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Updated: Apr 06, 2024

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Black Metal Roofing

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    Black color has been trending in the roofing material for many years due to its elegance, style, and timeless sophistication that goes well with many shades of houses. Black shade has a long-lasting visual impact when used on a metal roofing system and uplifts the architectural feature of your homes. Many choose black metal roofing to extend a unique charm and curb appeal to their homes.

    Over the past decades, metal roofs have substituted black metal shingles because of heat building in the attics and short lifespan. A black steel roofing will make your house stand out with its striking appearance. If you are looking for complete information about black metal roofing, we will cover it all in this article to help you choose the best one for your home.

    What is a Black Metal Roofing?

    Matte Black Metal Roofing

    A black metal roofing is a unique metal roof made from black steel available in various patterns. The black color makes the black metal roof standalone from other colors. These are roofs made from natural black metal rather than black-painted regular metals, which differ in quality.

    However, if you wish to paint the regular metal black, you need to have immense patience, time, skill, budget, and confidence to handle the work. It’s a great way to save money while adding charm to the house.

    Shades of Black Metal Roof

    Black doesn’t come in a single color, rather it is available in numerous colors, which are as follows:

    1. Black ore matte
    2. Black zinc matte
    3. Matte black
    4. Matte midnight black
    5. Dark bronze
    6. Matter dark bronze
    7. Medium Bronze
    8. Blackened steel matte
    9. Speckled blackened rust
    10. Streaked blackened rust
    11. Speckled blackened copper
    12. Blackened copper
    13. Vintage
    14. Burnt wood

    What is the Best Color for House With a Black Roof?

    Black Metal Roof

    Black is a versatile color that goes with many house colors; however, selecting the best matching house color to bring life to the home’s exterior is important. The eBay way to choose the right house color is to get multiple samples to see how the color looks throughout the day in changing light. Some of the house colors best suited with black metal roofs are:

    • White– Black and white combination is a perfect match that can never go wrong. It adds a touch of warmth.
    • Dark green– The bold shade of green with black metal roof rules out the color scheme from looking flat, adding visual interest. Also know the Colors That Will Be The Best To Pair With Your Green Metal Roof.
    • Beige– Beige color looks cool and cozy when paired with a black roof. It extends a modern and sophisticated vibe all around the exterior.
    • Dark brown– Though a dark brown shade with a black metal roofing might seem like taking a risk, it looks pretty good, especially with white trim for a pop of contrast.
    • Black– You can go bold with monochrome color to impress your neighbors. The black exterior looks modern and classy and requires no other decor items except brass vases and contrast door color.
    • Charcoal Gray – If you prefer a bold shade but are concerned that all black might look overwhelming, consider the charcoal gray shade with a brick walkway and wood fencing to enhance the visual interest.
    • Light wood– The double-toned idea might add depth and dimension to the home’s exterior. Light wood texture with black metal roofing will extend a chic farmhouse look.
    • Light Gray– While selecting the shades of gray, be mindful of the undertones and how they look during the different times of the day. Light gray shades leave a positive impression, especially when paired with dark wood features.
    • Navy blue– Dark navy blue exterior color with black roof adds a new life to the homes (classic or contemporary).
    • Red brick- It is a timeless choice proven over the ages. You can match it with white trim to uplift the ambiance.
    • Cream– Cream color house looks warmer when paired with black roofing. It’s a perfect combination to go with without fear of failing.
    • Taupe– If you want to focus on landscaping, go for an earthy palette for your house exterior. The amazing combination of Taupe with black roofing allows the red brick walls and stairs to pop out.

    Pros and Cons of Black Metal Roof

    If you have decided to install a black metal roofing, you should know the advantages and disadvantages before concluding to buy.

    Black Metal Roof


    Unique Modern Aesthetic– Black is one of the most preferred choices of homeowners. It is a modern trending color that is a proven contrast match of almost all materials, especially wood and natural tones.

    Long-lasting– You can keep the house through generations with a black metal roofing with proper installation and regular maintenance. The natural quality of metal plays an important role in fighting termites, rats, corrosion, mites, etc.

    Low-maintenance– Black roofing materials don’t require much maintenance compared to shingles and tiles. A simple cleaning of the metal roof and its drainage ducts can increase the life of the roof.

    Energy-Efficient– Black metal roofs are recyclable even after being discarded and can be used on other roofs, unlike roofing materials like asphalt shingles. You never know that the roof installed in your house could be made of some recycled material.

    Lightweight– Metal roofs are lightweight compared to other roofing materials, especially clay or tiles, which reduces stress on the roof’s structure. It provides more load-bearing capacity to the roofs during heavy snowfall.

    Easy Installation- These are comparatively easy to install. Many DIY options are available.

    Fire-resistant- Unlike other roofing materials, these are fire-resistant.


    Black metal roofs perform similar to other roof materials, so many cons are also similar.

    Expensive Installation– Unlike other materials, black metal roofing costs a lot to install. The cost of material and installation are both high, which can affect the preference.

    Slippery surface– Black metal roofs are more slippery than shingles or roofs making it difficult and dangerous to climb for repair work or to fix satellite dishes.

    Denting– The possibility of denting is higher in black metal roofing, adding to the frequency of repair and maintenance.

    Noisy – These roofing materials can be noisy, especially during rainy and stormy weather. There’s an awful noise when a branch or a hailstone lands on the roof.

    Fast heating– The black metal surface heats up speedily, increasing the house’s temperature.


    Installing black metal roofing is preferred by many; however, you should consider multiple factors that affect the overall repair and maintenance, such as the temperature of the place where you stay, the moisture content in the air, and the amount of sun exposure of the roof. It all affects the longevity of the roof. Be cautious and prudent before making any decision to buy the black metal roof.


    Does a Black Roof Make Your House Hot?

    Dark colors have the tendency to absorb more heat than the light colors, so there is a chance of your home becoming hotter. While installing a black metal roofing, consider factors such as if roofs are exposed for longer to the sunlight and if under-roof ventilation and insulation for your roof are provided. It makes a difference in controlling the heat.

    Do Black Roofs Fade Faster?

    Yes, the black color may fade over time if it’s continually exposed to weather and exterior elements. The painted black metal roofing reacts with the pollution and chemicals in the atmosphere, eventually leading to color fading. The color fading depends on the sun exposure, weather, and moisture.

    Table of Content

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