6 Colors to Pair With Green Metal Roof

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By George Taylor

Updated: Apr 06, 2024

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Green Metal Roof

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    When it comes to versatility, aesthetics, and environmental friendliness, metal is one of the materials to consider for roofing. A metal roof can be installed directly on top of the old one without endangering the structural integrity of the building.

    You also save money on the cost of moving because of this. Not only this, there are numerous colors available in metal roofs so you can choose one according to your tastes and the appearance of your home.

    One color that is creating a major buzz in the house decor industry is green. Green metal roofing is one of the best things to happen and we are here to help you see its beauty and versatility, including its impact on nature, energy efficiency, and architectural flexibility to go along with some of the most beautiful colors out there.

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    Brick Red or Burgundy for a Classic Look

    Brick Red Or Burgundy walls With Green Metal Roof

    This color combination is bold, beautiful, and speaks for itself. Red or burgundy, being opposite colors to green, will make a striking contrast with the green roof in a very aesthetic way.

    The combination of green with any of these shades of red is great for traditional homes and will make them look vibrant, warm, and welcoming.

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    Off White Offering a Modern Vibe

    Off White walls With Green Metal Roof

    This is one of the most popular colors to be used with a green metal roof and for all the right reasons. White color is the perfect backdrop if you want your roof to take its moment and shine bright. Whether your roof is bright green, pale green, or dark green, off-white walls are always going to match its shade.

    This color combination adds just the right amount of light and depth to the house, making it look attractive and elegant.

    Sage Green With Emerald Green Metal Roof

    Sage Green With Emerald Green metal roof

    If monochrome is your jam then this color combination will be the best for your home. An emerald green roof will look amazing with a sage green exterior and will make your home look very modern, creative, and balanced.

    This color combination is great to use light and dark shades for creating depth and shadow to bring out the architectural beauty of the house.

    French Gray to Add Elegance

    French Gray to Add Elegance

    French gray is a beautiful color in itself and when paired with green, it creates magic. This color combination is sophisticated and tasteful, and brings out the architectural beauty of the house, hence increasing the curb appeal.

    If you had to ask which one is our favorite color to pair up with a green metal roof, it would be French gray without a second thought.

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    Earthy Tones for a Soft Appearance

    Brown, Beige Walls and a Green Metal Roof

    Earthy tones are fashionable these days and it doesn’t seem like they’re going out of trend anytime soon. These colors witnessing a rise in popularity are softer, deeper, and more muted forest tones that are adaptable and go well with many design types, especially those found in nature.

    so, if you are seeking colors for the walls that should appear well with a green metal roof, tones like olive, brown, beige, etc. will undoubtedly be a fantastic fit.

    Add Brightness With Yellow

    Yellow Color Walls and a Green Metal Roof

    This is yet another fashionable color scheme that continues to be well-liked. If you want a cheerful and welcoming home, yellow color walls and a green metal roof are a terrific combination.

    One of the finest ways to approach this combo is to use a more pale yellow with a vibrant green. You can include some white in between to add a little bit of texture and balance out the yellow house with green roof.

    Benefits of Getting a Green Metal Roof

    Metal roofing is a smart choice because of a plethora of reasons. These roofs are safer, low maintenance, energy-efficient, and durable in multiple ways. Read ahead to find out the multiple perks of getting a metal roof installed in your home.

    • Longevity: When compared to other widely used roofing materials, metal roofs offer excellent longevity. Compared to other options like single-ply or asphalt roof shingles, which are only predicted to last approximately half as long, metal roofs have a life probability of 40 years or more. Metal roofing’s longer lifespan also helps to make up for its greater initial cost.
    • Environment Friendly: It is environment friendly as most metal roofings already contain some percentage of recycled material and if you prioritize sustainability you can get sheets with a specifically higher percentage of recycled materials. Furthermore, metal roofing may be completely recycled after it has reached the end of its useful life, preventing any landfill waste at all.
    • Increased Property Value: With such sustainable and durable roofing, the value of your home is bound to increase. Properties that are eco-friendly and well-maintained are very high in demand these days which makes it a perfect plan to get a metal roof installed in your house.
    • Low Maintenance: Metal roof isn’t high maintenance which makes it perfect for people who just want to install a safe roof and forget about it. With metal, you can anticipate a roof that won’t corrode, mold, split, or rust. You can anticipate that all rain and snow will smoothly run off properly fitted roofs. This results in a roof that will need very little upkeep from you throughout its lifespan to keep it looking fantastic and performing flawlessly.
    • Keeps The House Cool: Metals will reflect solar heat, preventing heat absorption and making your home cooler during the summer, hence making it energy efficient. Even though metal is not highly insulating on its own, it is relatively easy to apply excellent insulation to metal roofing, guaranteeing that your home remains cozy and that your winter utility costs are reduced as well.


    Green metal roofs are the perfect combination of longevity, appearance, environmental benefits, and energy-saving qualities. The green color is catchy and provides a stark yet elegant appearance to the house. It is also a very versatile color which makes it easier to pair it with different colors. From earthy tones to bright colors like brick red and burgundy, there are numerous colors for you to choose from to match your green metal roof.

    There are a lot of beautiful colors out there which can be paired with a green metal roof and look amazing. The above-mentioned colors are to give you a vague idea of how different colors and shades affect the appearance of the home.

    It is, without a doubt, a matter of personal preference when it comes to choosing the color of walls of your home, hence we advise you to take as much creative liberty as you want to make sure that everything suits your taste. We hope you found everything you were looking for to design the perfect exterior for your house with a green metal roof.


    What is the Best Color Metal Roof for Energy Savings?

    In general, beige and white fabrics reflect heat more effectively than blue and brown ones. Choosing the lightest color for your roof is typically not necessary to provide maximum heat reflection.

    Do Green Metal Roofs Fade?

    The paint pigments on a metal roof are going to fade as time passes because of interactions with natural components such as sunlight, rain, snowfall, and pollution. However, even though the color of the metal roof might fade, that doesn’t imply that it is also harmful to the roof.

    What is the Ideal Material for a Green Metal Roof?

    In optimal conditions, copper is a very durable metal that can endure well over 200 years. Additionally, 100% recyclable, copper roofs are excellent choices for green roofs.

    Which Metal Roof Color Wears Off the Fastest?

    Dark colors on metal roofs wear off faster than lighter ones like beige, white, and grey, which is why it is advisable to use lighter color evergreen metal roof to ensure the longevity of the color.

    Table of Content

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