methods available to restore your glass table to its former self.

    Whether dealing with deep scratches or superficial marks, there are several remedies to rejuvenate your glass table's appearance. Don't let scratched glass deter you from purchasing items at flea markets, as repairing such damage is often simpler than anticipated.

    Use of Non-gel Toothpaste Technique

    Choosing a Gentle Toothpaste

    Toothpaste containing excessive gel can potentially aggravate scratches; hence, opting for white toothpaste or those designed for children is recommended to avoid any scratches on your glass top.

    Application Process

    You will require a moist cloth and non-gel toothpaste. This method is cost-effective and straightforward. Put the toothpaste onto the scratch and rub it with a clean cloth, making circular motions. If the scratch persists, repeat the process until it vanishes.

    Glass Scratch Removal by Vinegar and Water Mix

    Mixture of Vinegar and water in equal proportion should be applied on the scratches and wiped it out with clean cloth, if possible use a microfiber cloth to clean the glass table. Steer clear of paper towels or plush cloths to preserve a surface free from lint.

    Glass Scratch Removal by Vinegar and Water Mix
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    If the scratches prove too stubborn to remove or if you observe any signs of glass protective coating peeling off, seek help from a professional to evaluate the most suitable repair approach. They apply techniques such as gluing, reglazing, or recutting the glass to achieve restoration.

    Restoring Deep Scratches on Glass Table Tops

    If the scratches are deep enough to be felt by your fingertip, restoring the surface to its original condition may be difficult. However, you can consider using specialized glass repair systems, which use buffing discs to smooth out the surface.

    It is important to note that removing the scratch may require grinding down the surrounding glass to the same depth, which could result in a noticeable difference in glass surfaces. After attempting repair, it may be best to come to terms with the appearance or explore alternatives. This could involve seeking professional assistance or opting to replace the glass tabletop altogether.

    Removing Scratches From Glass Surface With Jeweller's Rouge

    Jeweller's rouge is a compound commonly used by professionals to eliminate minor nicks and scratches on gold and silver caused by everyday use. It also serves a similar purpose for glass surfaces. Available in stores or online where jewelry products are sold, it effectively smoothens surface scratches on glass.

    To apply, first, ensure thorough cleaning of the glass. Then, using a clean cloth, apply the jewelry rouge and rub it onto the glass surface. Additional applications may be necessary depending on the depth of the scratches. Once the scratches are removed, wipe off any excess jeweler's rouge and clean the glass with glass cleaner.

    Repairing Scratches by Metal Polish

    Delicately apply metal polish using gentle circular movements and a soft cloth. This method is most effective for addressing scratches that are slightly deeper than what the paste or applicant can handle but do not require the help of a professional. Prioritize cleaning the glass beforehand to prevent trapping dirt or debris beneath the polish.

    Preventing the Glass Scratches

    Preventing the Glass Scratches
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    Understanding the prevention methods to preserve your furniture with glass surfaces from scratch is important for its longevity.

    Gentle Stain Removal

    When dealing with dried-on stains, opt for glass cleaner or mild, soapy water to gently moisten the affected area before removal. Vigorous rubbing should be avoided to prevent scratches.

    Coaster Protection

    Shield your glass table top from potential damage by using a coaster beneath hot plates, coffee mugs, bowls or cooking utensils. Direct contact can compromise the structural integrity of the glass.

    Table Shield

    Incorporate table runner shield to serve as a protective barrier between utensils and the glass surface. Not only do they add aesthetic value, but they also deter scratches.

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