What Curtain Types Are Best To Use In Your Abu Dhabi’s Home?

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By Daniela Klein

Updated: May 24, 2024

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What Curtain Types Are Best
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    Tall windows are the best for maximum natural light, ventilation, and enhanced view in Abu Dhabi. Like every window, the tall window also requires curtains to simultaneously improve its functionality and beauty. The requirements for tall window curtains are slightly different than those for small or average-sized windows. 

    If you also have a tall window and want to know what curtain types are best for tall windows, then you are at the right place. In this blog, we will explore some types of curtains ideal for full-size windows. Moreover, we will also enlist the benefits of hanging curtains on tall windows and some crucial points you must consider while buying Curtains In Abu Dhabi for such windows. So, let’s get started 

    7 Types Of Curtains Best For Tall Windows 

    We have compiled some curtains to help you cover your tall window efficiently. Let’s explore them: 

    Floor To Ceiling Curtains 

    The first one on the list is floor-to-ceiling curtains, also known as full-height curtains, which are ideal for tall windows. These drapes are hung from the ceiling instead of curtain poles. Ultimately, these window curtains will block the entire view from the outside to provide complete privacy. 

    Furthermore, floor-to-ceiling curtains will make your room look more spacious in Abu Dhabi. They are also available in different styles, colors, and patterns to provide perfect contrast with every interior. 

    Grommet Curtains

    Grommet curtains are the second-best curtains for tall windows. They are designed with evenly spaced grommets along the top edge. High-quality plastics, stainless steel, and metals are commonly used for these grommets. What makes these window curtains ideal for tall windows is their effortless operation. 

    The curtain rod threads through the grommet to open and close the curtains smoothly. Furthermore, these curtains require very light vacuuming after 3 to 4 months. 

    Tab Top Curtains 

    The third curtain on the list is the tab-top curtain. These drapes are designed with fabric loops at the top. The fabric loops wrap around the rail to provide the most aesthetic and vintage feel in Abu Dhabi. These curtains are designed using different fabrics so that you can customize them according to your wishes. 

    Moreover, the length of these curtains should touch the floor to provide a more sleek and organized appearance. 

    Sheer Curtains 

    Install sheer curtains on your tall windows to get maximum sunlight at your place. These window coverings are also designed using soft, lightweight, and breathable fabrics. Moreover, these curtains provide better airflow for proper ventilation. Besides all that, these window coverings will not occupy much space in your windows to provide a spacious feel. 

    Blackout Curtains 

    Blackout curtains in Abu Dhabi are ideal for hanging at tall windows in bedrooms, media rooms, and offices. These window coverings block out all outside views to provide complete privacy. Moreover, they block out almost 95% of light to provide a nighttime view during the daytime. 

    Ultimately, you can get all the mandatory privacy you need by installing blackout curtains on the taller windows. 

    Motorized Curtains 

    The sixth curtain in the list is a motorized curtain in Abu Dhabi ideal for tall and hard-to-reach windows. You can control these curtains with the remote, voice, and smartphone apps. Besides all that, these electric curtains work very smoothly without any lag. So, installing these curtains on the tall window will provide effortless operation. 

    Velvet Curtains

    The last but not the least is velvet curtains. Velvet window drapes will provide a sophisticated and luxurious look to your tall window. Make sure to choose the color that matches the furniture and artwork in your place to create a more appealing interior. 

    Moreover, these window drapes will provide maximum insulation at your place in Abu Dhabi to provide the coziest atmosphere. Besides all that, these curtains require very minimal maintenance. 

    Benefits Of Using Curtains On Tall Windows

    There are countless benefits of hanging curtains on tall windows. Some of these pros are given below. Have a look at them: 

    Add Elegance And Warmth 

    Installing window curtains on tall windows will add warmth and elegance to your space. For better results, use a neutral color and bold patterns. 

    Noise Reduction 

    Many curtains, such as blackout curtains and velvet curtains, absorb unnecessary noise from the surroundings to provide a more peaceful vibe at your place. 

    Cost-effective Solution 

    The curtains are the most cost-effective window treatment for taller windows to improve the functionality of these windows. 

    Easy Maintenance 

    Most of the curtains for tall windows allow machine washing. Moreover, these curtains in Abu Dhabi required very minimal effort and time for their cleaning and maintenance. 

    Increase Property Value 

    The beautiful window curtains for the tall window improve the beauty of your home, which will ultimately increase your property value. 

    Things To Consider While Buying Curtains For Tall Windows 

    Here are some points you should not neglect while buying curtains for tall windows. Let’s explore:

    • Always consider the interior of the room where you want to install the curtain. 
    • Make sure to understand the purpose of the curtains first before buying. 
    • Choose whether you need lining with your curtain for tall windows or not
    • Select the most appropriate color for the window curtains that contrast with the interior.
    • Measure the window precisely before buying the curtains.

    Final Words 

    That was all about what curtain types are the best for tall windows. We hope you will get a clear idea of which curtains will be ideal for the tall window in your Abu Dhabi home. Last but not least, always buy curtains for your window from the most reliable supplier in Dubai because they use high-quality materials to manufacture their curtains.

    Table of Content

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