Stunning Wall Decor Ideas to Spruce Up the Look of the House

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By Daniela Klein

Updated: Jun 11, 2024

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Wall decor ideas

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    A blank wall is like a canvas, which gives an opportunity to fill it with colors, wall art, decor items, and many more to enhance the ambiance of the room, refresh the space, and display imagination and personality. Wall decor should complement the existing interior decor or be a contrast to add positive energy and a new look to the rooms. Merely playing around with wall decor ideas can spruce up the look of a boring room into a visually appealing space. Here are some of the inspiring wall decor ideas you will fall in love with.

    Wall Decor Ideas for the Heart of the House (Kitchen)

    Hang Accessories or Tools

    Kitchen Wall Decor

    Wall decor is a broader idea that encompasses your most-liked accessories or tools, including the various chopping and cutting boards of multiple shapes and sizes hung on the walls. This idea serves the dual purpose of easy access to tools and freeing counter space for other items.

    Big-sized Calendar on the Walls

    Calendar on the Kitchen Walls

    What about hanging a large calendar in the kitchen to enliven the room? The colorful calendar will help you keep track of important events and brighten up the space with its uniqueness and positivity. Try using a bright color calendar to add a pop of color. Adding a large calendar in the kitchen not only enlivens the space but using custom photo calendar templates allows for a tailor-made touch. This personalized approach showcases your favorite photos throughout the year, combining functionality and artistry for daily enjoyment while brightening your room with unique memories and positivity.

    Display Pots and Pans

    Pots and Pans Hanging in Kitchen

    Another wall decor idea clubbed with functional elements is to hang the collection of pots and pans on hanging rails in the kitchen. Buy some copper rails to hang the items.

    Style Up Crates

    Style Up Kitchen With Crates

    Do you have unused crates at home? It's time to recycle them in a simple way. Just arrange them into a pattern and install on the kitchen walls for a unique chic look and to create an additional storage space.

    Vertical Garden on a Wooden Trellis

    Vertical Garden on a Wooden Trellis in Kitchen

    Create a vertical garden on a wooden trellis with beautiful and easy maintenance small plants in the kitchen. Breathe in fresh air and enjoy the greenery around.

    Framed Cookbooks

    Cookbooks in Kitchen Wall

    Display vintage cookbooks with baked items from your prized collection. It gives a chick look to the room and motivates you to bake delicious cookies and cakes for your dear ones.

    Wall Decor Ideas for the Private Space (Bathroom)

    Bathroom Wall Decor Ideas

    The Illusion of a Bigger Space

    Colorful Photo in Bathroom Wall

    For a windowless small bathroom, merely hanging a colorful photo can add life to the compact space. The small space desperately shouts out for such wall decor ideas. Even claustrophobic people will feel comfortable.

    Open Up the Space With Multiple Mirrors

    Multiple Mirrors in Bathroom Wall

    Mirrors help to open up the small space and create the illusion of a bigger space. Fix multiple mirrors of the same size and shape on the bathroom wall for a bright and open space.

    A Neon Sign Slogan

    Neon Sign in Bathroom

    Speak out aloud a funny slogan on a neon sign in the bathroom that you solely use. Privacy gives a space to be a little naughty. Go ahead!

    Wall Decor Ideas for Bedrooms

    Bedroom Wall Decor Ideas

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    Hang a Decorative Mirror to Reflect Light

    Decorative Mirror in Bedroom

    Mirrors on the walls play multiple roles of adding style, reflecting light in the room, making it brighter, and adding life to the neglected corner of the room. It also helps you in getting all decked up in style for an office or a special occasion.

    Minimalist Approach to Wall Decor

    Minimalist Bedroom Wall Decor

    Less is more, and simple is beautiful! Incorporate this idea on the wall decor with a big size statement wall art for a robust impact on the room.

    Lean Mirror on the Floor

    Lean Mirror on the Floor

    A hanging mirror is a usual way to add reflection and brightness, but a leaning mirror against the floor of the bedroom creates a romantic vintage ambiance. A pair of sconces around the mirror light up the room with its awe-inspiring effect.

    Wall Art Matching the Room's Color Scheme

    Wall Art in Bedroom

    Selecting the wall decor pieces that match the room's color scheme or theme is an easy way to elevate the look of the room because you won't get confused with options. You know that you have to go by the room's color scheme or theme, which narrows down the choice.

    Floor to Ceiling Green Wall on One Wall

    Nature inspired living room

    Bring nature to your living or dining room with floor to ceiling greenery for a breathtaking and feel  good effect. It gives you a feeling of being in a garden surrounded all over by beautiful nature. The sight of green plants gives a soothing effect to the mind and soul and helps you fight stress.

    Open Closet to Display Clothes as a Substitute for Artwork

    Open Closet to Display Clothes

    If you lack closed storage space and have an array of clothes, it's a smart way to display your clothes in the open shelves rather than artwork and keep reminding you of what you can wear next. To spruce up the style, select the best clothing rod.

    Set the Tone With a Large Size Wall Art in a Small Room

    Large Size Wall Art in a Small Room

    A large sized black and white painting or colorful abstract on the wall becomes a visually attractive part of the house that can't go unnoticed.

    Colorful Scarves as a Headboard

    Colorful Vintage Scarves Decoration

    Replace a headboard with colorful vintage scarves. It's an affordable and easy way to cover the walls in an interesting way. You will never miss a headboard.

    Display Wall Sculpture

    Bedroom Wall Sculpture

    If you are looking for light and style in one unit, nothing can match the sconces. It won't occupy the floor space and can be easily hung near the side table or behind the headboard.

    Greenery With Wall Mounted Planter

    Wall Mounted Planter

    Don't limit plants to the windowsill, let them spread calmness on the walls. If you are bad at remembering the water schedule of plants, opt for succulent plants or faux plants.

    A Wall Size Photo Frame in a Timeless Black and White

    Wall Size Photo Frame in a Timeless Black and White

    There could not be a simpler and easier wall decor idea than to fix a floor-to-ceiling photo frame of your old memories with loved ones. It looks so prominent that it adds meaning to the wall.

    Set the Tone With a Personalized Map

    Personalized Map on Wall

    A very interesting way to document your travel is to add a world map to the wall of your room. Mark the places you have already traveled to or planning to visit with a pin. It will remind you to chalk out your travel plan.

    Create a Stylish Decor With the Bike on the Wall

    Bike on the Wall

    Bike on the wall is an amazing way to save floor space and convert a blank wall into a visually interesting and fun-filled space.

    Add a Slim Ledge Behind the Headboard

    Slim Ledge Behind the Headboard

    A ledge adds warmth and depth to the room with its architectural fineness and provides a space to keep some framed photos of memorable moments. When compared to gallery walls, it's convenient to change the photos to give a fresh look.

    Floor to Ceiling Headboard to Refresh the Wall

    Floor to Ceiling Headboard

    A headboard extending from floor to ceiling is a simple way to enhance the look of the room without any hassle of shopping for wall art pieces.

    Wall Decor Ideas for the Gallery

    Gallery Wall Decor

    Display Artistic Creativity on the Gallery Wall

    Artistic Creativity on the Gallery Wall

    The gallery wall should look amazing, and all you need to do is make it colorful with some wall art, paintings, photographs, or wall decor in different sizes. Arrange it in a pattern for a cohesive look.

    Showcase Your Fine China Plates on the Wall

    China Plates on the Gallery Wall

    Display your china dishes using wire plate hangers on the walls. If you are the proud owner of designer plates and platters, flaunt your collection and let people know about your classy choice.

    Infuse Coastal Feeling With Shiplap Panels

    Shiplap Panels on Gallery Wall

    Shiplap wall panels bring coastal vibes to the entryway or to any room, be it a bedroom, living room, dining area, or kitchen.

    Light Up the Space With Paper Lights

    Paper Lights On Gallery Wall

    Light up the space with hanging paper lights for a perfect blend of function and form. These lights soften the space with their dim focus.

    Mix-n-match Elements

    Mix-n-match Elements

    Showcase your collection of antique items with heirloom pieces on the gallery wall for an elegant and classy look.

    Floating Shelves

    Floating Shelves on Gallery Wall

    Floating shelves on the gallery wall is a good option if you like to change photos frequently to freshen up memories.

    Handcrafted Vegan Taxidermy

    Handcrafted Vegan Taxidermy

    This unique handcrafted wall decor design of animal heads made with grass palm stems gives a classic look to the room. This strikingly beautiful decor piece is made without harming animals.

    Greenery Solution With Potted Succulent Plants

    Succulent Plants on Gallery Wall

    If you are a plant lover, make a small garden on the walls with merely hanging potted succulent plants, which are easy to maintain but look great.

    Create a Distinct Look With Layers

    Wall Art on Entryway

    Usually, the entryway is the ignored space of the house, so use separate layers to add depth using a hook, ledge, or wall art and transform the forgotten space into an interesting corner.

    Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

    Wall Decor Ideas for Living Room

    Transform the Simple Wall Into an Accent Wall

    Accent Wall Living Room

    Create an accent wall with bright colors rather than merely displaying objects on all the walls. Accent walls can be created with unique and textured wallpaper or stenciling, irrespective of the size of the room.

    Hang Silk Wall Hanging With Tassel

    Silk Wall Hanging With Tassel

    A soft silk fabric wall hanging with a long tassel brings a softness to the room with its texture. Match it with pastel hue walls for an eclectic feel.

    Three-dimensional Wall Art

    Three-dimensional Wall Art in Living Room

    At times, it's ok to deviate from the usual trend of wall art to a three-dimensional artwork such as a bending rope sculpture, which looks like a climbing snake on the wall. It looks fantastic and is affordable.

    Floor to Ceiling Textile Wall Hanging

    Floor to Ceiling Textile Wall Hanging

    A large-sized graphical design textile wall hanging from floor to ceiling takes the wall art design to the next level with its breathtaking artistic display.

    Lean Up Art on the Floor

    Lean Up Art on the Floor

    It's not always necessary to display wall art on the wall in a huge position. Think out of the box and lean the art pieces against the floor wall for a casual and vintage look. To elevate the look, complete it with a pair of stunning vases around it. The biggest benefit is mobility. Change the items according to your mood.

    Modern Painting on a White Wall

    Modern Painting on a White Wall

    White walls look extremely cool and soothing. A colorful modern painting on the white wall gets all the attention, making it the centerpiece of the room. It looks eye-catching because of the boldness popping on the plain wall.

    A Pop of Color With Tapestry

    A Pop of Color With Tapestry

    Showcasing fabric in colorful patterns and fabric is a great way to accentuate the wall look. This idea works wonders in a neutral space with its softness. The best feature is you can take it wherever you go without hassle.

    Real-looking Brick Wallpaper

    Real-looking Brick Wallpaper Living Room

    It's not easy to fix real bricks on the walls due to various practical reasons. The best substitute is faux brick with wallpaper that looks like real brick.

    Showcase Mural Art

    Showcase Mural Art on Living Room Wall

    If you are an artist, it's time to flaunt your artistic talent on the walls with hand-painted mural art and have a visual impact on the visitors.

    Add Sophistication With Wall Decals

    Wall decals in Living Room

    Wall decals have come a long way. Wall decals look sophisticated if done in the right manner. As a kid, you may have skipped looking at these glowing stars in the dark, but now enjoy the beauty.

    Wall Decor Ideas With Simple Bookshelves

    Bookshelves in Living Room

    Bookshelves perform a dual purpose of functionality to keep your favorite books and also to add aesthetics by displaying a collection of statement showpieces.

    Not-so-common Wall Art With Potato Sack

    Living Room Wall Art With Potato Sack

    A potato sack as a wall is an unexpected decor item, but it looks so natural and rustic. It's an incredible way to recycle the sack and display your creativity.

    Flaunt Your Hats

    Flaunt Your Hats in Living Room

    If you have limited storage space and you are looking for practical ways to store your headwear, hang it on the walls and display your collection on hooks or a pegboard. It is a functional way to add visual appeal to the room.

    Macrame Wall Hangings

    Macrame Wall Hangings For Living Space

    Classic macrame wall hangings are in trend. Macrame adds texture and pattern to the walls with its weaving feature. If you are blessed with artistic hands, weave it yourself, or else shop it on Amazon or Etsy.

    Hang a Wall Sculpture for Modern Look

    Wall Sculpture in Living Space

    Set the tone with the modern mid-century sculpture on a bright colored living room wall for a mesmerizing impact. For a perfect look, select a contrasting color for the sculpture, like dark blue or charcoal gray.

    Display Beading Tradition on the Wall

    Display Beading Tradition on the Wall

    These amazing pieces are handmade using glass beads. For a classic and timeless look, go for minimalist black and white.

    The Basket on the Walls

    The Basket on the Walls

    No matter how boring the wall is, a collection of baskets in different colors, sizes, and textures adds interest to the room.

    Removable Wall Art

    Removable Wall Art for Living Room

    If you are living in a rented house, removable wall art is a functional way to enhance interior decoration because these sticky murals come in colorful designs and styles. The best feature is they don't damage the wall.

    Decorate the Wall With a Pegboard

    Decorate the Wall With a Pegboard

    A pegboard is a functional option to decorate the walls of a room, which can be used to organize tools or stationary on the walls.

    Set the Tone With a Rug

    Rug on Living Room Wall

    Rugs are not only meant for floors; rather, rugs on the walls look beautiful, especially in an abstract design. Decide the size of the wall size or what portion of the wall you intend to cover and hang a beautiful rug.

    Wall Decor Ideas for the Playroom for Your Little One

    Wall Decor Ideas for the Playroom for Your Little One

    Add Rustic Air With a Whiteboard/Chalkboard

    Whiteboard on Baby Room Wall

    Adding a whiteboard is a practical way to add a rustic look to the room. These boards are available in various colors and patterns, so you have the option to select your favorite color to take the wall aesthetic of the room to the next level.

    The First Letter of Your Kid

    The First Letter of Your Kid on Wall

    Frame the first letter your child wrote and hang it on the wall. What could be a better way of wall decor than this? Emotions oozing from the framed letter to fill your heart with love! It's a heart-touching idea.

    Printed Fabric for a Gender-neutral Nursery

    Printed Fabric for a Gender-neutral Nursery

    A printed black and white fabric hung above the crib in a gender-neutral nursery gives calmness to the room, which is much needed for an infant's room, especially on pastel shade wood panel walls.

    Add Playfulness With Planking Ideas

    Add Playfulness With Planking Ideas

    Create stripes with planking in the kid's room using reclaimed planks to add form and to teach kids the ways to recycle natural materials like wood. It gives a feel of summer camp to kids.

    Add Texture to the Wall With a Juju Hat

    Juju Hat on Nursery Wall

    A feathered Juju hat hung on the wall adds texture to a neutral toned infant room. A neutral tone is soothing for infants, so let the baby enjoy the serene beauty.

    Create a Mini-universe Above the Headboard

    Mini-universe Above the Headboard

    Create constellations above the child's headboard. This design works for all age groups. It's an easy DIY idea. All you have to do is put a template on the wall and string yarn between the nails.

    Out of the Box Decor Idea With Skateboard

    Skateboard in Nursery Room

    Think differently and paint the skateboard with colors in a pattern you like the most and put it against the wall in pairs or trios for a strong contemporary impact. It's completely different from the usual designs, so it creates a focal point.

    Musical Instruments Mounted on the Wall

    Musical Instruments on Nursery Wall

    If there's a storage shortage, try mounting your interest in instruments on the walls, be it a guitar, keyboard, or something else to embolden the power of decoration. The display of interest clubbed with a storage solution is a smart idea.

    Upscale the Room With Sports Equipment

    Sports Equipment in Nursery Room

    Hang your sports equipment for a funky look and also to save other storage space. Show your interest in the sports on the platform, i.e., walls, in an eye-catching way.

    Wall Decor Ideas for Reading Room

    Wall Decor Ideas for Reading Room

    A Wall Clock

    A Wall Clock In Reading Room

    Add a large vintage style or a metal wall clock in the study room as wall art and also to remind you about the next scheduled work post-reading.

    A Bookshelf Covering the Wall

    Bookshelf Covering the Wall of a Reading Room

    An extra large bookshelf covering the complete wall on the side of the room gives ample space for decor items and to stack books. Showcase all your collections to display your interest. A simple and functional way to decorate the wall.

    Albums and Prized Possessions on the Walls

    Albums and Prized Possessions on the Walls

    Display the degrees and diplomas you have and the albums on the walls as a masterpiece idea, making the space your personal corner.

    Use Your Poetry

    Use Your Poetry in Readting Room Wall

    Use your favorite poem or a paragraph from a novel to decorate the walls of the study room. Read it to remind you of your talent each time you have a look at it.

    Books on the Transparent Shelf

    Books on the Transparent Shelf

    Display books on the transparent acrylic shelf to motivate you and your kids to read more, change the collection, and decorate the wall with simplicity.

    Mount Medallion

    Mount Medallion for Reading Room Wall

    A medallion mounted on the wall painted in the room's color scheme or stained looks quite unique as wall art.

    A Mirror Hung on the Bookshelf

    Mirror Hung on Reading Room Wall

    A metallic framed mirror hung on the bookshelf is a stunning addition to the home library to add reflection to the space.

    Geography Learning

    Geography Maps in Reading Room

    Hang a school MAP in the kid's study room to make geography learning easy and fun-filled. No more going to the bookshelves and finding the map for school projects. Have a look at the places you wish to visit in the next vacation and persuade your dear parents.

    Wall Decor Ideas in the Bar Area

    Wall Decor Ideas in the Bar Area

    Cork Wall to Act as Bulletin Board

    Cork Wall in House Bar

    A cork wall acts as a bulletin board behind the bar area and gives you a platform to put anything that motivates you, like your child's first drawing made for you or a paper photo of a memorable moment or something else.

    A Pair of Mirrors With Tassel

    A Pair of Mirrors With Tassel

    A pair of sleek mirrors with metal frames hung above the bar cart at a height with a beautiful tassel to look like a vintage-style bar. Enjoy the ambiance with friends and family.

    Create a Memory Wall

    Memory Wall in House Bar

    Make a collage and create a memory wall to travel down the memory lane of the wonderful time with friends and family.

    Wall Decor Ideas for Ceiling

    Wall Decor Ideas for Ceiling

    A Statement Ceiling Idea

    A Statement Ceiling Idea

    The ceiling is also a part of wall decor ideas, so making it a statement piece has an overall impact on the room's look. There are so many ways to style up the ceiling wall, like painting or wallpaper to make it a counterpoint.

    3D Wall Panels

    3D Wall Panels For Ceiling

    These panels give an easy option to add visual appeal to the ceiling in a modern and stylish way and to hide the construction flaws seamlessly under the panels. Change it whenever you want for a different look. Some of the panels look like natural wood.

    DIY Wall Decor Ideas

    DIY Wall Decor Ideas

    Paint the Wall

    Paint the wall freehand in a pattern of your choice to give a look of the wallpaper. It's a smart idea to add depth to the room at an affordable price. A budget-friendly wallpaper look.

    Paint the Half Wall Like a Pro

    Half wall painting is easy to recreate, giving a boring wall a fresh look to enliven the space.

    Plants as a Wall Art

    An evergreen idea to enhance the look of the room is plants. A bouquet of fresh flowers in small pots on the walls brightens up the space and gives it a chic look. Interior designers consider this to be a budget-friendly option.

    Framed Film Poster

    Create a poster that captures the timeless allure of classic cinema and bring a touch of nostalgia to your living room or study room wall. Frame a classic film poster and hang it on the wall in the living room or study room for a classic home ambiance.

    Faux Frames Made With Tape

    Make the gallery wall lively with bold and bright colors in the shape of photos and frame it with tape. It will get all the attention, and no one can wonder if it's a fake frame made with tape.

    Take Inspiration From Travel

    Travel helps you explore new places and famous architecture, so why not display it on the walls with maps of the places you have been to and the places to add to your wishlist for the next holiday? These art prints and maps will freshen up your mind each time you look at the memories.

    Display Your Hobbies on the Wall

    Show your hobbies as wall art. If you like fishing, hang the fishing rod on the wall; if you like surfing, hang the surfing board. It has dual benefits: one is easy access to your items, and the other is to reflect your personality and choices.

    Add a Shoe Wall

    If you have limited closet space and unlimited beautiful pairs of shoes, showcase all your possessions on the walls. This will save the closet space and display your collection.

    A Theme Small Gallery Wall

    Transform your hobby into wall art by displaying that collection of small pieces on the wall. Rather than buying a big size wall art, stick the small pieces of birds or plants and arrange it in rows in a perfect way for a cohesive look.

    Create a Gallery of Family Pictures

    Create a large gallery wall of framed family photos on the staircase because the staircase has a large space to hang a large collection.

    Clip Photos to Create an Industrial Look

    A very simple way to create an industrial impact is to mount the photos without a frame in a metal clip, which also gives ease to change the photos when you want.

    Stack Books to Make a Tower

    Leave the traditional bookshelves and stack the books to create a book tower to save the floor space for additional furniture and make the wall look unique and full.

    Decorate the Wall With Signage

    Use vintage signage to decorate the wall above the fireplace or the TV cabinet for a farmhouse look, especially with a neutral-toned living or dining room.

    Add an Earthy Tone With Dried Flowers

    If you are fond of collecting flowers, it's time to be creative and make an arrangement of dried flowers to give a natural look to the room, especially a neutral-toned space.


    The wall decor ideas give a broader platform to showcase your imagination and creativity with innumerable ideas such as lighting, wallpaper, paintings, sconces, hanging sports equipment or musical instruments, chalkboards, pegboards, rugs, and many more. To make the wall a focal point of any room, consider the size of the space, existing color schemes, and the theme for a perfect match.


    What Are Trending Wall Decor Ideas?

    The trending wall decor ideas are creating gallery walls with photo frames, collages, mural paint, accent walls, rugs, basket collections, and sculptural art.

    How to Decorate a Wall?

    There are several incredible ideas for wall decoration. Each room has distinct designs depending on the existing color and texture of the room. For the kitchen, a vertical garden looks amazing, whereas for the bedroom, a memorable painting in the frame adds warmth to the room.

    How to Decorate Living Room Walls?

    Living room wall decoration gives a platform to display immense creativity with tapestry, wall decals, bookshelves, macrame wall hangings, mural art and many more.

    What Are the Best Wall Decorations?

    The best wall decoration depends on what you want for a particular room. If you are fond of baking, hang vintage framed cookbooks for motivation; if you like musical instruments, hang the instrument you like the most, and the same goes for sports. The best is one you would love to see and admire.

    How Do You Decorate a Wall on a Budget?

    DIY is the best wall decor idea because it is affordable and less time consuming. There are so many ideas, such as freehand wall painting, handwritten poems or paragraphs from your favorite novel, stacking up the books into a tower, displaying woven art, and many more.

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