Will Lemongrass Keep Mosquitoes Away?

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By Ashley Hanson

Updated: Jun 21, 2024

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Lemongrass for Mosquitoes
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    Lemongrass is an asian grass plant famous across the world. People really like it because it smells nice, like citrus. They use it a lot in cooking to add flavor. Its nice smell is also used in things like candles and sprays for rooms. Some people also use lemongrass to keep mosquitoes away.

    A Multi-purpose Plant

    Lemongrass, a widely-used natural ingredient, serves various purposes beyond culinary and relaxation. Its effectiveness extends to repelling mosquitoes, offering relief from the pest. While Lemongrass's flavor is appealing, mosquitoes find it uninviting.

    Additionally, it serves as a deterrent for lizards and bees, although they pose minimal threat. The secret lies in citronella, a compound within Lemongrass that repels insects. However, merely planting Lemongrass around your home isn't sufficient; the solution lies in homemade oils or sprays, effectively deterring mosquitoes without harming them.

    Understanding the Role of Lemongrass and Citronella in Mosquito Control

    Due to their similar appearance, Lemongrass and citronella are often confused as the same plant, but they are distinct. Citronella typically exhibits a reddish pseudostem, while Lemongrass remains uniformly green. Both things are used a lot to keep mosquitoes away.

    They have citronella stuff in them that creates confusion as to how mosquitoes find people by smell. This makes it hard for mosquitoes to find people. But, they are not enough to fully get rid of mosquitoes because they don't have enough of the good stuff in them. Also, using the oils by themselves can hurt your skin and cause some people to have allergic reactions or rashes.

    Lemongrass: Fact Vs Fiction in Mosquito Repellent

    Some studies say lemongrass oil keeps certain mosquitoes away. They mainly studied citronella oil from Lemongrass, which messes up how mosquitoes smell people. But they didn't specifically check if Lemongrass itself works well as a repellent.

    Lemongrass smells really strong, and bugs don't like it. The strong smell makes mosquitoes go away, or you can use oils made from lemongrass on your skin or at home to keep mosquitoes away.

    The Power of Natural Lemongrass Oil

    Lemongrass Plant
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    Traditional Methods

    Traditional methods of using aerosols and electricity to operate liquid vaporizers for mosquito and insect repellent have been well-known for a considerable time. Unlike synthetic chemicals, which effectively repel insects but can be harsh on the environment and even harmful to infants if used extensively, natural oils offer a gentler alternative that is both effective and environmentally responsible.

    Natural Alternative

    Essential oils, such as Lemongrass, not only deter insects but also leave a pleasant lingering scent. Lemongrass oil, with its abundant citral content serves as a potent mosquito deterrent without causing harm to them. When combined, these oils produce a combined effect that boosts their ability to repel mosquitoes, surpassing the efficacy of each oil on its own.

    Mosquitoes Repellent

    Employing a diffuser for Lemongrass oils indoors generates a pleasant fragrance that effectively keeps mosquitoes away. Emphasizing preventive measures to ward off mosquitoes and other insects is vital for the safety and health of one's family, and utilizing natural essential Lemongrass oil provides a sustainable and efficient solution for those inclined towards natural remedies.

    Formulations of Lemongrass for Mosquitoes Resistance

    Various formulations of lemongrass oil, including ointments, creams, and liquid paraffin solutions, have been assessed for their ability to repel mosquitoes when applied. The repellency of these formulations was tested on the skin against mosquitoes.

    Results have shown that formulations containing 1%v/v solution and 15%v/w cream and ointment of lemongrass oil provided greater 50% repellency for 2–3 hours, likely due to citral, a key component of the oil. This repellent activity is similar to that of a commercial mosquito repellent.

    The effectiveness of the formulations varies depending on their base properties, with hydrophilic base greater than emulsion base greater than oleaginous base showing the highest efficacy. Overall, lemongrass can be used as mosquito repellent, which is a good natural choice.

    DIY- Lemongrass Mosquito Repellent

    Craft your own Mosquito Control Repellent using lemongrass essential oil as a natural alternative. Mix a few drops of lemongrass oil with Witch hazel in a spray bottle, adding a base oil like almond or olive oil for better coverage. Research suggests this blend offers up to 98% protection from mosquito bites for about three hours, though regular reapplication every 30-60 minutes is advised for effectiveness.

    Table of Content

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