Harmonizing Home Energy: The Power of Feng Shui Windows

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By Daniela Klein

Updated: Mar 01, 2024

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Feng Shui Windows
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    If you are looking to create a soothing atmosphere inside the home, there could be no better option than feng shui windows. Windows are the eyes of the house. Therefore, shapes, sizes, colors, and placement of windows are vital to ensure a positive and fresh flow of energy because windows decide the kind of energy(good or bad) entering the house. There has been a tradition to prevent the negative flow of energy by placing some mystical designs around the windows. For good feng shui practice, avoid having multiple windows in a row. Let’s learn more about feng shui windows.

    What is Feng Shui?

    Feng shui is an old Chinese practice to create a peaceful space by filtering the negative energy by placing furniture and other items in a way to allow only positive energy in the house.

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    Guidelines for A Good Feng Shui

    • Never keep the bed under the window to avoid security issues while sleeping. If, due to lack of space, you can’t avoid it, hang a heavy curtain and close it during the night.
    • Avoid placing the back of the bed or sofa to a window because the wrong placement may make you feel vulnerable.
    • If there’s a nice view of trees or landscaping outside the window, make sure to hang a mirror to double the view. Such a view is a feast to the eyes, so never miss the opportunity to spend time admiring nature.
    • Avoid installing too many big size windows to compromise privacy. Even if you try hanging floor-to-ceiling heavy curtains, a feeling of vulnerability persists, affecting the mental peace.
    • Clean the windows regularly for a clear view of the outside world, try fixing any broken screens to interfere with the view and not letting you see things as they are.
    • Always check if doors and windows are not aligned at the rear of the house because it is believed that money runs out with the wrong alignment.
    • Plants should not be allowed to overgrow the window else, it affects the financial condition of the house.
    •  Avoid vertical blinds as much as possible because their large cutting edges send out poison arrows and prove to be dangerous.
    • Try to maintain a balance between a soothing external view and privacy. Allow natural light inside the house and a beautiful view from the window, but keep the privacy intact.
    • Balance the lighting because over-brightness may lead to tension and stress. The best way to deal with the issue is to add window coverings to allow natural light in a controlled way.
    • Add decor around the window to enhance positivity in the house, such as hanging a wind chime on the windows or keeping bamboo plants on the windows to throw negative energy out and let positive energy come inside.

    Feng Shui Windows Ideas You Should Never Ignore

    Feng Shui Windows Ideas
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    Height Matters

    Window top should be taller than your height to boost confidence and avoid bending to look out.


    A window should neither be too big nor too small because large windows create problems by venting positive energy, and small windows will have poor lighting and less positive energy. A window near the entrance door should always be smaller than the door.


    Avoid too many windows in a row to avoid a strong airstream, which may cause disruptions and allow a lot of dust and sediments in the house, causing a restless and dusty house.

    Shape of Window

    The shape of the window should be a mix of the arch-like church for tranquility and a square-like workplace for minimalism.


    East-facing window brings in positive energy and good luck as the sun rises in the east. Windows in the southeast keep the house warm and maintain your health well, also north-facing windows are not very good for health.


    The color of the wall and the frame shall be of different colors to form a natural landscape and bring in creativity.

    Opening Mode of Window

    A window should either open outward or inward completely rather than upward or downward. The outward opening window improves career, brings fresh air, and lets out foul air when opened.


    Feng shui windows play an important role in bringing positive energy and letting out negative energy, creating a peaceful atmosphere. Consider the size, color, direction and number in installing the window.

    Table of Content

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