Your Guide To Working With 4 Types White Metal Roofs

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Updated: Jan 27, 2024

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White Metal Roofs

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    A white metal roof might just be everything you are looking for because of the sturdy and low-maintenance nature of metal combined with the energy-efficient and versatile qualities of the color white. This roofing style is adored by a majority of people because of the plethora of benefits it comes with.

    You’ve come to the correct place if you’ve been looking for inspiration for styling a white metal roof or want to learn more about using one. Also, if you have been trying to find some solid reasons to get a white metal roof then look no further because we have brought every relevant piece of information that you need about the topic. Keep reading ahead to learn about the pros and cons, designing tips and matching colors for a white metal roof.

    Types of Colors That Look Great With a White Metal Roof

    When choosing the right colors for your home exterior that match with a white metal roof, there are numerous factors to consider apart from the color of the top. From the architecture of the home to your style and preferences, these factors must be considered while choosing the colors for your home exterior.

    To help you with the hassle of selecting the right colors and make it a more fun and artistic approach, we have curated some suggestions for different types of colors that will not just match your white metal roof but also make the whole house look perfect.

    Neutrals Are Your BFF!

    Beige House White Roof

    We said what we said! When it comes to creating a look for your house that is both creative yet simple and sophisticated, neutral colors will be the best choice. You can create any vibe for your home with different neutral colors. For example, you can use light ones like beige, french gray, etc.

    which will be great if you want to make your home look big and airy. For a more elegant and classic feel, colors like brown, red, etc will be perfect as these colors add warmth and texture to the place without overshadowing the beauty of the roof. Using neutral colors for the house exterior paint is a great way to highlight the architecture of the home without much hassle.

    Make a Statement With the Darker Ones

    Navy Blue Burgundy and Forest Green

    Dark colors like navy blue, burgundy, and forest green are rich, providing depth and character to any house. These colors also look stunning with a white metal roof and highlight it as well.

    Using bold dark colors is a great idea for people who would like a house that looks elegant yet creative while also keeping a unique color theme than the usual ones. One extra tip to make this color combination look even better on your house is to put some bright paint on the window sills to make them pop and bring out the architectural beauty of the place.

    Soft & Sultry With Pastels

    Baby Blue House White Roof

    Using pastel colors with a white metal roof is an excellent idea if you want to create a house exterior that looks bright and welcoming while also not being too much. Colors like baby blue, lilac, baby pink, and periwinkle are great if you want to create a soft look for your home. These colors will add a vibrant feel to the place while beautifully complementing the white metal roof.

    Earthy Tones for a Classic Exterior

    Earthy House White Roof

    Earthy green hues can establish a peaceful bond with nature, creating a light and relaxing atmosphere. Additionally, cool blue hues can be used to generate a coastal or beach-inspired mood, giving off a calm and revitalizing appearance.

    Using earthy tones of colors also enables you to create a harmonious environment around the house along with the natural landscape of the place, making it more warm and welcoming.

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    Pros & Cons of a White Metal Roof

    White metal roofs are great. Some of the indisputable advantages of white metal roofs are listed below, which may persuade you to get one if you haven’t already.

    Pros Cons
    White metal roofs are excellent for giving your house a timeless, contemporary appearance. Because of its extreme versatility, you can choose any style for your home that best suits your preferences. The costs of getting a metal roof in your house are a lot higher than the average cost of any other roofing, which cannot be accessible by everyone. Metal roofing is an investment and we advise you to get it if you are going to live in your home for a long time and make full use of it.
    When it comes to safety, metal roofs are one of your best options as they provide an additional safety layer to the house as compared to other roofs containing inflammable materials like wood and asphalt. One of the most important factors to take care of when it comes to metal roofing is installation. If the roof isn’t installed carefully, then the whole roof can cause a lot of trouble like leaking and denting rather than serving any good purpose.
    A significant advantage of choosing a white metal roofing is that it has a high Solar Reflective Index (SRI) rating, which affects how much heat the roofing system will absorb and emit. It is essential that you pay attention to what kind of metal you are choosing for a metal roof as some materials can rust easily mainly because of humidity. Excessive denting can also cause the roof to get damaged if it is not made of sturdy materials.
    Metal roofs are very versatile in nature when it comes to pairing them with different textures and colors. There are numerous ways in which you can style a metal roof and make it fit your taste and preference. Although metal roofs are typically strong, they can be damaged by hail, falling branches, or other significant things.
    Metal roofs are dependable and require little upkeep. Due to its resistance to rust, insects, fire, and deterioration, metal is a resilient roofing material that can last for many years. They are pretty resilient to the common issues that conventional roofing materials experience, like warping, fading, and breaking.  


    White metal roofs are an excellent option for homeowners because of their high energy efficiency, reliability, minimum maintenance needs, longevity, versatility, and beautiful appearance. A white metal roof is a dependable and lovely option that offers many advantages for an extended period of time.

    We think it is safe to say that a white metal roof is one of the best options if you are trying to find a roof that is sturdy and looks good.


    How Are White Roofs Efficient?

    Your home will stay cooler in the summer by reflecting the heat of the sun with a white roof covering. This has a positive influence on the environment and lowers energy costs. A white roof coating can help you save money by reducing your energy expenses by up to 20%.

    How Should a Metal Roof Be Cleaned?

    The majority of dirt and debris buildup on a metal roof can be removed with a gentle wash with a garden hose. A mild detergent, such as laundry detergent, will effectively remove tough stains without harming the surface of the paint. And the best remedy for mold or algae is laundry bleach diluted with lots of water.

    How Long is a Metal Roof Going to Last?

    Metal roofs usually withstand anywhere between thirty-five to seventy years, many because of certain components like copper as it has a longer lifespan than many of the materials out there. It is important that you keep in mind that there are several other factors than time that affect the durability of a metal roof, such as weather, temperature, and more.

    Which Color Roof Stays Coolest?

    White roofing materials reflect between 60 and 90 percent of direct sunlight, keeping them the coolest in the summertime.

    Table of Content

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