12 Mid Century Modern Bathroom Tile Ideas

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Mar 26, 2024

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Mid Century Modern Bathroom Tile
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    The mid-century modern bathroom style offers a satisfying solution with its clean lines, warm wood accents, rich colors and bold tile choices, blending aesthetics with functionality. Many of us frequently draw inspiration from this era for its timeless charm and practicality. Embracing the sleekness, simplicity and appeal of mid-century modern design can effortlessly elevate your bathroom's decor.

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    Classic Simplicity

    Subway tiles have been prevalent across various design movements but hold particular significance in mid-century attraction. Simplify with classic white tiles and black plaster, or experiment with vibrant tile and concrete combinations.

    Luxurious Touch

    Elevate your mid-century bathroom with a hint of luxury by replacing hardware with gold accents. Complement with vintage-coloured tiles like emerald or green for a luxurious touch.

    Space With Statement

    Consider accent flooring as a unique touch for your space. Bold patterns are essential in mid century modern design, but if you are concerned about overwhelming the room, opt for a statement floor tile instead.

    Black-and-white tiles add a playful element to this neutral bathroom without overshadowing it. For a budget-friendly option, peel-and-stick tiles provide a viable alternative to a full flooring renovation.

    Modern Mixture

    Mix modernity into mid-century outlines and wood tones with marble tiles, offering versatility by tiling either the floor, walls or both. Integrate wood with tiling the bathroom with a chevron pattern, offering a modern interpretation of mid-century design.

    Opt for yellow tiles, a mid-century colour, in gold or mustard tones for an accent wall in the bathroom, paired with a contemporary tile pattern for a modern twist.

    Retro Vibes

    Channel late 1940s or early 1950s vibes with seafoam green tiles, balanced with warm hues like pink for a retro ambiance.

    Retro Vibes Mid Century Modern Bathroom Tile
    Photo: @sm_custom_tiles

    For a delicate retro touch without a complete overhaul, consider retro-inspired lighting. Brass and milk-glass globe wall chandeliers complement vessel sinks and mirrors, coordinating with faucets and fixtures. Alternatively, iconic mid century lighting designs like rocket chandeliers or saucer pendants can evoke the desired aesthetic.

    Wooden Twist

    For a unique twist, replace traditional tiles with wood panelling, providing a wood texture while offering the flexibility to repaint as needed.

    Wood panelling is integral to mid century modern aesthetics, offering practicality and warmth. In this design, wooden flooring pays homage to the era, while painted wall panelling maintains a modern look, adding texture and visual appeal. Introducing natural elements like rattan baskets and warm-toned ceramic tiles further enhances the ambiance.

    Crafting  Calmness

    To carefully incorporate mid-century elements, install a tile backsplash in an otherwise bright and white bathroom for a feel of calmness.

    Many find comfort in their bathroom, seeking a calm atmosphere.

    To create a peaceful mid century modern bathroom, focus on minimalistic design with clean lines and sophisticated decoration. The subdued colour palette promotes a sense of peace, while elements like a wooden vanity with hairpin legs, gold fixtures, mosaic tiles and wall-mounted lights gives a distinctive mid century charm.

    A Twist to Your Bathroom Design

    Explore the soft pastel hues popular in the 1950s for a playful twist. Utilise bathroom tiles to introduce colours, such as the delicate blue scalloped tiles featured in this design. The vanity and artwork reflect the soothing aqua tone, creating an atmosphere that is not overwhelming.

    Elevate Bathroom Design

    Opting for a floating vanity is both chic and functional, especially in compact bathrooms. Elevating the vanity off the ground creates an illusion of space and simplifies cleaning. It brings the mid century decor to your bathroom.

    Timeless Elegance

    This bathroom boasts a cohesive look with hexagon mosaic tiles covering every surface. White tiles maintain a timeless and clean aesthetic, while touches of gold hardware add warmth to the neutral palette.

    Blending Coastal With Mid-century Design

    This bathroom perfectly integrates various design elements. The wooden vanity and striking geometric floor tiles are perfect to mid century aesthetics, while the blue and white floor tiles evoke a coastal vibe. Add coastal-themed touches like a surfboard on the wall or a round mirror with a rope frame, and complement them with sleek furnishings and nature-inspired decor.

    Embracing Geometry

    Bold geometric patterns are synonymous with mid century decor, making bathrooms ideal for experimentation. Incorporating striking tile designs, whether genuine or adhesive, adds visual interest. Mix mosaic, subway, or geometric tiles to evoke the essence of mid century  modern style.

    Table of Content

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