Things To Consider Before Installing A Burnished Slate Metal Roof

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By George Taylor

Updated: Jan 25, 2024

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Burnished Slate Metal Roof

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    Whether you build a new house or renovate the old one, numerous decor ideas pop into mind. One such exterior decor idea is the roof which is probably a vital decor factor as it serves the dual purpose of functionality and strong visual impact. The roof protects the building from rain, sun, and wind and also adds aesthetics to the home’s exterior. There are various roof options available in the market, such as clay, ceramic, slate stone, steel, and metal. Metal roof is divided into many types, and one such type is a burnished slate metal roof.

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    If you are considering burnished slate metal roof for your home but need some guidance on what it means, its pros and cons, and other information, here are the explanations.

    What is Burnished Slate?

    Burnished slate metal roof is a metal roof painted over to look like the burnished slate. This is a metal roof and not a slate roof. Due to its unique quality, you can get the benefits of the natural slate on a low budget. Burnished slate is made from the rock with a dark gray finish with brown undertones  made from sheet metal which can be manufactured using steel, aluminum, brass, or some other metals and the appearance is matte or glossy finish. 

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    Advantages of Burnished Slate Metal Roof

    Advantages of Burnished Slate Metal Roof

    There are many reasons to go for a burnished slate metal roof over the other material apart from its aesthetics. Here are some of the advantages:


    It is durable and can withstand strong wind and extreme weather conditions.


    Compared to shingles, burnished slate metal roof requires less maintenance in terms of routine checkups and repairs. The installation is also easy because you can fix it over pre-existing shingles.

    Costs Less

    With proper installation and care, it can last up to 70 years or more whereas asphalt shingles last for 12-20 years.


    It is more energy efficient than other roofing materials. It has the ability to radiate heat away from the home keeping it cool during the summers.

    Fire Resistant

    It is the best choice for areas prone to forest fires due to its fire-resistance properties. Sheet metal will help you have perfect outdoor living. 


    If you are confused about whether to go for a matte finish or glossy, go for a matte metal roof if you wish to have a long-lasting visual impact as it looks good, but if you look for durability, glossy is a better option.


    Slate metal roof is a lightweight material that gives you ease in the installation process. It is suitable for any type of building, especially the ones made of plywood as it’s more safe. In case of any unprecedented incident, if the roof falls, it can easily be lifted and fixed. You don’t have to buy a new one. 

    Ideal for Earthquake-prone Areas

    If you are fortunate to live in an earthquake-free zone, no need to worry, but if you are staying in an earthquake-prone zone, installing a slate roof is a good option to minimize the damage caused by unexpected incidents. 


    The use of slate roofs is a great contribution to the environment because it is made from recycled materials. Even the chemical is used in a limited quantity. 

    Availability of Various Color Options

    Now, many slate metal roof color is available in many colors to make your exterior homes more classy and stylish unlike in the past when there were limited color options. You might be surprised to see colors like red or orange slate roofs. 

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    Disadvantages of Burnished Slate Metal Roof

    Disadvantages Of Burnished Slate Metal Roof

    Just like many things that come with pros and cons, these roofs has its demerits. Some of them are:


    Slate roofs appear to be strong, but it’s very fragile and can get damaged even if a tree branch falls on it causing problems. 


    Though longevity helps balance the cost in the future, the immediate cost of buying and installing the burnished slate metal roof is more than the asphalt roof because you need a professional to install it.

    Things to Consider Before Installing a Burnished Slate Metal Roof

    There are various factors to consider before installation. 

    Accurate Measurement of Roof

    Measure the length and breadth of the roof with precision because this will help you calculate the square footage of the roof. You can then buy the exact roofing material.

    Choose the Material of Your Taste

    It’s time to order the material now. There are a variety of roofing profiles such as corrugated, standing seam, and ribbed. Choose the burnished roofing panels that suit your preference and structure.

    Roof Preparation

    Now, you need to prepare the roof which includes repair and replacement of the old roofing material or structure. Installing an underlayment is important because it helps prevent leaks.

    Install Trim Pieces

    You can begin installing the trim pieces once the roof is prepared that includes ridge caps, corner trims, and drip edge. Trim pieces seal the edges of the roof and prevent water seepage.

    Install the Metal Panels

    Once trim pieces are placed, it’s time to install the metal panels. To ensure proper water drainage, a panel should overlap by at least 1 inch. Follow all the instructions of the manufacturers for spacing and placements.

    Install Flashing

    Flashing is important to prevent leakage and water damage. Flashing is used to seal the gaps between the panels and other structures like chimneys and vents.

    Seal the Roof

    The final step is to seal the roof to avoid water seepage and insulation. Using a sealant that is compatible with the roofing material. 

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    Metal Roof Designs

    To elevate the exterior look of the house, you can try different designs. 

    1. A Frame
    2. Modern Alpine
    3. Modern loft barnhouse

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    A burnished slate metal roof is a good option to add a classy and modern look to your home. The combination of the right material and perfect installation will provide durability and protection from the elements. The burnished slate roof installation is a vital part to avoid any problem arising in the future. Make sure the expert contractors follow all the steps for a successful installation.


    What is a Drawback of a Slate Roof?

    The main disadvantage of a slate roof is installation. The success of installation depends on the expertise of the professional because any flaw in installation might lead to a problem later. Another issue is its fragility. It’s very fragile. Even if a tree branch falls on the slate roof, it can get damaged adding burden to the pocket.

    What is the Difference Between Polish and Burnish?

    Both terms are interchangeable. Polishing can be done either mechanically or using a machine while burnishing is a mechanical process.

    Are There Different Grades of Slate?

    Yes, there are different grades of slate. Slate is graded according to ASTM standards, S1, S2, and S3. S1 is the highest grade with a lifespan of more than 75 years followed by S2 with a lifespan between 40*75 years. S3 is the lowest grade with a lifespan of 20-40 years.

    Table of Content

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