06 Reverse Board and Batten Siding Ideas

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By Cynthia Anaya

Updated: Mar 18, 2024

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Reverse Board and Batten Siding
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    This involves installing narrow battens before attaching wider boards, offering improved airflow and creating visual shadow lines. During the installation process, complications may arise due to the building's wall system, necessitating adjustments such as vertical strapping to secure the weather-resistance barrier, etc. However, a lot of compilations are avoidable if you hire a qualified siding contractor.

    Additionally, variations in existing thickness and the extensive nailing  slows down the process. Detailed attention has to be paid to flashing around windows and penetrations to ensure proper drainage and airflow while keeping bugs out. Despite the challenges, the reverse board and batten technique proves effective in enhancing the building's aesthetic and integration with its natural surroundings.

    What Exactly is Reverse Board and Batten Siding?

    Reverse board and batten presents a contrasting approach to traditional board and batten, featuring narrower boards with wider battens. This siding style offers great versatility, whether aiming for a rustic cottage or a modern commercial building aesthetic.

    With its durability and visual appeal, reverse board and batten is an excellent choice for siding applications. This siding technique, known for its alternating wide and narrow strips, has surged in popularity as a design trend, offering texture and a contemporary touch to homes.

    Board and batten serves as both an accent for texture and as a full-house application, providing clean lines and impressive curb appeal. Available in various sizes, thicknesses and colours has experienced significant growth among the homeowners.

    Exploring Creative Siding Designs and Patterns

    Creative Reverse Board and Batten
    Photo: @martamackey356

    Embrace the difference of siding by incorporating it into dominant and accent walls, even extending to the roof. Varying colours create an increasingly appealing visual experience, with reverse board and batten siding known to enhance property value through its undeniable curb appeal. Whether employing diagonal, vertical, or horizontal patterns, your exterior will provide a finely crafted masterpiece.

    Modern Farmhouse Design With Warm Earth-toned Reverse Board and Batten Siding

    Warm Earth-toned Reverse Board and Batten Siding
    Photo: James Hardie

    Indulge in the calm and peace of home with a modern farmhouse design, featuring reverse board and batten siding in warm earth tones. This choice highlights windows, lending character to the facade and giving a welcoming atmosphere.

    Alluring Bold and Black

    Opting for black siding offers the best of both worlds. Though it may initially appear as standard board and batten, upon closer inspection, it reveals its reverse counterpart, adding a unique touch to each architectural design.

    Black Reverse Board and Batten Siding
    Photo: Cabin DIY

    Enhance your home's night time allure with bright interior lighting, ensuring it shines amid the perfect  surroundings. The dramatic effect of black siding, particularly alongside ample windows, promises a distinctive aesthetic for those seeking something out of the ordinary.

    Crafting Cozy Charm Home

    For a unique, cozy home ambiance, consider selective use of reverse board and batten siding for accent walls, harmonising with dark stone and roofs. This design choice captures attention and warmth, bringing modernity without sacrificing the home's original charm.

    Elevate Your Exterior

    Incorporate both board and batten siding styles in alternating patterns to elevate your home's visual appeal. This design approach adds sophistication and value, though careful consideration of existing structures and complementary elements is advised for optimal integration.

    The Majestic Charm of Your Home

    In broad outdoor settings, elevate your home's allure with pale beige reverse board and batten siding, highlighted by brick walls. This majestic combination ensures your home stands out, complementing surrounding elements for a visually striking presence.

    Elegant White Reverse Board and Batten Siding

    White Reverse Board and Batten Siding
    Photo: Lakeside Lumber

    White reverse board and batten siding offers a contemporary alternative to traditional lap siding, lending a modern or classic flair to your home's exterior. This style caters to those craving a clean, polished look, especially striking against dark roofs. Enhance prominence with wide battens against the board siding, while black trims or brick accents further increase appeal of the crisp white boards.

    Understanding the Contrast: Board and Batten Versus Reverse Board and Batten Siding

    Differentiating Board and Batten from Reverse Board and Batten involves the choice of siding material like cedar, redwood, pine, or engineered wood, arranged to create elongated lines either vertically or horizontally.

    Board and Batten employs wider boards, typically around one foot wide, with narrow battens covering the seams, while Reverse Board and Batten switches this layout, featuring narrower boards and wider battens.

    The Reverse Board and Batten siding provides advantages such as a rustic or modern appearance, durability, and simple upkeep, rendering it a flexible selection for siding choices.

    Table of Content

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