7 Essential Tips for Estate Sale Success

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By Jeana Harris

Updated: May 22, 2024

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    Hosting an estate sale in Kansas City or surrounding areas can be somewhat bittersweet. On the one hand, it’s a fantastic way to liquidate an estate and get to know people in your community. On the other hand, it’s a lot of work trying to organize and execute an estate sale yourself, and you’ll quickly learn there’s more to an estate sale than a more simple yard or garage sale. 

    However, there are lots of tips you can use to make the most of an estate sale so you sell more stuff and put more money into your pockets. Whether you’re liquidating your assets or you’ve had a loved one recently move into assisted living or pass away and it’s time to sell their belongings, here you can learn what an estate sale is (and how it’s not just your typical yard sale) and discover 7 essential tips for estate sale success. 

    What’s The Difference Between An Estate Sale And A Yard Sale? 

    It’s a common misconception that a yard sale and an estate sale are the same thing. Although they do have similarities in that they’re usually held on-site by the homeowner and involve personal belongings, the similarities largely end there. 

    Yard/Garage Sale 

    A yard sale is where a homeowner or a collection of homeowners sell their things on their property or at another neutral location. Items sold include clothing, toys, yard equipment, seasonal gear, and more. A yard or garage sale is rarely held indoors and is limited to items that have price tags on them. Depending on the homeowner and how many items are for sale, a yard sale can last one day or a few days, often hosted on weekends. 

    Estate Sale 

    An estate sale is like a much more involved yard sale, in which even the property the estate sale is held at may be up for sale. These sales are typically held indoors and involve the selling of everything in and out of the property, catering to buyers of antique or vintage furnishings and collectibles. These sales are also typically hosted by an estate sale company rather than the homeowner or person in charge of the estate. An estate sale is often hosted for multiple days.

    Both yard and estate sales have many benefits and can be quite profitable. People in the community can attend either event and gain new belongings at a fair price. 

    7 Tips For Your Estate Sale Success 

    Here are some tips to make your Kansas City estate sale a success. Utilize one or all of the following tips to maximize the success of your estate sale. 

    Hire an Estate Sale Host 

    Hiring a specialist like an auction company in Kansas City to host and execute your estate sale is a wise choice, especially if you’re trying to liquidate expensive or big-ticket items like hot tubs, homes, recreational vehicles, and other items. These professionals are skilled at labeling your items for sale and organizing them appropriately in preparation for your estate sale. They also advertise and market your estate sale for maximum exposure. They typically take a commission of sales as payment for their services or may have another type of fee structure. 

    Research Other Estate Sales

    Visit other estate sales in Kansas City and neighboring towns to see what types of items are sold and what price ranges are. This allows you to have a better idea of how to organize and successfully execute your estate sale. 

    Host On The Right Days 

    There’s a reason why many estate sales are hosted on weekends. Most people can attend estate sales in their free time, which is typically on weekends. You can host an estate sale on these days, including Thursday or Friday, to get as much of the community to attend your estate sale as possible. 

    Market Your Estate Sale 

    You can market your estate sale via word of mouth, social media, and even by placing classic estate sale signs in your Kansas City neighborhoods (make sure the city is OK with you doing this). The more you market your estate sale, the more people will know about it. If there is a community forum or board you can post in, utilize it. 

    Go Through Items First 

    If there are any sentimental items in your estate sale or items your family may wish to keep or isn’t ready to part with, remove them from the list of available items. This way, you don’t accidentally sell something you didn’t want to part with. 

    Utilize a Real Estate Agent

    If you’re selling property in addition to having an estate sale, have a real estate agent assist you. They can be present at the estate sale to answer any questions potential buyers have. 

    Organize Items By Category

    By going through your estate sale items and organizing them by category, you make it easier for buyers to locate the items they’re specifically looking for. Furniture can be used as shelving for clothing, shoes, belts, and books. Antique cups and other glassware can be placed on larger shelves for easy inventory and selection. Organizing items makes them not only easier to purchase for shoppers, it makes them easier to inventory when packing and placing unsold items back into storage. 

    Hosting Your Estate Sale 

    Hosting an estate sale can feel daunting, but it can be very rewarding. Be confident and have fun with your estate sale by letting professional hosts handle the heavy and more detailed work for you. This way, you get the most out of your experience and make your estate sale a better success. 

    Table of Content

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