10 Questions to Ask While Buying a New Walk-in Shower Enclosure

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Jul 06, 2024

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    The choice to invest in shower cubicles brings several advantages. These units ensure privacy by offering separate shower spaces and elevate the visual appeal of bathrooms with a wide array of design options. Their simplified cleaning process makes them ideal for households to maintain a clean bathroom appearance. Moreover, their durability ensures longevity. Ask these 10 questions while buying a new shower enclosure.

    How to Choose the Perfect Shower Enclosure Size for Your Bathroom?

    Choosing the perfect shower enclosure size for your bathroom involves several crucial factors. Firstly, consider the dimensions of your bathroom, larger spaces can accommodate bigger showers, while compact designs suit smaller areas. Secondly, meticulously plan the layout, ensuring the shower's position doesn't obstruct other fixtures. Ultimately, focus on comfort by picking a spot that provides simple access to additional amenities.

    How to Measure the Shower Enclosure Dimensions?

    To measure your shower enclosure accurately, Firstly, sketch the current enclosure or space, noting measurements on each side. Measure the width at three points to accommodate any uneven walls. Then, measure the height from the base to the top, excluding tray depth if applicable. For a wet-room design, measure from the floor. Consider door openings by assessing available floor space.

    Do You Want a Framed or Frameless Shower Enclosure?

    Consideration of two primary door types reveals framed and frameless options.

    Framed doors embody a classic style with enhanced water sealing, whereas frameless doors provide a contemporary appearance. Both types have their own pros and cons. Framed doors offer simple setup, cost-effectiveness, and diverse design options, albeit they might appear old-fashioned and need more maintenance.

    On the other hand, frameless doors provide design versatility, effortless upkeep, and elevate the aesthetic appeal of your bathroom. Nevertheless, they come with a higher cost, are susceptible to breakage, and require professional installation.

    What Type of Glass is Best Suited for My Needs?

    Manufactured through rapid heating and cooling, tempered glass boasts exceptional strength, ideal for frequently handled shower doors. Its safety features include breaking into harmless pieces upon impact. Various designs, from clear to textured, cater to individual styles. Frosted or opaque tempered glass ensures shower privacy, conceals prints, and enhances light filtration.

    Will the Shower Enclosure Require Special Hardware or Fixtures?

    Selecting the right glass for a shower is crucial, but so is choosing the hardware. The style and finish of the hardware are key to a successful design. The synergy between glass and metal defines the enclosure's look. Chrome, brushed nickel, matte black, and gold finishes each offer unique qualities, enhancing both functionality and aesthetics. On a side note, do check out Royal Bathrooms before making any purchase since they have an extensive range of shower doors. They have a wide collection of options in shower enclosure designs, doors and sizes.

    Shower Glass
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    Is the Shower Enclosure Easy to Clean and Maintain?

    Yes, it is easy to clean and maintain the shower enclosures. After showering, ensure to wipe and dry your shower unit with a soft towel to eliminate hard water residue regularly. This simple routine, though easily overlooked, is essential for long-term maintenance. Additionally, use glass cleaner as soon as deposits appear on the shower glass. Spray the cleaner, wait for a minute, then use a paper towel to rub and dry the glass for a sparkling clean finish.

    Does the Manufacturer Offer Customization Options?

    Manufacturers often provide customizable shower enclosures, offering options for size, shape, design, hardware, and glass type. These tailored features cater to individual preferences and needs. Additionally, some manufacturers offer guidance on installation and maintenance. Options include dimensions to fit various spaces, configurations to suit different layouts, and aesthetics ranging from tinted to frosted glass. Hardware choices like stainless steel handles and diverse glass types further enhance customization possibilities.

    How Long Does a Shower Enclosure Last?

    A well-maintained high-end shower enclosure can endure for two to three decades, contingent upon frequency of use and upkeep. Frameless glass doors typically boast a lengthier lifespan compared to framed alternatives, owing to the durability of metal frames, particularly those with powder coating.

    Will the Installation Process Require Any Modifications to Your Bathroom?

    Prior to setting up a shower enclosure, seeking guidance from a plumber or contractor is advisable to evaluate the  plumbing, and structural aspects of your bathroom. They may propose adjustments to mitigate water seepage into inaccessible regions. While installing a shower enclosure independently is feasible, it presents difficulties and demands proficiency in DIY tasks.

    Is the Shower Enclosure Compatible With Any Specific Shower Systems or Accessories?

    Shower Tray
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    When deciding on a shower enclosure, it's important to think about different aspects like dimensions, style, materials, and how it integrates into your bathroom setup. For instance, walk-in shower trays are typically made to fit particular enclosures, so getting them as a set is recommended. If bought separately, thorough checking of dimensions and shapes is necessary. Enclosure options include curved, ideal for space-saving in walk-in showers, rectangular, versatile for any bathroom corner, tailored for space efficiency, and neo-angle, accommodating various showerheads and panels despite requiring more space.

    Table of Content

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