Modern Roofing Trends: The Artistry and Practicality of Metal and Shingle Combinations

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By George Taylor

Updated: Jan 25, 2024

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metal and shingle roof combination

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    The current style that is used to create a fashion rage is a metal and shingle roof combination. The main building may have an asphalt shingle roof, while the porch may have a metal roof. The result is a beautiful combination created to have an elegance of its own. The mixed roof style is a stand-alone feature that gives your home an attractive appeal.

    Using metal with your shingles improves the look of your home and increases its value. If you want to make your roof more distinctive and functional, it is good to combine metal roofing with asphalt roofing. There are so many variations and combinations to choose from.

    Metal and Shingle Roof Combination Idea

    Metal and shingle roof combination idea

    Metal roofs combined with shingles is a great trendsetter that is modern and present-day unique looks:

    Industrial– These modern industrial styles have streamlined fronts that are balanced with a striking and mixed roof material. A blend of shingles and copper metal roofing is definitely attractive and elegant.

    And if you bring that style inside with industrial interior design features, you will achieve a modern, mechanized, and consistent feel for your entire home.

    Farmhouse Metal and shingle roof combination idea

    Farmhouse– The current and updated look of Farmhouse properties provides many options to make these homes pop up; add a mixed roof style made up of steel metal and asphalt shingles to have a visual effect.

    One way to create this appearance is to use more traditional shingles on spaces such as the main house roof and its gables. For porches, covered walkways, and garages, opt for an attractive steel metal roof. The mix of these two materials on your roof provides your home with a standout structure that will give you an excellent appearance.

    The Advantages of Metal and Shingle Roof Combo

    Some of the most important advantages of mixing your roof materials with shingles and metal are:

    • Excellent Appeal- When you mix shingles and metal on your roof, you are making an interesting look that isn’t in your neighborhood. When people pass by your home, it will actually stand out. This excellent approach will give you remarkable results. A visual appeal is created when you mix these two roof materials into your home construction. And by chance, if you want to put your home for sale, then the potential buyers are ensured to keep your property in their mind due to its amazing look.
    • Plenty of Creativity- When you are updating your home exterior appearance or redesigning the overall features of your home, try to blend materials at your roof and give it a new look. The main property and additional fixtures can be covered by two different roofing materials: metal and asphalt shingles.
    • Cost-Effectiveness– Metal is a more expensive material than asphalt shingles roofing. When you are combining both materials to your roof, you will have a cost-effective solution to protect your home.
    • A budget-friendly roof is constructed by mixing metal and shingles to your roofing style. A steel roof covered with black top shingles is an excellent way to cover your home that is pocket-friendly.
    • Secured Protection- Some zones of your residence may be more vulnerable to harm than others and may not hold up against rain, snow, hail, and wind storms. Blending materials with metal and shingles on your roof can provide secured protection against any such risk.

    Design Considerations for a Seamless Fusion

    A mix of metal and asphalt shingles roofs are a cost-effective option due to their durability with various colors and styles, allowing a flexible design to your home. This combination is a seamless fusion of old and new times and has gained popularity due to trendy appeal.

    Choosing the Right Metal Roofing Material

    Metal roof generally means steel roofing, but apart from steel metal, many other metals are used in roofs.

    Steel and shingle roof combination idea

    • Steel Roofing- Steel is the most common material for metal roofing panels. Steel roofing can refer to Galvanized steel, which gives your roof maximum air tightness and gives a modern and clean look.
    • Aluminum Roofing- The most lightweight metal is Aluminum. Still, it is a very tough metal material that is compatible with coastal areas as it will not rust in any salty condition.
    • Copper Roofing- The most expensive roofing metal material that is known for its longevity. The metal copper is widely used as it gives a long-lasting impression on your guests.
    • Zinc Roofing- A roof made up of zinc lasts for hundreds of years but is used less due to its hardness. Zinc roofing is free from any rust and is a good metal to use in places near the sea.

    Selecting Shingles to Complement Metal

    Choosing the Right Shingle Color

    Shingles that go very well with the metal roof material are:

    • Asphalt shingles- These shingles are both fireproof and waterproof, which makes them suitable for any climate, especially snow and storms. The asphalt shingles complement your metal roof as they are easily installed and replaced. The most widely used shingles blend with any roofing material, especially metal.
    • Wood Shingles– These traditional wood design shingles can give you a contrasting effect with your metal roof. Combining wood with steel metal can provide a memorable and comfortable atmosphere.
    • Composite Shingles – are made of polymer, rubber, or plastic and are available in a variety of colors and styles that can match your metal, giving you a rational and maintainable roof that reduces the UV effect from your home.
    • Clay shingles– Clay is a non-fading and non-polluting material used widely in shingles roofing material that aggregates metal roofs—a perfect combination of both eras, the old and new.

    Installation Best Practices

    A man fixing shingle roof

    The best process that should be included while installing the roof combo of shingles and metal is

    • Pre fitting cleaning
    • Measure the length and width of the roof area
    • Measure the length of a shingle and metal in combination across the roof.
    • Install underlayment and new flashing
    • Put a full shingle up against a metal roofing material that can blend and be fixed in.

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    Showcasing Elegance and Strength

    If you want to showcase elegance and strength in your roof design, then go for combining a copper roof with asphalt roofing material.

    The copper and asphalt shingles roof is a living statement of passing memories. It gives a reddish brown tone mix to black shingles to your elegant residence. A combination of copper metal roofs with asphalt shingles is an investment for the future that promises a timeless charm and protects your home for years.


    Transitioning your roof style with a combining metal and shingle is mixing timeliness with aged shingles to millennial metal. During the construction of the roof, if you focus on using two different roofing materials, metal and shingles, it gives you a separate view of your home. A right and compact roof is possible if you merge metal and shingle into your roof.


    Can You Mix Metal Roof and Shingles?

    Yes, you can mix metal roofs and shingles to have a beautiful home design.

    Should a Metal Roof Match the Shingles?

    It is upon your creativity that you intend to have both the material on your roof by matching it by colors and styles or contrasting its elements.

    What is the Hardest Roof to Build?

    Zinc metal roofs are the hardest roof to build, and the roof style known as Mansard roofs is the hardest roof style for your home environment.

    Table of Content

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