No-Drill Cabinet Knobs for Effortless Upgrades

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Mar 03, 2024

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No Drill Cabinet Knobs
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    Are you not liking the existing knobs of the house or apartment you moved in, or got bored of the outdated knobs? No worries! Many times, customizing the hardware of the house strikes the mind, but you step back because of the hassle of arranging power tools, the process involved in changing hardware, and expenses, too.

    If you live in a rented property and are looking for a temporary arrangement of knobs, drill-free cabinet knobs are the best possible solution to avoid all the hassle and anger of your landlord. Any damage caused to cabinets might raise the eyebrows of the landlord, so why unnecessarily get in trouble?

    Changing the knobs is the minimal way to update the space in an affordable and smooth way. The primary concern is that it should look flawlessly good. There are many DIY options, such as glue and double-sided tape, to choose from, which can be used to stick knobs. For those seeking a farmhouse country kitchen aesthetic, explore a variety of farmhouse country kitchen ideas to enhance the charm and character of your kitchen space without the need for extensive renovations.

    Different Options to Attach No-drill Cabinet Knobs


    Glue is one of the easiest and low maintenance options to attach cabinet knobs, but it’s essential to check the usage of the cabinet where you plan to use glue to stick because not all glues can sustain the wear and tear of the frequent usage and succumb to it.

    Super Glue

    This is a great way to fix metal knobs in wood cabinets by mixing resin and a hardener. Make sure you clean the surface properly beforehand and hold the knob in place until it dries.

    Command Strips/Adhesive Tape

    This is another easy way to stick cabinets. All you need to do is cut strips according to the shape and size of the knob, place the strip on the cabinets and peel the back and press the knob tightly into the strip as per the given instructions.

    Note: If you live in a rented accommodation and don’t want to damage the paint of cabinets, use paint-friendly tape.

    Things to Consider to Fix Knobs

    Always use knobs with a broader base to meet up with the cabinets, especially the one without a metal prong building out of the back. The other option is a knob with screws for easy removal. Buy knobs that look stunning and complement the color of the cabinet and the walls of the room.

    Various Options of No Drill Cabinet Knobs

    Various Options of No Drill Cabinet Knobs
    Photo: Temu

    There are numerous options of cabinet knobs available online (Amazon and Etsy) and offline stores, which don’t require drilling and come with a pre-sized adhesive backing or are made in a way that it slides over the cabinets without the need for any adhesive. This is undoubtedly an easy and affordable temporary option, but if you wish to achieve a specific look of the knob, these options may give you a limited choice. Select the option according to your priority.

    How to Fix Knobs Without Drilling

    Cut a piece of strip according to the size of the knob’s base and press it hard on the cabinet front where you have to stick the knob. Now, peel off the paper backing and press the knob hard on it. The final result is beautiful and thrilling, achieved through minimal effort and expenses.


    Cabinet knobs without drills are a very convenient and cost-effective alternative for temporary accommodation in a rented apartment or house. The hassle of arranging and using the power tool is skipped, and no damage is caused to the cabinet.


    How Do You Add Knobs to Cabinets Without Drilling?

    Use resin and hardener to stick the knob without drilling the cabinet. However, you can use glue to the cabinet after cleaning the surface and hold the knob in place until it completely dries.

    Table of Content

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