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Updated: Jun 21, 2024

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Curtain parts names

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    While considering the interior decorations, we should remember that the curtain is the vital part of the decor element that completes the look while adding elegance and charm to the rooms, whether it’s the living room, bedroom, kitchen or bathroom. Curtains transform the room into a welcoming and warm space. There are various options of curtains based on their material, attachment style, variety of rods, brackets, length, tiebacks and many more to fit into all your needs. In this article, we have discussed everything about curtains and curtain parts names to help you find the best one for your home.

    The Curtain Parts Accessories Names

    1. Curtain Rod
    2. Bracket
    3. Finial
    4. Tieback
    5. Curtain Cover
    6. Curtain Heading
    7. Grommet
    8. Curtain Lining

    Tips to Select the Best Accessories for Your Homes

    • Room’s style - The curtain hardware depends on the style of the room. For example, brass hardware goes well with classic homes, while wrought iron suits ranch-style homes. For modern homes, acrylic is the perfect choice.
    • Complement with other decor items in the room - The pieces of other furniture and decor items in the room decide the suitable hardware for your home.
    • Intent - If your intent is merely to block direct sunlight, buy curtains with more focus on the thickness of the material and strength of the accessories to hold heavy curtains. If the main reason to hang curtain is aesthetic, select lace or silk curtain to add stunning element.

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    Types of Curtain Rods

    Types of Curtain Rods

    One of the most important curtain parts names are the curtain rods because they enhance the interior look of the room and serve the functionality of holding curtain weights.

    Single Rod

    Single rods are one of the most preferred rods available in various designs, materials, and patterns. It is available in metals such as brass or wrought iron and simple and fluted styles.

    Double Rod

    A double rod is selected when two layers of curtains are hung to enhance aesthetics or due to functionality. The outside rod has a larger diameter than the inside one where the beautiful drape is hung.

    Concealed Rod

    As the name suggests, these rods are hidden behind the curtains attached to the walls or ceiling, making the drape the focal point of the room. These rods are best suitable for blackout curtains as they cover the gap between the wall and the rod.

    Traverse Rod

    These rods are commonly seen in hotel rooms but are also preferred by many homeowners due to the convenience factor. Traverse rods give a smooth movement of drapes along the hidden track.

    Tension Rod

    A tension rod is a tension-free option based on a spring mechanism and doesn’t need any hardware for installation. The best feature is that it fits any window size and requires no drilling and the disadvantage is it can withstand lightweight curtains like shower curtains or sheer drapery making it unfit for heavy fabric drapes.

    Cafe Curtain Rods

    These rods are ideal for cafes and kitchens where the lower part of the window is covered, and the upper part is left uncovered to let the light come inside in a controlled way.

    Various Bracket Materials and Design

    Bracket Materials and Design

    Wooden Brackets of Curtain Rods

    These brackets are best suited for wooden rods. As these brackets don’t adjust, you have to be very careful with the precision of the rod and curtain measurement.

    Curtain Rods With Metal Brackets

    These brackets are adjustable and available in decorative and standard styles. The standard one is affordable and looks simple, while the decorative one is elegant and more expensive. Select as per your budget.

    Wrought Iron Brackets

    These brackets can be used as a single rod double, both. When used with a double rod, it can be used to hang sheer or valence.

    Different Types of Finials

    Types of Finials


    Metal finials are an ideal choice to maintain a balance between style and durability. You can easily get the design and pattern to suit the existing interior decor of your home due to multiple choice availability.


    Nothing looks more classy than the glass finials. It is available in multiple colors and styles that complement the room’s decoration.


    To extend a classic touch to the decor, wood is preferred by homeowners. The advantage is it can be painted in any color to match the other decor items.


    Ceramic is a great way to add color to any room. Due to its availability in various styles and colors, it’s easy to find a complementary match for the interior decor.

    Various Tieback Options

    Curtain Tieback Options

    Magetic Holdback to Add Modern Vibes

    Magnetic tieback looks damn elegant and stylish without compromising on functionality. These tiebacks are easy to open and close, best suited for cotton drapes.

    Tieback With Beads and Chains for a Pop of Romance

    Use old unused necklaces or chained beads to make the tieback suitable for all types of curtains, from sheer to velvet curtains.

    Crowns and Soft Toys Curtain Tieback

    If you have kids at home, use crowns and their favorite cuddlers as tiebacks to add a personal touch. You can use soft toys lying at home or buy them online.

    DIY Cup Tieback

    Convert the teacup into a holdback to add uniqueness to the kitchen nook. It is suitable for cafe curtains or sheer floor-length curtains.

    Vintage Look Curtain Holdback

    To add an antique look to the room, use an old door knob as a tieback. For a perfect match, use it with linen lace curtains.

    Display Love for Leather With Rustic Tieback

    To extend farmhouse vibes, try a leather tieback for an impressive look. These tiebacks make the window the focal point, giving a Western casual look to the room.

    Curtain Tiebacks With a Luxurious Touch

    To add drama and luxury to the room, use crystal tiebacks to hold the curtains, especially velvet, brocade, and silk curtains.

    Curtain Covers

    Curtain Covers


    It is a box-shaped cover made of wood with a beautiful fabric attached to it. Cornice is installed at the top of the curtain and is the best way to hide any flaw in the curtain rod or the construction.


    A pelmet is also a box-shaped structure made of wood installed at the top of the curtain. It comes with or without the fabric.


    One of the most beautiful and stylish curtain covers is made of fabric fixed on the top of the curtain. It is available in the form of a mini top curtain with fringes or tassels.

    Types of Curtain Heading

    Types of Curtain Heading

    Pinch Pleat

    It is a formal look style with vertical lines near the crease in the material.

    Pencil Pleat

    It is the conventional curtain heading style suitable for light and heavy weight curtains with pelmet.


    It is an elegant choice with goblet design pleats similar to double pinch pleats.


    Box pleat looks simple with a flat front, as the back of the curtain has all the gathered fabric.


    Curtains Grommet

    Grommet curtains are preferred because the rings(usually (circles) on the curtain header give an easy slide to the curtain. It comes in various colors, materials, and styles.

    Curtain Lining

    Curtain Lining

    Curtain lining adds an additional layer to the curtain for more depth that controls the amount of light entering the room. For the summer and spring seasons, limited lining is the best option.


    Curtain transforms the look of the room, so select the style and material with caution because once bought, it can’t be changed soon. It’s good to know about all the curtain parts names for smooth buying. Consider all the factors, such as the size of the window, the intent of hanging the curtain, and budget, before choosing the curtain.


    What is the Top Part of a Curtain Called?

    The top part of the curtain is called the curtain head and comes in various designs such as pinch pleat, pencil pleat, box pleat, and goblet.

    What Are Short Curtains Called?

    Short curtains are called cafe curtains, which are perfect for the kitchen and cafe.

    Should Curtain Rods Match Hardware?

    If curtain rods and hardware match, it will extend a perfect decor statement to the room.

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