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Updated: Jan 28, 2024

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    Though the purpose of a curtain hook is to hold the curtain panel on the rod still, you should explore the variety of curtain hooks to know which one goes best with your home's interior.

    Curtains play their role in enhancing the aesthetics of their surroundings, make sure to match it up with the vibe of your home. Here, we have discussed ten different types of curtain hooks.

    Pin Hooks

    Curtain Pin Hooks

    These are the most commonly used curtain hooks to hang the pinch-pleated draperies. Pins are passed through the channel on the curtain panels' backside. There are options in pin hooks as well.

    Round Pin Hooks

    The most common type of round pin hook used is made up of metal for durability, which is why these are pretty visible and can ruin your home's look if you have aimed for a minimalist, modern type of look. As for the alternative, you can use a plastic one which can easily camouflage and seem almost invisible. However, plastic ones aren't very sturdy.

    Pointed Top Pin Hooks

    If you want to have pleated draperies but don't have enough time to get your plain curtain pleated or don't want to purchase a new one, then this can be your solution. These hooks are known for creating pleats in the curtain panel while hanging them.

    Long Neck Pin Hooks

    These curtain hooks provide the utmost support, so if you have a heavy curtain, you should go for this one.

    Clip Hooks

    Curtain Clip Hooks

    If you want to avoid the hassle of hanging curtains every time you wash them off, then clip hooks can be a considerable option for you as they are easy to install and remove. However, they don't look very pretty and neat. Clip hooks can catch a lot of attention if they don't go with the house's theme so that you may choose aesthetics or comfort.

    These hooks are made up of metal and can hold heavy curtains very well. Also, these are available in different sizes and colors for you to adjust them as per your home's vibe. Also, as easy as they are to use, you need to maintain an adequate distance between the clips, or the panel will look uneven and untidy.

    S Shaped Hooks

    They are also easy to use, look classy, and can go very well with old-themed homes. Also, these are made of metal but aren't meant for heavy curtains. The ideal match for these hooks is an eyelet curtain.

    The benefit of using s-shaped hooks is that they are affordable and don't look bulky; you can easily install or remove them; also, they don't take up much space. The drawback of using these hooks is that they come loose with the time and may not be able to hold the curtain as efficiently as they did in the beginning.

    Track Hooks

    The curtains with track hooks give the window a modern, sleek look; it is an excellent option for you if you have a minimalist-looking interior. These are discreet and blend in with the wall.

    Track hooks are ideal for heavy curtains as they support curtain track rollers, providing a smooth curtain opening and closing movement as there is a streamlined motion being followed here.

    Screw-In Hooks

    These hooks are installed in the walls. Screw-in hooks serve a similar purpose as the blind brackets, but these are less visible and make the curtain area look less congested.

    After drilling and installing these hooks into the walls, pass the rod through the loophole and hang the curtain. A few of these hooks can do most of the work, but if you opt for a heavier drape. Consider installing a few more of these hooks.

    The drawback of using these hooks is that there will be a drilled hole in the wall. In case you decide to remove or change the hook for your curtain panels, you'd need to fill up these tiny drill holes in the wall.

    Adhesive Curtain Hooks

    Adhesive curtain hooks are also known as command curtain hooks; these can be a good option for rental apartments or for people who don't want to spend so much money and time installing curtain hooks.

    You'd only need to mark a linear line for a balanced rod installation, and, in the end, remove the peel off the nonadhesive layer from the bracket and stick them to the wall as marked. also, make sure the surface is cleaned before attaching. Them. The only drawback of using these hooks is that they can't bear the weight of heavy curtains.

    Eyelet Curtain Hooks

    Also known as hidden curtain hooks, suitable for shower curtain rods/poles, they are usually made up of plastic which makes them a considerable option only for lightweight curtains. If you are a DIY enthusiast, using eyelet hooks can add up the process of adding a curtain lining for the hooks at the backend.

    Hookless Curtains

    These types of curtains need no hook, clip, or any kind of attachment to hang. There are eyelet curtain holes in the panels themselves. The rod is inserted and passed through these.

    Hookless Curtains are great if you want a heavy curtain; these are minimal and sturdy.

    Magnetic Curtain Hook

    Magnetic Curtain Hook

    There is an encased magnet in the metal shell to provide the necessary clamping force. You can find them in different sizes to support the curtain's weight and aesthetics.

    The benefit of using magnetic hooks is that you won't need to drill holes for curtain rod brackets; these hooks can easily adhere to the window frame without any screws or bolts.


    There are various types of curtain hooks, and each of them has its own pros and cons. Getting confused while looking at the available options is normal. We have explained the basic factors of choosing an ideal curtain hook to ease you out.

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    Type of Curtain Panel

    If you have bought a curtain before the installation of the curtain frame, then you must go for the hook that complies with your curtain, as there are different types of hooks for various curtains. For example, you can't use a clip-in hook with an eyelet curtain.

    Weight of Curtains

    Hooks are available in various sizes and materials, and their weight-bearing capacity also differs with these differences. Not all of them are not suitable for a heavy curtain.

    Material of the Hook

    Now, it depends on the area where the hook will be installed. If they will be installed in a moist area, then your options are limited. You may choose a plastic hook, whereas if your curtain is heavy, then a metal hook can be your savior, but as the metal can also rust and you may need to change them frequently, there is a material called galvanized metal you can go for as they don't rust that easy.


    What Type of Curtain Panel for Hooks?

    Round pin hooks work best with normal curtain panels. However, if you want to add pleats to your curtain, you can go for a pointed top pin hook. Also, keep in mind that there should be curtain lining at the backside of the curtain to fix these hooks.

    What Type of Curtain Rod to Get for Curtains With Hooks?

    Go for a single curtain rod. However, the size of the rod should be considered, or else your curtain area will look unplanned and ugly.

    What Are Curtains on a Track Called?

    Curtain tracks, also known as traverse rods, are designed to blend in with the wall. Now, the curtain on track is known as curtain only; you can use plain or pleated curtains on the track as per your requirement and taste.

    Table of Content

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