Laundry Basket Organizer for a Clutter-free Laundry Area

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Updated: Jul 06, 2024

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Laundry Basket Organizer
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    Laundry is an endless task of household work that takes too much time and energy, especially with kids at home because they spill one or the other thing on the clothes, and you have to change their clothes frequently, resulting in piled up clothes. The question arises where to store all these clothes? You need a laundry basket and a place to keep the basket. To have a clutter-free laundry space, a laundry basket organizer is a must as It transforms the messy room into a tidy room by storing dirty clothes. Too many laundry baskets occupy the floor space, which looks untidy. Keep all the baskets in an organized way with an organizer. Here, we have listed some laundry basket organizer ideas for a neat and clean laundry room.

    Laundry Basket Organizer Ideas for a Clean Room

    Pull Out Laundry Organizer

    The pull-out laundry idea is a great way to organize baskets, whether you are constructing a new laundry room or creating space to install the organizer in the existing room. It is available in various shapes, sizes, and styles to fit in any cabinet and is based on a gliding method for effortless opening of the cabinet door. The base is made of metal to hold plastic, canvas, or a wire basket.

    Classic Rolling Hamper

    Rolling hampers are a functional and long-lasting classic option because wheels make mobility easier. The structure consists of a steel frame with a heavy removable canvas bag with a handle for easy pulling and carrying. Spare one lower cabinet in the laundry room to place the rolling hamper.

    Create a Small Laundry Space by Elevating Appliances

    Elevate the appliance for easy loading and unloading of clothes and also to create additional storage space underneath to keep the laundry basket. A pull out hamper is the best way for maximum utilization of the space and to hide clutter.

    An Island Shelf for a Bigger Space

    If space is not a constraint for you, bring in an island shelf to hold multiple laundry baskets. Baskets stored on the island provide easy access and more storage space for a tidy look. The top of the island gives multifunctional space to stack clothes or to remove stains from clothes conveniently.

    A Built-in Laundry Basket

    If you are renovating the home or building a new home, make a provision for a built-in laundry basket to hide it in the drawer anywhere in the bathroom or laundry room. However, if you plan to have an in-built laundry basket in an already settled home with no scope of making structural changes, use some decorative table or furniture with drawers to hide baskets.

    Rattan Laundry Basket With a Lid

    If you have limited space and want to have a compact laundry basket, go for a stylish rattan basket to keep in the corner of the bedroom or closet. These woven wickers have multiple benefits, like adding a decorative element, hiding dirty clothes, filling the unoccupied corners, and adding texture. Opt for a basket with lining and a lid to ensure that while taking out the clothes, it doesn't get stuck in the rattan edges.

    Use Open Storage Cubes Under the Cabinets

    Add a cubby underneath cabinets permanently to store all the dirty clothes. Make sure the space is deep and wide enough to keep a big basket made of any material. These cubbies can store many clothes, making it ideal for a family with more members.

    Foldable Hampers for Small Space

    Foldable hampers are the best choice for small and compact spaces. These can be folded and kept away from the laundry room for a clutter-free space, when not in use. The structure of the collapsible hamper provides mobility. It is made of canvas with a sturdy base made of wire to hold the weight and two handles to lift it easily.

    Hang Basket Behind the Door

    It's a smart way to utilize the space behind the door to hang a laundry bag, making use of every single inch of the room. This idea works well for the bathroom and dressing area to use the vertical space and hide the clutter. No need to use drill or screws; merely hang in on stick-on hooks.

    Organize Laundry Baskets Behind the Dressing Screen

    The screen room divider is a multipurpose furniture for large spaces to hide the laundry basket organizer and also to get ready. The advantage of this screen, especially the patterned ones, is it adds aesthetics to the room, and it's a hassle-free arrangement.

    Floor-to-ceiling Cabinets

    Incorporate floor-to-ceiling laundry cabinets for maximum storage space while securing the lower ones merely for laundry baskets for easy access and convenience. It's a smart idea to hide the baskets with a seamless flow of cabinets.

    Make Space for Laundry in the Closet

    A laundry closet is a practical way to create a small space to keep the basket. No matter if you live in a small apartment or a big one, you can make provision for closet laundry for guests. If the space allows, create separate space for a washer, dryer, and floating shelves to place the basket.

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    Wicker Basket for Storage

    Wicker baskets are a smart addition to laundry storage ideas as these baskets serve the functionality of storing dirty clothes and also add a natural look to the space. Wicker baskets can be kept inside the cabinet on a counter. The best feature is its easy mobility.

    Narrow Laundry Units

    If your focus is not on hiding the laundry baskets and keeping them in an open space, a narrow unit is a good option as it is available in various shapes and sizes that can fit into a compact, narrow space easily. Depending on the space, buy a single, double, or triple-compartment unit.

    DIY Laundry Basket Organizer

    DIY Laundry Basket Organizer
    Photo: Elements Envato

    With limited resources and investment, you can make your own laundry basket organizer rather than buying one from the market. Here are the steps to make the organizer, along with other details.

    Tools Required for a DIY Project

    • Drill
    • Drill bits
    • Tape for measurement
    • Grip clamps
    • Pencil
    • Roller tray, cover, and frame
    • Paintbrush(flat)
    • 120 and 220 sand grit paper
    • Soft cloth rags

    Materials to Be Used for the DIY Organizer

    • Pre-stain wood conditioner
    • Wood Stanwood glues
    • Screw (2", 3" and 1")Emulsion paint

    The List of Cutting Needed

    1. Two(5' x 2'4") pieces of plywood (3/4")for the top and bottom of the box
    2. One (5’ x 1’8”)piece of plywood(3/4”) for the back
    3. Four(3’6” x 2’4”) pieces(3/4”) of plywood for the vertical
    4. Eighteen 2’4” 2x2s
    5. Two 4’4” 2x4s
    6. Two 1’5” 2x4s
    7. One (5’2” x 2’6”)piece of(3/4”) plywood for the final top piece

    First Make the End Pieces

    Drill hole near the end of both the holes of the 2×2 cleat, drill one hole in the center. Don't bother about the spacing of the holes. All that matters is the number of holes and the size. The holes should be a bit bigger than the 2" screw threads. Repeat the same drilling process for the rest of five cleats of 2×2,,put a mark on the plywood where cleats will be attached, apply wood glue on the back of the cleats with holes. Put 2" screws through the holes to fix the cleat to the plywood, clear extra glue, if any. Repeat the process for two more cleats and  make the second end piece with the same process.

    The Process to Make the Interior Vertical Pieces

    The entire process is similar to making the end pieces except for the fact that cleats are attached to both sides of the plywood rather than on one side, put a mark on the plywood to attach cleats. Apply glue on the back of the cleat and fix it on the plywood. Drill holes through the cleat and plywood near the end of the cleat and the center, add glues on the back of the second cleat and fix it on the back of the plywood just as the first cleat. Press both the pieces to the plywood and clean the excess glue. Attach two more cleats to the vertical piece with the same process and make the second interior vertical piece, repeating the entire process again.

    Attach the Plywood Pieces (Top and Bottom)

    Let's begin with the first two vertical pieces first. Apply glue on the top and bottom edges of the interior vertical pieces, use pipe clamps to hold the pieces in the right place. Make six holes passing through the top piece of plywood to the edge of the interior vertical piece using a drill smaller than the diameter of the screw 1-5/8". Pierce 1-5/8" screws through all the holes to the top of the interior vertical piece. Attach both the pieces of the interior vertical with the same process. Repeat the same process over again to fix the end pieces to the top and bottom.

    Attach the Back

    To give a square shape for more stability, back support is essentia. Put the dresser on the floor and attach the back and take the measurement properly from corner to corner to ensure it has a square shape.

    Make a Base Frame for Convenience

    If you need toe space while sorting clothes, the base is indispensable, attach shorter plywood to bigger ones with wood glue, pre-drill the holes and attach all the plywood together using screws.

    Paint the Plywood

    To cover the flaws and to add visual appeal, paint the plywood using a roller and a small brush for corners and edges. Now, your laundry basket organizer is ready to use.

    Finishing Touch to the Top of the Dresser

    The top of the dresser is often used to stack clothes or for sorting out white clothes from colorful clothes. For this reason, the top should be smooth and plywood is the best option for the top.


    Laundry, being one of the most essential parts of everyday household chores, needs a separate space with well-organized cabinets or shelves to stack the baskets full of dirty clothes. There are several types of organizers available in the market to fit in any space. If you are good at woodwork, the DIY option is a good idea to save money and display your creativity. Opt for the option that suits you well.


    How to Make a Laundry Basket Organizer?

    There are some processes to make the basket organizer. Please read the above DIY laundry basket organizer for the detailed step-by-step process to understand it in a better way.

    How Many Laundry Baskets Should You Have?

    The number depends on the number of family members and the age group because families with more toddlers need more baskets for practical reasons. However, consider one basket per bedroom for a tidy room.

    Where Do Most People Keep Their Laundry Basket?

    People usually keep laundry baskets in the bedroom or bathroom, but in the corner, away from the direct sight of visitors. Keeping the bedroom and bathroom gives easy access. For this reason, buy a decorative basket or hide it inside the closet or in-built space meant for laundry bags.

    Table of Content

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