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Updated: Apr 05, 2024

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Open Bathroom Concept

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    Owning a luxurious home is a dream of many homeowners that can turn into reality with a pop of style, sophistication, and timeless designs. Every room has its significance, but the bathroom interior is an integral part of the decor ideas because that’s the place where you would love to have some private space while unwinding.

    If you are planning to renovate the bathroom or construct a new one, the open bathroom concept is a great idea to seamlessly bring in luxury with a spacious feeling. The” no partition layout” in the bathroom provides a smooth transition within the space, giving a relaxing feeling.

    This concept is not new; rather, the open bathroom layout dates back to centuries, when it was seen more in luxurious hotels, health spas, and high-end homes with large bathrooms. Now, the concept is opted by many fashionista who want a luxury bathroom. The open bathroom concept gives an opportunity to explore various ideas. Whether you are an interior designer, a homeowner, or a builder, we have discussed different design ideas to create an oasis of luxury.

    What is an Open Bathroom Concept Idea?

    Open Bathroom Concept Idea

    The open bathroom concept is a bathroom design with no dedicated door or walls. These bathrooms are part of the bedroom with a temporary partition extending the look of the single big size room. Homeowners got inspiration for open concept bathrooms from luxurious hotels where the open bathroom looked like a part of the bedroom with no clear partition which they implemented into their homes to transform their space into an oasis of luxury.

    Advantages of Open Bathroom Concept

    Advantages of Open Bathroom Concept

    Homeowners prefer open layout for bathroom for multiple reasons and advantages, which are as follows:

    • This design is best suited for couples to add intimacy to their relationship, and that’s the reason for their preference for an open concept bathroom layout.
    • It provides ease of accessibility.
    • You can easily shuffle between the toilet and shower.
    • The small bathroom space looks bigger with an open bathroom concept.
    • It ensures more natural light and air in the room.
    • The open design bathroom looks more elegant and functional, unlike the traditional ones. Opt for a tailor-made design according to your taste, be it a luxurious bathroom, rustic, or modern.
    • Ventilation is one of the most important advantages of an open concept bathroom to avoid mold growth, especially in a small bathroom. The open design gives an exit path for molds to escape through the windows.
    • Cleaning gets easier in open design as there are less or no corners for molds to grow and dirt to accumulate reducing the cleaning area.
    • The sale value is increased because buyers look for modern-style homes with the latest features and designs, which they can find in the open bathroom concepts.
    • The bathroom remains more hygienic because sunlight is the natural disinfectant that is a must for the bathroom and open bathroom gets it in plenty.

    Disadvantages of Open Bathroom Concept

    Disadvantages of Open Bathroom Concept

    Every decor idea has its pros and cons. Some of the disadvantages of the open bathroom concept are discussed in the following lines:

    • It’s difficult to bring guests to the bedroom because there’s no wall or partition to safeguard privacy.
    • The challenge is you can’t leave the bedroom door open or closed all the time because it gets too dingy.
    • A hot shower bath in the open bathroom leads to humidity spreading in the bedroom, making it difficult for the other person to live in the room.
    • Privacy of toilets is an issue with open or semi-open toilets.
    • Your partner may get disturbed due to the smell, sound, and temperature changes emerging from the bathroom.
    • Open bathroom is a high investment and high maintenance concept for homeowners.
    • It’s challenging to keep the bathroom dry and spic and span.

    The Factors Affecting the Idea of an Open Bathroom Concept

    Idea of an Open Bathroom

    There are many factors that affect the open bathroom idea whether to opt for it or not. Some of them are as follows:

    Daily Routine

    If you and your partner share the same lifestyle and get ready at almost the same time, then the open bathroom style is a good choice. However, if both of you wake up and get ready for work at different times, the idea is not meant for you because it will disturb your partner.


    If privacy is the main concern for you, even a glass partition in the toilet may not work for you. Select some other bathroom designs.

    Humidity in the Room

    Most of the time, when you enter the room, it is humid and moist due to the warm air in the bathroom. If you are fine with it, go ahead with an open layout, or else drop the idea.

    Functional Design Elements to Consider for Open Bathroom Concept

    Open Bathroom

    • Windows- The placement of windows is vital as there are no doors and walls, and access to the bathroom is direct. Be thoughtful of the window placement.
    • Blinds- To ensure a bit of privacy and to allow natural sunlight in the bathroom in the morning, consider roller blinds.
    • Opaque Roman Blinds- Another way to ensure privacy is to install opaque Roman blinds and to allow sunlight in the bathroom, opt for a skylight at the top of the shower.
    • Sink- The design and material of the sink depend on the personal choice because there are multiple designs such as vessel sink, pedestal sink, single top, and wall mount, and materials such as metal, stone, clay glass, and porcelain to choose from.
    • Shower- Install a shower head that reflects optimum style and elegance, giving a modern look. Curved showers are the best choice as these evoke calmness and natural ambiance.
    • Drain- The shower drain should be sloped with perfect floor inclination so that water flows easily to the drain for dry floor.
    • Fans- Get an exhaust fan fixed in the bathroom to expel hot air. 
    • Bathtub- Choose a bathtub with frosted glass to create a luxurious look and to add depth to the room.
    • Decorative Faucets- Install colorful faucets in pink, white or any color that matches the existing bathroom decor and the wall color for a perfect look.
    • Color Palette- A uniform color palette creates a visual consistency within the space. It’s fine to opt for contrasting colors, but the overall effect on the area should complement. A distinct color zone is also a smart way to separate different areas.
    • Mirror- Mirror placement is essential because wrong placement will hamper privacy. Make sure the mirror is fixed to reflect away from areas where privacy is a must.
    • Clever Storage Ideas- In an open bathroom concept, a storage solution is an important decision as hiding the essentials, such as toiletries and cleaning supplies, is important for a clutter-free space. Opt for a vanity with hidden storage space to have a minimalist space.

    Privacy Solution for Open Bathroom Concept

    Here are some of the privacy solutions for the open-design bathroom because this is a significant concern for many homeowners:

    A mirror on the half wall between the bedroom and bathroom is a functional way to ensure privacy. Install cabinets on the half walls to act as a divider acting as a visual screen. Some of the toiletries get storage space on the side walls, Install permanent or temporary movable doors in the bathroom to segregate the toilet from the vanity and shower area. Pull it to one side whenever you want.

    Privacy In Open Bathroom

    Opt for a sliding door for an adjustable option to partially cover the bathroom wherever necessary, bring in the idea of the countertop, sink, or two-way mirror to act as a divider, the frosted glass wall is a smart way to keep privacy intact. Let the vanity and shower area have its style with rugs or functional floor and wall tiles. Nib wall is another idea to separate the space between the vanity and shower area to have more privacy from the open bedroom.

    Ditch the Conventional Ideas With Trending and Innovative Ideas for an Open Bathroom Concept

    Cabinets Tips for Storage Idea

    Cabinets in Open Bathroom

    The cabinet serves the dual purpose of form and function by providing storage space to keep towels and other toiletries and also to add aesthetics with impactful designs. There are umpteen ideas, such as a cupboard behind the mirror, multipurpose hidden drawers, open space to keep rolled towels, and open drawers to store facial towels and facial kits.

    Sink Ideas

    Sink in Open Bathroom

    If you have a large bathroom, no need to bother because you can incorporate any sink ideas, but if you have a small bathroom with limited space, play smartly with the space. Install an under-mount sink to create additional space to keep daily-use items and body care essentials. If you and your partner leave home for work at the same time, a double-arched mirror is a great option. Think of a stone vanity and sink top to style up the bathroom.

    Lighting Hacks

    Lighting in Open Bathroom

    Bathrooms should be well-lit because, many times, they are slippery if not properly wiped after use. Lighting in the bathroom is important for several other reasons, such as putting on makeup, creating a relaxing and soothing ambiance around the bathtub, enhancing the features of the bathroom, and highlighting elegant flooring. If the wall space allows, hang a painting with light underneath or a sconces light above the mirror to focus on it.

    Personalize the Bathroom With Wall Designs

    Wall Designs in Open Bathroom

    The wall is like a canvas to showcase your preference and style with numerous wall decor ideas such as hanging a personalized painting or some refreshing wall hanging to make you feel like your own private space.

    Introduce Furniture in the Bathroom

    Furniture in Open Bathroom

    Enhance the ambiance of the bathroom with furniture pieces such as a small table around the bathtub to keep decorative candles to create a romantic aura. If the bathroom is large, keep an armed chair for your partner to sit and chit-chat while you take a bath. For the kid's bathroom, keep a small tool near the bathtub to play with them while they take a bath.

    Versatile Rattan Items

    Rattan Designs in Open Bathroom

    Rattan decor items such as doors, lighting, and dividers add a beautiful rustic touch to your bathroom. You can opt for Rattan cabinets, counters, and even substitutes for tiles for an affordable home decor style.

    Succulent Plants

    Succulent Plants in Open Bathroom

    Select some low-maintenance, sustainable, and beautiful succulent plants that can survive in a humid environment. Plants such as ferns and monsteras are best for open bathroom designs to elevate the natural element in the bathroom.

    Introduce Technological Integration in the Open Bathroom Layout

    Fix smart mirrors boost the decor design and allow you to play your favorite music and read the news, install smart toilets with bidets, an automatic flush system, heated seats for comfort, and LED underneath to add luxurious vibes, warmers for towels and drawers to give you a warm and comfortable exit from the bathroom and shower heads with automatic temperature adjustment technology to avoid the hassle of manually adjusting it.


    The open bathroom concept is a trending design for modern homes. While renovating homes, many homeowners opt for these designs to elevate the look of the bathroom to add a pop of luxury. These ideas have a perfect balance of form and function. It serves the functionality by allowing natural light and air into the bathroom and barrier-free movement between the bedroom and bathroom. It also enhances the aesthetic element of the space.


    Are Open-concept Bathrooms Expensive?

    Yes, open concept bathrooms are expensive to construct and maintain. However, there are some budget-friendly options for materials to bring down the cost.

    Can I Have No Privacy in Open Concept Bathroom Designs?

    You can definitely have privacy in an open concept bathroom with full or partial partitions using a material of your choice and affordability.

    Can Open Concept Bathrooms Be Designed for Homes With Limited Space?

    Yes, open concept bathroom designs can go with big or small size bathrooms with smart design.

    Table of Content

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