What is Bespoke Walk-in Wardrobes & Fitted Furniture?

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By Daniela Klein

Updated: May 20, 2024

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    Beautifully Crafted and Finished Customised Walk-in Wardrobes

    Experience the extravagance of living big with bespoke walk-in wardrobes in London that are thoughtfully designed to provide elite comfort and freedom to stock your collection in style.

    These modern wardrobes have wall-to-wall storage. They give you the exact room you need to lay out, hang, and keep all of your clothes and accessories in one place. In terms of functionality, they are also designed as a changing room, as well.

    What are Walk-in Wardrobes?

    In the UK, walk-in wardrobes are usually large areas used mostly for storing clothing, shoes, and other personal things. 

    Compared to built-in fitted furniture in Reading, these wardrobes provide a lot greater storage area; these wardrobes are sometimes large enough to occupy the whole room, giving you privacy to change your outfits easily. 

    Is a Walk-in Closet a Smart and Sensible Space Planning?

    You will get a lot of benefits when you are installing walk-in wardrobes, including:

    1. Enhanced Organisation: One of the passages from which you will benefit is a walk-in closet feature that makes organising your wardrobe quite simple and hassle-free so that you will avoid the dreaded "outfit selection" anxiety.
    2. Tailored Customisation: Bespoke walk-in closets which exactly fit the spaces you have, and as well how storage is organised affects the look of your room.
    3. Elevated Privacy: These perfectly fitted furniture with individual change areas provide privacy and are therefore not used by those who would like to enjoy themselves as mere picture onlookers; this frequently becomes very embarrassing indeed.
    4. Streamlined Selection: This integration enables you to pick your clothes in minutes here. In addition, this section also takes into account the specification of the changing room areas.
    5. Functional Versatility: The usefulness of these closets will not be limited to only holding clothes as they may contain advanced tables made of dressing that will bring variety and help in the importance and ease of these wardrobes.

    Before Installing Walk-in Wardrobes, Keep these Things in Mind

    Walk-in wardrobes come with some drawbacks that should be considered:

    1. Limited Privacy: Privacy could be a problem for walk-in wardrobes placed in rooms with open spaces within them; no doors signify that you will not have a place where you can place your important things due to their openness.
    2. Potential Dust Accumulation: The fashion of these walk-in wardrobes is evident in the fact that, unlike traditional closets equipped with doors, they are more apt to collect dust and small pieces of dirt. Routine cleaning and tackling maintenance problems are vital to avoiding dirt and maintaining a healthy living environment.
    3. Not Suitable for Small Spaces: Due to the larger size and shape of the walk-in wardrobe, they may not be suitable for smaller rooms, much less apartments with a lower footprint. The objection is that installing one will inevitability reduce the length of the room or the number of available Rooms.

    If you still have second thoughts about getting a walk-in wardrobe, you may discover a more practical choice in a reach-in wardrobe.

    What is the Cost of the Walk-in Wardrobes in the UK?

    The cost of a walk-in wardrobe typically starts from ranges between £5,600 to £11,500, with an average price of £8,550. However, suppose you are installing bespoke walk-in wardrobes, which are customised to your specific needs and preferences. In that case, the cost may be comparatively higher due to the added craftsmanship and tailored design elements. 

    Additionally, if you have a low budget, then fitted furniture, which is built-in and seamlessly integrated into the space, often involves a more intricate installation process and may come with a smaller price tag compared to the walk-in options.

    Walk-in Wardrobes
    Photo: Fitted Bedroom Wardrobes

    Enhancing Your Walk-In Wardrobe with Modern Technology

    Transforming your walk-in wardrobe into a tech-savvy haven can revolutionise your daily routine. Here's how you can seamlessly integrate cutting-edge innovations into your UK bespoke walk-in wardrobes:

    • Automated Storage Solutions: Effortlessly maximise closet space with motorised racks and shelves, organising clothing by type, size, or colour for easy access and a clutter-free environment.
    • Climate Control Integration: Protect garments from moisture and temperature fluctuations with systems that maintain optimal humidity and temperature levels, ensuring pristine condition.
    • Crafting Your Dream Wardrobe: Select materials and finishes that reflect personal style, prioritise maintenance, and play with colour and texture to create a harmonious and functional space.

    These design concepts combined with modern technology allow you to construct a walk-in closet that is fashionable and useful, customised to your own tastes and way of living.

    Does a Home's Value Increase with a Walk-in Wardrobe?

    A main suite wardrobe like this will raise a home's value considerably. A home's market value is increased when it has well-planned and organised built-in wardrobes since they bring refinement. Because of these hidden spaces, these wardrobes provide the appearance that a property is larger than it actually is and has additional floor space.

    What May be Used in Place of a Walk-in Wardrobe?

    Built-in fitted furniture wardrobes are a good substitute for a walk-in wardrobe if you don't want to use any space for a storage room. 

    Perhaps the only distinction between a built-in closet and a walk-in closet is that the former cannot be entered. But if anything, built-in closets are preferred even more than walk-in closets.


    To sum it all up, bespoke walk-in wardrobes in London aim to provide a convenient and luxurious option for storage that is tailored to existing space and for the person. Specifically, these expertly designed hideaways feature many options for storage and functionality purposes and work as wardrobes and storage units.

    Whilst individualisation and convenience are their most notable advantages, it is important not to neglect other aspects of using these technologies, like the right to privacy and the extent of maintenance.

    Be it the setup of intelligent lighting and security systems, promotion of modern air purification and energy saving, or even integration of artificial intelligence, the cutting-edge feature makes the walk-in wardrobes no longer just a storage but an approach to life itself.

    Table of Content

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