Benefits of Using a Laundry Jet

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By Deirdre Mundorf

Updated: Jul 01, 2024

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Laundry Jet
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    Laundry Jets are compact devices designed to facilitate laundry transport using a vacuum system, quietly and efficiently. Various models offer different features; most users find them effective after potential installation issues are resolved.

    With options for residential and commercial use, including care homes and hotels, they offer a convenient solution for laundry management. Despite some noise during operation, they provide a relatively quiet experience and any blockages are easily addressed through simple maintenance procedures. Users can install and maintain these systems themselves, making them a practical choice for those seeking efficient laundry solutions.

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    The Role of Laundry Jet

    The efficacy of these products in saving time is a common query; ever had the necessity of segregating colors from whites? It streamlines this process by facilitating organized sorting, thus mitigating potential chaos.

    Installation and Functionality of Laundry Jet Ports

    Laundry Jet ports can be positioned at various heights, with a suggested height of 1200mm, to prevent misuse by young children. Each port features a rigid ninety-degree elbow, deterring objects like toys from entering the system directly. The pipeline further comprises gentle 90° and 45° elbows to ensure seamless flow to the laundry room. It's essential to adhere to proper operating instructions and procedures for the laundry jet, as with any appliance.

    The Setup Process

    One of the prevalent misunderstandings we often come across concerns the setup process. It utilizes a 6.25″ (159mm) pipe, while standard walls typically measure 100mm. Typically, installations involve placing ports in bedrooms, with a pipe extending into the roof or concealed within walls downstairs, such as in a cupboard or pipe chase. In cases of multiple floors or limited storage space, the pipe is usually concealed within boxed enclosures. In new construction projects, incorporating pipe paths into the initial plans is straightforward.

    Effortless Operations of Laundry Jet

    Laundry Jet System
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    Converting your home to accommodate the laundry jet is a simple task. Pipes are routed through the roof space and then directed into existing cabinets or appropriate walls. They can be surface-mounted and concealed. It has the ability to transport clothes in various directions from numerous points without relying on gravity.

    Initially designed for single-story residences and apartments where traditional laundry shaft channels are not feasible due to the lack of multiple floors, it operates using a robust vacuum system, enabling it to move clothing over considerable distances. Whether your laundry room is on the same floor or situated on a different level with multiple access points, a laundry jet can easily transport your laundry without any issues.

    Innovative Laundry Solutions for Residential and Commercial Spaces

    Laundry Jet commercial units are engineered for robust usage, facilitating the transportation of laundry over significant distances (300m). Additionally, they can integrate multiple JetPack devices for delivering laundry to different processing locations, catering to the needs of numerous separate rooms.

    It is compatible with both single and multi-level residences, regardless of the laundry room's floor position. In residential settings, clothes can be moved up to 60 meters to the laundry room, allowing for convenient access from various configurations.

    Reduced Noise Levels

    The wall-mounted Laundry Jet unit produces approximately 77 dB of noise, similar to a vacuum cleaner, but you can minimize it by venting the diffuser outside or into the attic. The standard jet pack comes with an air diffuser to mitigate wind and noise. A laundry jetport emits minimal noise in bedrooms, like a soft whisper.

    Maintaining and Cleaning of Laundry Jet

    The laundry jet system prevents items that are too large from entering the ports due to a slightly narrower throat than the pipe. If something does get stuck, it only affects the suction in ports behind the blockage, making it easy to locate and remove. Blockages beyond this point can be cleared using a standard pipe-unblocking snake. However, in most cases, applying back pressure to the nearest port while the system is running effectively doubles the push force, easily clearing blockages.

    The laundry jet system is designed to transport already soiled garments; they will undergo washing upon arrival at the other end and are very easy to use. Overall, they offer a convenient and effective way to transport clothes, potentially saving both time and effort in the laundry process.


    How Much Does a Laundry Jet Cost?

    A laundry jet system will cost $800 to $15000, depending on the model and various types of jet ports required.

    Table of Content

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