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Updated: Jan 25, 2024

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Metal Roof Colors

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    Choosing the exterior colors for your home is always an extraordinary and rather important task that includes much more than just picking a color. Depending upon your surroundings, the amount of light your home receives, the paint on your walls, and many other factors, you pick the perfect metal roof colors for your home.

    But how to get down to picking the right color, and what are all things to keep in mind? Don’t worry; we have broken down the entire process for you, making it somewhat more straightforward to make the right choice.

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    Categories For Metal Roof Colors

    As we all know, there are many metal roof colors to choose from. There is something for everyone, from lighter colors such as whites, grays, and pastels to darker, deeper shades. You must first understand which category color you would like to go for before anything else. One easy way to choose a category is by matching it with your exterior walls and trim. This will help you create a monochromatic or completely contrasting result.

    Light Metal Roof Colors

    Light Metal Roof Colors

    Light colors are best known to reflect light, absorb less heat, and keep your home cooler. Lighter shades are ideal for your home if you live somewhere that sees a lot of sunlight. Light-colored roofs can help reduce the urban heat island effect, especially in heavily populated areas, with many houses next to each other. Keeping your home cooler during hot seasons, light color roofs are a great way to save a little extra on that electricity bill.

    • White
    • Light Gray
    • Light Bronze
    • Light Beige
    • Light Blue

    Dark Metal Roof Colors

    Dark Metal Roof Colors

    Dark colors on the roof, especially, are highly aesthetic and beautiful. They can help create the perfect contrast and add so much more depth and character to your home. If you have one of the classic lighter wall exterior paints done, then a dark roof will create the perfect dramatic effect for your home.

    Like how lighter roofs keep the home cooler inside, darker colors add a lot of warmth by absorbing the heat, these also melt snow and ice very quickly compared to lighter-colored roofs.

    • Black
    • Dark Gray
    • Dark Bronze

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    Earthy Metal Roof Colors

    Earthy Metal Roof Colors

    Just like an earthy tone exterior paint, a metal roof painted in a warm earthy color can be a great option if you wish your home to blend in with the surroundings. Rural setting homes surrounded by natural landscapes are mostly the ones where such colors are given preference.

    Earthy tones come somewhat in the middle of things, so they are a more timeless option for the house exterior. They are generally more likable and carry a broader appeal among the people.

    • Beige
    • Terracotta
    • Brown
    • Tan
    • Sandstone

    Bold Metal Roof Colors

    Bold Metal Roof Colors

    Bold roof colors are often used to accentuate a particular element of your home, and hence if your goal is to bring all of your focus to your house roof, consider colors from this category.

    If you are drawn to bright and unique colors and do not shy away from standing out from everyone else, then bold colors are for you.

    • Red
    • Burgundy
    • Dark blue
    • Dark green

    Green metal roof color

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    Things To Keep In Mind About Metal Roof Colors

    While choosing what roof color to go for, there are a lot of things that you must consider and evaluate about your home. Here are a few factors to keep in mind before making any decision;

    Climate and Energy

    Like many other things that affect our day-to-day life, the weather and climatic conditions where we live highly affect a lot of things around the house too. Per se, if you live in a region where the climate is cold most times of the year, then a darker roof should be your pick since it will keep the indoors cozy and warmer. And if you live somewhere that is very hot, in that case, a lighter color roof will help keep the indoors nice and cooler.


    The home’s architectural design must be considered, especially while playing around with exterior colors. Depending on the aesthetic you might have going on, several colors will further enhance that look, and others will completely contradict it. Earthy tones are often paired with rustic or traditional style homes, while bolder and statement colors go best with modern design homes.

    Exterior Color Scheme

    The ongoing exterior color scheme and the palette are one invariable thing, so you must try your best to pick what would work better with what you already have. Depending on the paint or whatever material you use, such as bricks or stone, make sure that the roof color merges well with it without visually creating a block.

    Personal Style and Choice

    Ultimately, your taste and preference play a significant role. Choose a visually appealing color that resonates with your style and personality. It’s your home, so select a color that makes you happy and creates the desired impact.

    Neighborhood Regulations

    While this one may be optional, there are several places where this is also an essential factor. Many neighborhoods have regulations and rules regarding how they expect all the houses to be painted, and if that is the case for where you are living, then make sure you pick a color that falls within those lines.


    Always consider things for the long term and choose accordingly; this limits your maintenance costs and keeps things off your mind for that period. Like earthy colors hide dirt and debris sitting on them, darker and light colors require a lot of regular cleaning and looking after.

    House Resale

    Even if you have no intentions of selling your home, you might consider it later down the line, maybe after 30 years. And so choosing a relatively neutral and likable color increases the chances of your home getting sold quickly and fetching a good resale value too. The bolder and more unique colors may only be liked by some and could be why the buyers would back out of buying your house.

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    Always remember that the color you pick for your home needs to reflect your personality and likings. While you can completely steer this project and make all the choices yourself, you can also seek professional advice and counseling. By pairing up with roofing professionals, architects, or color specialists, you can get the needed guidance and help which will help you make the best decision.


    What Color of Metal Roof is Best?

    Lighter color roofs reflect more heat compared to a darker colored metal roofs, hence lighter roofs are considered best.

    What Color Metal Roof Lasts Longest?

    Lighter color roofs usually last longest.

    What Color Metal Roof Keeps a House Cooler?

    Lighter metal roof colors keep the house cooler.

    What is the Popular Roof Color?

    Gray, brown, and blue are some popular metal roof colors.

    What Time of Year Should You Paint a Metal Roof?

    Spring or fall are the best time of the year to paint metal roofs.

    Do Metal Roofs Fade in the Sun?

    Yes, due to weather conditions such as rain, snow, sun and pollution, metal roof fade over time.

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