6 Best Pergola Ideas With Roof

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By George Taylor

Updated: Jan 25, 2024

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Pergola Roof Ideas

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    If you have been considering remodeling your backyard or a big porch and getting a pergola roof, you have landed at the right place. Pergolas are a great way to enhance the curb appeal and functionality of empty space around the house and increase your home’s value. Here you will find everything you need to know about pergolas, their advantages, disadvantages, and much more.

    What is a Pergola

    A pergola is a structure for the area outside the home, usually used as an extra seating option that protects from the sunlight. Shade is provided by pergola coverings, which have slats covered in canvas or climbing plants. One of the main functions of pergolas is to create a shaded outdoor living area without compromising a direct connection to nature.

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    Pergola Ideas With Roof

    Pergolas come in all kinds of styles and sizes; hence it can get quite confusing to choose one according to your tastes and preference. From modern pergola with clear roof to thatched roof pergolas, there are multiple options available for different looks. We have made that task easier for you by listing below some of the best pergola ideas with a roof to make the process more creative and fun.

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    Glass Roof Pergola for Those Who Want a View

    Glass Roof Pergola

    This is one of the best pergola with roof ideas with a roof for people who like the Skyview and want to have a pergola that allows that. Installing a pergola with glass roof on a stone structure will provide the perfect modern rustic look to the space while giving you one of the best views ever.

    Perfect for enjoying the rain without getting wet or stargazing from the comfort of your home and even on a sunny day.

    The glass structure provides a very elegant and classy appearance to the pergola. The translucent glass pergola roof allows sunlight to pass through and results in a light and airy environment. This makes your outside space more visually appealing and produces a relaxing and inviting atmosphere for entertainment.

    Thatched Roof Pergola

    Thatched Roof Pergola

    Transform your pergola area into a tropical paradise with this roof idea. A thatched roof is a style of roofing created from dried plant materials that are piled and overlapped to produce a natural and tropical appeal.

    The use of organic materials and a rustic aesthetic immediately transports you to a tranquil and exotic location, giving you the impression that you are on vacation without leaving your house.

    Louvered Roof Pergola for an Elegant Look

    Louvered Roof Pergola

    One more appealing pergola roof idea is the louvered roofing system, which successfully blends refinement and utility. Its blinds run on a mechanized system, making it simple to control when and how they open and close. To add to the perks, these roofs are quite durable as well.

    This type of design for pergola roofs is great if you have a modern and classic home, as it will add to its beauty. However, if you want a rustic statement roof, then this one might not be for you. The Louvered roof is minimalistic, sophisticated and elegant. It is not extra or very quirky. Hence it serves best in places with classic architecture.

    Aluminum Roof for Rainy Days

    Aluminum Roof Pergola

    Metal pergola roof panels give a very sleek and polished look to the pergola, making it look very modern and stylish along with providing durability and longevity. A pergola with metal roof made of aluminum is not just nice to look at but also quite durable and may last for years to come.

    This material for pergola roofs will not only be durable and long lasting even in during rains or snowfalls, but will also provide a safe space for kids to play as well as for other fun outdoor activities.

    Get a Rustic Look With Bamboo

    Pergola with bamboo roofs

    Pergola with bamboo roofs are great if you want to give a rustic look to your pergola in the garden, backyard, but especially the poolside. Bamboo pergola roof looks great in such places with water; hence if you have a pergola on the poolside, you must give this roof a try. Bamboo brings a sense of warmth and rustic charm to the area while also being a lasting material due to its high water resistance.

    When it comes to decorating a pergola with a bamboo roof, some of the best decor items would be hanging planters, mood lighting, hanging lamps and more. Planters and lighting will add a more lively look to the pergola, making it more warm and welcoming for small get togethers with friends and family.

    Polycarbonate Pergola Roof for Durability

    Polycarbonate Pergola Roof

    Polycarbonate roofs are great for pergolas, where you want just enough sunlight to pass through to keep the place brightened. It is also a lot more durable than any other material for pergola roofs. A pergola polycarbonate roof’s capacity to filter natural light makes the area bright and welcoming.

    This contemporary polycarbonate roof for pergolas blends practicality and aesthetic appeal with ease of installation and maintenance.

    Types of Pergolas

    There are many materials that can be used to build a pergola. It depends on the structure of the house and your taste and preferences about what kind of pergola you want. We have detailed information about some of the best types of pergolas to help you choose one for your home. On the basis of style and structure, the following are some of the most popular pergolas:

    • Attached Pergola: The walls of your house serve as the primary support for the pergola. This style of pergola is perfect for people who want a little shade on their porch and want to extend it to the pergola. Make sure that the other two pillars supporting the pergola are strong as well because it still needs ample support to stand and ensure safety.
    • Freestanding Pergola: A free-standing pergola is an independent structure that can be located in your garden, backyard, pool, or any other area around the house, depending on the available space. Freestanding pergolas are excellent for providing shade and bug netting, which makes them perfect locations for gatherings or dining at night.
    • Arched Roof Pergola: This is a unique design of a pergola but looks very beautiful when styled correctly. Arched pergolas might not include four pillars, in contrast to other varieties, but mostly have two feet or walls on both sides.
    • Retractable Pergola: The covering system of this type of pergola can be controlled by you according to your needs. This creative and functional design of pergolas allows you to access sunlight and shade at the press of a switch. Personalized extendable roofs can be made in various hues, patterns, and shapes to match your outdoor furniture and decor.

    Advantages & Disadvantages of Pergolas

    Even though pergolas are a great outdoor structure that enhance the appearance of your home but also is quite functional, it is important that you weigh its pros and cons. We have listed some of the most important advantages and disadvantages of pergolas to help you figure out whether you want one or not.

    Advantages of Roof Pergolas

    Extended Space For Gatherings: Pergolas provide great outdoor gathering spots for gathering and small get-togethers. These are useful for pool parties, barbecues, and more since they offer a place away from the crowd for those who prefer a different experience. Pergolas come in different styles and sizes, so you can choose one according to your taste and preferences.

    Easy To Build/Install: Building your pergola may sound like a hassle, but it is actually a very simple process that just requires a small list of items and a step-by-step guide on how to build one. Another benefit linked to this is that you can customize your pergola as per your preferences and needs.

    Pergolas Are Affordable: The ease and affordability of setting up a pergola are two of its top advantages. Pergolas are significantly cheaper than any other structure you may build to expand an outdoor living space around your home.

    How much it costs to build a pergola for your home totally depends on what materials you want to use along with the complexity of the design that you have chosen, hence if you want something simple and not extravagant, then pergolas are a great idea for you as they won’t cost as much.

    Disadvantages Of Pergolas

    Regular Maintenance: Regular maintenance of your pergola is necessary if you want it to look good throughout its lifespan. Some types of woods, like cedar, lose color over time; hence it is important if you want your pergola to keep looking good that you keep it in check and give it proper upkeep.

    Prone To Termites: Although termites are naturally resistant to certain types of wood, such as cedar or pressure-treated pine, they are often discovered infesting pergolas. Regular application of the repellant to wood can aid in preventing termite colonization. The secret to maintaining the good condition of your pergola is maintenance.


    The choice of whether to cover a pergola is crucial since it can significantly affect both the use and ambiance of your surroundings. Make sure that you have weighed all the pros and cons of getting a pergola.

    From the designs to colors, choosing a pergola style for your home must be a fun and creative task, so make sure that you don’t forget to have fun throughout the process. We hope all your queries and concerns regarding pergola ideas with roof got addressed in this article. Have fun with the new addition of an entertainment area around your house!


    What is the Best Roofing for Pergolas?

    One of the best options for the roof of your pergola is metal. A metal roof offers several advantages to homes and can last up to 70 years. Metal is additionally resistant to lightning strikes. It is, therefore, ideal for an outdoor pergola with roof.

    What Are Patio Pergolas With Roofs Called?

    Pergolas with any kind of roof attached are commonly known as pavilions. Though, there are still some differences between the two, they are usually very similar in appearances and their purposes as well.

    They can also be known as gazebos. However, that term is typically reserved for smaller, more aesthetically pleasing constructions found in gardens.

    How High Should a Pergola Roof System Ideally Be?

    The house structure definitely has an impact on how high the roof of the pergola should be. However, the optimal pergola roof height can range anywhere between 8 to 10 feet and can vary according to its design and structure.

    What Kind of Material is Ideal for a Pergola Cover?

    Canvas has been used as tent material because it provides lots of shade and, after being coated with a waterproof coating, deflects water away from the surface. It is a reliable material for covering your pergola from rain and sunlight.

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