The Truth Behind the Fabric Softener in Toilet Tank

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Apr 02, 2024

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Fabric Softener in Toilet Tank
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    All of us want to use a clean and fresh toilet with a fresh aroma. Despite cleaning it regularly, after every use, the toilet has a bad smell that needs to be looked into to ensure the other person can use it immediately without bearing the foul smell. Many suggest that adding fabric softener to the toilet tank is a cheap and easy way to keep the toilet smelling amazing after every flush.

    The fabric softener sinks into the bottom of the flush tank and releases a fresh smell whenever you flush, making the entire bathroom smell fresh. There are other opinions on whether it’s safe to add fabric softener to the toilet tank or not. Let’s have a look at different aspects of the discussion.

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    Is Adding Fabric Softener in the Toilet Tank a Good Idea?

    The general perception is that adding softener won’t harm the pipe and the tank, whereas experts say it’ll damage the flush tank and the pipe. However, unless you know the pros and cons and the valid reason not to use it or use it in limited quantities, it’s difficult to conclude. The plumbers are of the view that adding cleaning agents in the flush tank may affect the internal part, resulting in more water consumption and premature failure.

    However, if the toilet manufacturer mentions on the product that a cleaning agent can be added, you can freely add it, but in a limited quantity, because excessive use over the period will have a harmful impact on the entire plumbing system. If the softener is not diluted properly, it may harm the tank, leaving permanent stains. The chemical composition of the fabric softener can damage the septic system, leading to blocked pipes and a damaged flushing system.

    You must have observed that fabric softener, when added to the washing machine, leaves a sticky layer in the drawer, which, at times, blocks the machine. Similarly, frequent use of softener in the flush tank can stick somewhere in the pipe, causing damage.

    Environmental Hazards of Adding Fabric Softener

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    Apart from the damage caused to the plumbing system, there are environmental disadvantages as well. When you add softener to the flush tank, with each flush, water mixed with softener passes through the drain and reaches the water system, which can harm aquatic life and cause water pollution because of the presence of chemicals like ethanol and benzyl acetate. Household practices have a strong impact on the environment, so think judiciously before implementing any ideas.

    A Safe Substitute for a Fresh Aroma in the Bathroom

    There are many environment-friendly options for a fresh-smelling bathroom. Add a few drops of pet-safe essential oil and vinegar in a spray bottle of water and spray it in the air for a fresh aroma.

    The other option is to dry the oranges in a dehydrator, stud them with cloves, tie them in a ribbon with a cinnamon stick, and hang them in the bathroom. It will smell amazing. A few other alternatives are as follows:

    Use an Essential Oil Diffuser

    You can use an oil diffuser to fill the bathroom with the natural aroma of lavender, eucalyptus, and lemon. But this is possible if you don’t have pets at home.

    Baking Soda

    Another alternative is to add a little baking soda in the bathroom to neutralize the odors. Adding a few drops of essential oil will add more fragrance.

    Regular Cleaning

    The best way to keep the bathroom clean and fresh smelling is to regularly clean the bathroom with vinegar and baking soda. This will rule out the use of chemical cleaners, avoiding the side effects.


    Why Put Fabric Softener in Toilet Tank?

    Fabric softener helps you keep the bathroom smell fresh, so adding it to the flush tank is the best way to add fresh aroma to the toilet.

    Table of Content

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