Bring in the Mediterranean Interior Design for a Colorful Coastal Look

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Updated: Feb 20, 2024

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Mediterranean Interior Design

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    Interior design is an interesting and smart way to add warmth and visual interest to the indoor space. One of the popular interior designs preferred by many homeowners is Mediterranean interior design to exhibit a coastal look, relaxed environment, elegance, and charm.

    Mediterranean interior design brings an inviting ambiance with bright colors, natural-looking tiles, and timeless beauty. These designs are inspired by the Southern European countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, such as Greece, Italy, and Spain, that bring European beach flair to your interior. Read the article to learn more about the history and the different ways to seamlessly bring in the design to your homes.

    What is Mediterranean Interior Design?

    It is an interior design style inspired by Southern European countries like Spain, France, and Italy and by other countries such as Morocco, Greece, Malta, and Monaco, surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea. This design is well known for using natural or organic elements such as wood, stone terracotta, natural shade color, texture, and tiles to add coastal vibes.

    The colors used are mainly light shades but with a pop of bright and vibrant ones like red, blue, and yellow. Due to economic growth in the 1920s, it became popular in the US, after which several seaside resorts came up with the Mediterranean style flair. These designs can be incorporated in any location that is connected to the sea and land.

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    The History of These Designs

    The history dates back to the 1920s when the US witnessed economic prosperity, resulting in more wealth and the construction of leisure resorts as popular attractions. These resorts were inspired by the architecture of Europe's southern coast. The reason for the popularity of these Mediterranean designs in the US was the similarity in geography and climate with Mediterranean regions. These designs can be brought to any home in any location if it's connected with land and sea and have a conducive weather for indoor and outdoor living.

    Various Types of Mediterranean Interior Designs

    The four main types of styles are Greek, Italian, Spanish, and modern.


    Greece Mediterranean Interior Designs

    This style uses blue and turquoise color. Mosaic tiles are used and balanced with wrought iron furniture and neutral shade rugs.


    Italian Mediterranean Interiors Designs

    Italian designs have round arches, wooden flooring, and exposed wooden beams and it has structures made of stones.


    Spanish Mediterranean Interiors Design

    Just like the Greek style, the Spanish style has a blue color but is used in furnitures, Terracotta is used for pots or tiles. Spanish style looks minimal and elegant.


    Modern Mediterranean Interior Design

    Modern style is an amalgamation of traditional Mediterranean designs and modern artifacts.

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    Characteristics of Mediterranean Interiors

    • Signature shape arches- Arches are one of the main architectural features of Mediterranean homes in entryways, doors, windows, and other interiors.
    • Sunlight- These designs were meant for temperature climate, so sun is a major criterion. Big size windows with window sills were fixed to allow sunlight.
    • Outdoor and indoor design- Mediterranean designs were brought in for both indoor and outdoor spaces.
    • Natural elements- Natural elements such as stone walls, terracotta, wrought iron, and wood are used in Mediterranean style homes to get the desired look.
    • Minimalist royal look- Though bright colors are used, these homes exude a minimalist and royal look.
    • Exposed beams
    • Hardwood floors
    • Red roofs
    • White exteriors
    • Natural color- Colors are inspired by nature, such as neutral wall colors, green and blue colors of the ocean, and yellow color of the sun.
    • Greenery- Greenery is an essential component of these homes. Add some succulent plants to the patio, backyard, and balconies for the perfect Mediterranean vibes. If you can build a pergola, cover it with creepers.
    • Colors- Follow the minimal color scheme to paint the house with warm colors such as terracotta, dark yellow, and red and with cool colors like blue, white, and green.
    • Patterned tiles
    • Courtyard paved with natural stone- A Mediterranean style home often has an outdoor living space paved with stone.

    Incorporate the Mediterranean Interior Design Into Homes With Different Furnitures and Decor Items

    Modern Style Furniture

    Modern Style Furniture in Mediterranean Interior Designs

    A blend of modern furniture with a Mediterranean touch exhibits a perfect desired look. A hardwood floor, a rug, a wooden ceiling, or some stone-carved features are all you need to focus on.

    Linen Slipcovers for Indoor and Outdoor Furniture

    Linen Slipcovers Furniture in Mediterranean Interior Designs

    Linen is the best organic material for making slipcovers for indoor and outdoor furniture to bring the Mediterranean feel.

    Wrought Iron Bed

    Wrought Iron Bed in Mediterranean Interior Designs

    Cast and wrought iron beds are inspired by Greek interior designs.

    Ornate Carved Doors and Center Tables

    Ornate Carved Doors and Center Tables in Mediterranean Interior Designs

    Dark wood doors and center tables are ornately carved and inspired by Italian-style homes, extending a beautiful Mediterranean touch.

    Low Seating Arrangement

    Low Seating Arrangement in Mediterranean Interior

    A comfortable low-seating arrangement is the typical Mediterranean style furnishing ideas of Spain and Morocco that you can display in your interior.

    Conventional Design Rugs

    Conventional Design Rugs in Mediterranean Interior

    Traditional rugs are essential for wooden or stone floors for comfort and charm. For neutral palette walls, a bright color rug is the best choice and vice-versa. A beautiful rug can add interest to the indoor space.


    Whitewash Mediterranean Interior

    Whitewashing is a smart way to add texture to the walls, furniture, or floors. Whitewashing adds an imperfect texture to the walls and furniture.

    Colorful and Patterned Tiles Add a Mediterranean Style

    Colorful and Patterned Tiles Add a Mediterranean Style

    Patterned mosaic tiles accentuate the Mediterranean vibes beautifully, whether it's the floor, walls, or backsplash inspired by Moroccan and Spanish designs.

    Exposed Wooden Beams

    Exposed Wooden Beams in Mediterranean Design

    A signature feature of a Mediterranean design is the exposed natural wooden beam or a painted overhead that brings in charm and visual appeal.

    Stone Flooring

    Stone Flooring for Mediterranean Design

    Stone flooring or stone-look flooring encompasses natural materials and a neutral palette for a grounded look featuring the typical design.

    Get Lost in the Mediterranean Era With Rustic Light

    Mediterranean Era With Rustic Light

    A natural finish of iron or wood lighting with a rustic shape will give you a historic feeling of Mediterranean-era designs.

    Add Warmth With Wood

    Wood Uses in Mediterranean Design

    Adding wood to interior homes can't go wrong because it brings in warmth seamlessly, be it a wooden table, chairs, countertop, wood shelves, cabinet doors, or wall panels. Wood is a perfect blend of form and function.

    A Statement Piece for a Visual Interest to Neutral Space

    A pop of color to the neutral palette mediterranean style interior

    Add a pop of color to the neutral palette Mediterranean style interior with a vibrant color sofa or a rug to add visual interest in the living room.

    Stone Countertops

    Stone Countertops in Mediterranean Design

    An engineered stone countertop in quartz maintains the natural themes of the Mediterranean interior design.

    Open Natural Wood Slabs

    Open Natural Wood Slabs

    Open shelves in a Mediterranean style interior play the role of enhancing the aesthetic quotient rather than cabinets. Open shelves have numerous benefits, such as the display of your beautiful ceramicware, easy access to items, and airy space.

    Signature Arch Shape Cabinet Doors

    Signature Arch Shape Cabinet Doors

    One of the signature shapes of Mediterranean designs is the arched shape of cabinet doors or windows. Opt for the arched-shaped cabinets in the kitchen for an authentic style.

    Natural Textures

    Natural Textures for Mediterranean Interior

    Organic and natural patterns, fabrics, and textures such as linen, rattan, wicker, or cotton are the best choices for a Mediterranean-style interior. You can vouch for these textures without giving a second thought.

    Terracotta Items

    Terracotta Items for Mediterranean Interior

    Terracotta items in red tone, be it a ceramic item, floor tiles, roofing, or some other decor items, are the perfect way to add Mediterranean vibes.

    Antique Accessories

    Antique Accessories in Maditerranean Design

    Bring the feel of Mediterranean designs with antique or artisan accessories indoors with ceramic pots, rustic tables to display decor items, handmade pots for natural flowers, and other items.

    Rustic Clay Pots

    Rustic Clay Pots for Manditerranean Interior

    Antique and rustic clay pots bring nature indoors to surround the room with a natural feel and Mediterranean-style plant life.

    Illusion of an Arch

    Illusion of an Arch

    If you don't have any architectural element with an arched shape, paint the entryway door in an arched shape to create an illusion of an arched architecture, adding depth and dimension.

    Sheer Curtain to Allow Natural Light

    Sheer Curtain to Allow Natural Light

    Light sheer curtains on the windows ensure sufficient natural light in the room, keeping the room bright and airy for a Greek or Italian-style interior inspiration.

    Bright Color Curtains for Large Rooms

    Bright Color Curtains for Large Rooms

    To extend the Spanish or Moroccan vibes to the large room, heavy, bright color curtains are the best choice. These curtains balance the look of the room with other furniture like a sofa and decor items.

    Minimalist Approach

    Minimalist Approach for Manditerranean Interior

    A minimalist decor approach works well, keeping the space clutter-free with a bare minimum of antique art pieces. This is another way to incorporate the inherent Mediterranean style of natural textures and patterns.

    Basic Tips for Mediterranean Interior Design for Your Homes

    • Walls- Always select white or cream shades for walls. To add texture to the walls, opt for whitewashing them and let imperfections add natural texture.
    • Floor- Select the tile or wooden flooring material depending on the climate. For a balanced look, use the same house flooring and vibrant color rugs to enhance the floor look.
    • Decor idea- Opt for a vintage decor piece of bowls, ceramics, and vases to showcase the Mediterranean inheritance and to add natural texture; use rattan, wicker, linen, cotton, or jute decor objects.
    • Plantations- To follow the Mediterranean line of planting, place some lemon trees or olives in a potted planter.
    • Doors and windows- Use minimum covering options for doors and windows for more breathable indoors and brightness. Use sheer curtains to let air and light flow in.


    To transform your home into a Mediterranean landscape, explore all the possible elements of natural vibrant colors and textures for indoor and outdoor spaces. Add artistic and antique pieces for a minimalist approach to implement the "less is more" saying. Any indoor room, be it a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom, or entryway, these styles can bring in Mediterranean vibes by merely playing around with natural elements.



    What is Mediterranean Interior Design?

    Mediterranean interior design is a style with a neutral base of natural colors, textures, and patterns like terracotta and linen inspired by the countries surrounded by the sea. Countries such as Italy, France, and Spain influence the style with its vibrant colors in light shade and with other natural elements.

    Is Mediterranean Style Out of Style?

    Whether the style is trending or not is not a concern in interior design. What matters the most is the preference of homeowners. You may like Mediterranean interior design for your homes as a homeowner, and some may not like it. It is entirely about your taste and choice.

    How Do You Make a Mediterranean House Look Modern?

    To transform the Mediterranean house to look modern, paint the walls with white colors, enhance the look with a natural tone rug in case of bright shade tile used for flooring, and replace the conventional decor items with stylish pieces of lighting and mirrors.

    What Are the Colors of Mediterranean Interior Design?

    The colors are neutral and earthy tones of white, cream, brown, terracotta, blue, yellow, and green.

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