13 Kitchen Counter Extension Ideas

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Mar 29, 2024

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Kitchen Counter Extension
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    The kitchen is known as the “heart of the house.” The use of the kitchen is not limited to preparation and cooking, but it’s a place where family members and friends love to sip wine or dine together over casual chit-chat. The kitchen should be equipped with a spacious countertop for prep, cooking, dining, or to keep frequent-use items handy. You can extend the countertop to create additional space in the kitchen, keeping in mind the functionality and the aesthetic.

    There are umpteen ways to install counter extensions using various materials like wood or laminate. Let’s have a look at the various kitchen counter extension ideas:

    Kitchen Counter Extension Ideas to Maintain a Balance Between Form and Function

    Opt for Multipurpose Furniture

    Multipurpose Furniture in kitchen
    Photo: Design Cafe

    A smart way to extend the counter is by using multipurpose furniture that can work as an extended countertop or dining piece. If you are living in a small space, this idea will work wonders because it’ll give you maximum use of limited space.

    Install Cantilever Counter

    Cantilever Counter
    Photo: Homedit

    Adding a cantilever counter is a clever way to extend the island counter that can be used as a prep area or breakfast counter and the space under the extended counter to keep the bar stools. The only challenge is to get the same material as the existing countertop. In case you don’t find a similar material, wood is another option that can complement any material.

    Think of a Kitchen Cart πŸ”—

    Kitchen Cart
    Available on Amazon

    A kitchen cart on wheels with drawers, cupboards and a small serving counter to serve as a breakfast bar and serving station is a great option to create additional counter space. When not in use, keep the cart in the corner to save floor space.

    Floating Countertops πŸ”—

    Floating Countertops
    Available on Amazon

    An idea much related to the modern kitchen designs either mounted on the wall or as an extension to the existing countertop to provide extra working space in the kitchen is a good option. If you are an ardent lover of minimalist design, opt for this design. The only thing you should be aware of is proper installation to bear the weight of heavy culinary.

    Extend the Counter to Two Sides

    Extend the Kitchen Countertop
    Photo: @designer.erika.pace

    If you already have an extended counter in a big kitchen with no shortage of space, extend the counter further to two sides, keeping in mind the current design and material for a seamless blend. It also creates space underneath for storage.

    Plan L-design for Counter

    L-design for Counter in kitchen
    Design: @ad_add_addy & Photo: @phxindia

    L-design works well to build your current kitchen island at right angles for more counter space and storage space under it.

    Add One More Island

    Add One More Island
    Photo: @firstimpressionsremodel

    If there’s ample space in the kitchen, add one kitchen island next to the existing island to create more space with an intent to use it strictly for dining or to wind up some office assignment. Don’t make a mess with prep and cooking.

    Build a Lower Counter Extension

    Lower Counter Extension
    Photo: Homedit

    If your existing kitchen island is high, build a permanent lower counter extension with a table with similar material and color counter for family members and kids to sit comfortably to enjoy meals.

    Multi-level Counter

    Multi level kitchen countertops
    Photo: Powerwell Construction

    If your existing kitchen counter is at a low height, extend the counter outward by adding a counter at the edge to store cutlery or make it a bar counter with tall bar stools.

    Add an Extra Counter

    Add an Extra Counter
    Photo: Shop Ltk

    If there’s no shortage of space in the kitchen, add a new counter or an island to create more space for preparation and cooking. Choose a durable, affordable, and visually appealing counter. Quartz is probably an ideal material for countertops because it is durable and available in multiple colors and patterns.

    Use Windowsill

    Use Windowsill
    Photo: Ad It Yourself

    Windowsill is a perfect place to save counter space and to keep cookbooks and canisters. You can place small jars and other everyday use items on the windowsill to allow easy cleaning of the countertop.

    Pull Out the Extension Counter

    Pull Out the Extension Counter
    Photo: Contemporist

    Optimal use of space in a small kitchen requires a well-planned idea, and a pull-out extension counter is a brilliant idea to have extra counter space while retaining the sleek look of the kitchen. A wooden pull-out extension complementing the cabinets reflects a perfect sense of balance between functionality and aesthetics. You can use it when needed or else hide it.

    Shift the Microwave

    Shift the Microwave
    Photo: Driven By Decor

    A microwave occupies considerable space on the counter, so shifting it to another space, like a rolling cart or a shelf, will create additional spaYouce on the counter for other items.

    Table of Content

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