How Long Do Cinnamon Brooms Last?

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By Deirdre Mundorf

Updated: Jun 13, 2024

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How Long Do Cinnamon Brooms Last?
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    Cinnamon is popularly known for its amazing smell, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-cancer, and many other features, which are also used in food preparation to enhance flavor. Now, we will know about cinnamon brooms and their longevity.

    Cinnamon brooms have seasonal demand in the market because they are widely used during Halloween or as a decor item on the eve of Christmas and New Year, but they are used as a decor item throughout the year. Cinnamon brooms have a history associated with them, which we'll discuss later. Let's dive deep and know about the history, use, and how long do cinnamon brooms last.

    Know More About Cinnamon Broom

    Cinnamon brooms are not made from cinnamon sticks, which are used to sweep dust particles; rather, they are made from pine straws on which cinnamon oil is applied generously for a unique name and aroma. This is how it got the name cinnamon broom. These brooms are available in different shapes and sizes that range from long handle to short handle brooms.

    A Brief History of Cinnamon Brooms

    History of Cinnamon Brooms
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    Cinnamon brooms date back to the Middle Ages and are believed to sweep away negative energy and bring in positivity. The use of pine straw and cinnamon oil in a cinnamon broom is a balanced way to throw away negative energy and bring love, peace, money, and happiness to ensure protection from disease and illness.

    Use of Cinnamon Brooms

    Cinnamon brooms are primarily used to bring good luck to the house where it is placed and keep the negative energy and evil spirits away. A few more uses of these brooms are discussed below:

    Financial Growth

    Many believe that cinnamon brooms bring good fortune to their business and financial matters, so you can hang them at their business places.

    Keep the Negative Energy Away

    One of the main reasons to hang cinnamon brooms at the main entrance is to sweep away negative energy from homes and businesses.

    As a Decor Item

    You can use it as a holiday decor item from Halloween, Thanksgiving to New Year. Take away the ribbons and leave the autumn leaves for Thanksgiving for Christmas and New Year; add some unique decor pieces with a broom to hang them.

    For Fresh Aroma

    People love cinnamon brooms due to its fantastic aroma. If you love the scent of cinnamon broom, buy one for your home.

    How Long Do Cinnamon Brooms Last?

    Cinnamon Brooms Lifespan
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    Cinnamon brooms last for a good amount of time, but the fragrances fade away. The bristles of brooms have a long life, but once the broom loses its scent, its importance is reduced. In such a case, you have two options: one is to throw out the old broom and buy a fresh new one, and the second option is to apply a fresh layer of fragrance to the old broom. In the following paragraphs, we'll discuss the ways to refresh your old cinnamon brooms.

    Ways to Refresh Cinnamon Brooms

    Refreshing your old broom is a better way to reuse them rather than throwing it. Here are some of the ways:


    The steaming method is a smart way to refresh the scent in the broom by passing the broom over the boiling water, which helps it absorb water vapor, bringing out the cinnamon aroma again and filling the room with a fresh scent.

    Wash Broom With Hot Water

    Another option is to wash the broom with boiling water, allow it to dry, and use it again.

    Application of Cinnamon Oil on a Broom

    You can restore the scent in a cinnamon broom by applying a layer of cinnamon oil over it. Don't forget to wear gloves to avoid any damage to your skin. All you need to do is pour cinnamon oil on the gloves, rub them together, and apply it over the broom. Then, spread a newspaper on the floor, keep the oil-coated broom on it, and let it dry completely. You can clean the dry broom with the same newspaper to allow the broom to absorb oil from the newspaper as well. Your broom is ready for use.

    Steps to Make Cinnamon Broom at Home

    Steps to Make Cinnamon Broom at Home
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    These brooms are readily available in online and offline stores; however, it's easy to make at home as well.

    Materials Required

    • Cinnamon oil
    • Paintbrush
    • Bowl
    • Glue
    • A broom
    • Sandpaper

    The First Method to Make the Broom

    • Clean the broom to wipe off negative energy using saltwater, sunlight, or moonlight.
    • Prepare the surface of a broom to absorb cinnamon oil by rubbing sandpaper to remove any paint.
    • Rub cinnamon oil on the broom's whistles and shaft.

    The Second Method to Make a Broom

    • Boil water in a large pot, add a drop of cinnamon oil or powder to the pot, steep the broom in the pot for a long hour, and dry it naturally in the sun.
    • The final step is the decoration. Decorate the broom according to your choice and intent.

    Table of Content

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