15 House Colors With Brown Roof: All You Should Know About It

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Updated: Apr 06, 2024

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House Colors With Brown Roof

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    The roof is a vital part of the exterior decor that affects the overall look of the house, so select the shade of the roof color judiciously because once painted,  you cannot undo the color as it involves time, energy, and financial investment. Brown roof color is considered a neutral color that goes well with most of the house colors like white, blue, gray, red, yellow, pink, and green. The house colors with brown roofs blend well be it lighter and darker undertones of brown. In this article, we have covered the best color combination of houses with brown roofs.

    Beautiful House Color With Brown Roof

    How To Decide The House Colors With Brown Roof?

    The factors that should be considered while selecting the house color with brown roof are discussed in the following lines:

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    Consider climate before deciding the color scheme of the roof and house exterior. For a hot climate, go for a light color roof and house exterior color because soft tones reflect heat, keeping the normal indoor temperature. For cold weather, dark color suits best because dark color absorbs heat, maintaining the indoor temperature warm and comfortable.

    Neighbors House

    Always go for house colors  with brown roof that complement your neighbor’s choice and add a uniqueness to your home at the same time. There’s no harm in getting inspired from in and around areas and going for something that has been in trend rather than trying a completely new tone.

    Color Tone

    The tone plays a vital role in adding aesthetics to the exterior area of the house. Bring tons of natural energy to the exterior home with warm tones such as beige, white, or yellow, or try mix-and-match options with these colors. Cool tones are also a popular choice for homeowners.

    Compliance With Local Rule

    Before commencing the painting project, make sure you adhere to all local rules and regulations. Precaution is always better than cure. Rather than redoing the paintwork later, it’s good to be aware of do’s and don’ts. 

    Other Home Decor Elements

    The roof color and the color of the house is undoubtedly the most important element, but they should complement well with other home decor elements for a seamless flow of choice.

    The Best House Colors With Brown Roof

    Neutrals And Earth Tones

    Beige/Cream – These neutral colors are visually cool and calm and can easily pair with dark or light brown tones. The cream exterior pops out when paired with a brown roof.

    Cream House Color With Brown Roof

    Taupe – Taupe is an evergreen neutral color. No matter where you live and what is the design of your home, taupe is a perfect choice without a second thought. Paint the house with taupe if you want a neutral tone while adding more character than white. Try your hand with front door colors in the same color combination.

    Taupe House Color With Brown Roof

    Tan – One of the ways to perfectly blend brown seamlessly with the exterior color is to paint the exterior with tan. To enhance the look, select a blue front door to add texture. The biggest advantage of neutral color is even a bit of bright color pops out making it a focal point.

    Tan House Color With Brown Roof

    Whites And Off-Whites:

    Crisp White – White house colors with brown roof looks elegant and modern, especially when enhanced with a dark tone trim. For a more cohesive look, install a natural wooden deck. It looks awesome, making it inviting.

    Crisp white House Color With Brown Roof

    Ivory /Off-white – Off-white tone looks absolutely stunning with a brown roof, especially when accented with copper and dark color front door. These combinations add texture and warmth to the exterior home.

    Off-white House Color With Brown Roof


    Gray (charcoal or light) highlights the architectural feature of the home design, making it a visual treat.

    Gray House Color With Brown Roof


    Sage Green – House colors with brown roof and sage green walls, especially with white accent, add a soothing effect, making it a reason for you to come home early. 

    Sage green House Color With Brown Roof

    Olive Green – The combination of two earthy tones, olive green and brown, gives a picture-perfect look to the exterior surrounding. It looks cool and calm, blending with the natural environment.

    Olive Green House Color With Brown Roof


    Blue House Color With Brown Roof

    Sky Blue / Navy Blue – Blue looks super cool when combined with a light shade of brown. Sky blue goes well with a dark brown tone, and navy blue with a lighter shade of brown.

    Sky Blue House With Brown Roof

    Reds And Terracottas

    Terracotta – Terracotta is the undertone of red color, which has a warm effect on the home exterior when blended with a brown roof. The combination gives a vintage-style appearance that looks unique, unlike other colors.

    Terracotta Color House With Brown Roof

    Barn Red – A combination of house colors with brown roof looks good when paired with red shutters or railing because red pops out against the brown, especially when the trim is painted white.

    Barn Red Color House With Brown Roof

    Warm Accent Colors

    Gold/Yellow : The light yellow and brown combination is an eye-catching pair and looks consistent with its solid effect.

    Yellow Walls With Brown Roof

    Pink – Pink is a bold color option, but when you choose a warm tone of pink, it goes well with a brown roof. This color combination looks good in a not so conventional, mid-century homes.

    Pink Walls With Brown Roof

    Dark Accents

    Black – Black color is becoming popular because it looks absolutely gorgeous and gives a chance for other colors to pop up. The black and brown combination adds warmth and charm to the surrounding environment.

    Black Exterior Home with a Brown Roof

    Dark Brown/Chocolate – Brown on brown shade looks like an extension from the ground. The brown color goes well, whether it’s on wood or paint on the exterior wall, making it perfectly mix with the surroundings.

    Brown House With Brown Roof

    Color Combination Based On The Home Design

    Victorian Style

    Victorian Style Brown Roof House

    Victorian homes with red-brown roofs steal the visual attention of the people around them. To enhance the architectural feature of the house, keep the columns and trim warm with neutral colors. Select gray for siding, as gray is a timeless and modern choice. 

    Mid-Century Ranch

    Mid-Century Ranch House With Brown Roof

    The brown roof on a mid-century ranch gives a warm effect with a hint of gray to it. Sherwin Williams light gray and dark brown combination on the roof, siding, and trim add depth and mood to the ranch.

    Traditional Brick Home

    Traditional Brick Home

    The soothing off-white color on the trim, siding, and windows gives an exceptionally excellent effect when paired with a brown roof. The curb appeal is elevated with these combinations.

    Rustic Home

    Rustic Home With Brown Roof

    Add plenty of texture and dark color to the rustic home. Roof color becomes vital if the roofline is designed in such a way. The dark natural brick gives a rich look and backdrop to the house, adding a moody ambiance. 

    Brands To Buy Colors With Their Name

    • Sherwin-Williams – Pure white, Accessible Beige, Day Break, Lemon Twist, Rookwood Terra Cotta, Soft Sage
    • Clare – Turbinado, Golden Hour, Money Moves, All The Sage
    • Behr – Ultra Pure White, Harvest Brown, Terra Cotta Clay, Thai Basil
    • Valspar – Ultra White, Villa Grey, Terra Cotta Red
    • Benjamin Moore – White Dove, Golden Honey

    Factors To Consider In Pairing Colors

    • Consider all the color schemes, including the siding, stone, or brick color of the exterior home.
    • The roof color should complement the color dominating the exterior home.
    • In the case of a multi-color exterior, combine the roof color, keeping in mind the accent color rather than the dominant color.
    • The design of the house plays a vital role in pairing the colors. 
    • Carefully observe the sample roof colors in different lighting for a better idea of how it will look.
    • Consider the texture of the roof material for a perfect look.
    • Consult a professional roofing expert for the best result. 


    Matching the house colors with brown roof is a challenging task that requires proper observation and planning because once you go wrong, it’s not easy to paint the exterior home all over again. There are a variety of light and dark shades of colors that match with brown roofs; however, it depends on the shade of the brown color ( dark, light, or undertones of red, orange, or yellow). A well-researched color combination will never go wrong.


    What Exterior Color House Paint Goes With a Brown Roof?

    There are many exterior colors that go with a brown roof, ranging from neutral to dark tones of white, blue, gray, green, red, and many more.

    What Undertones Look Good With Brown?

    The undertone of red, green, blue, gray, or other colors looks good with the brown color roof. Bear in mind the factors such as the texture, home design, etc, before painting the exterior.

    Table of Content

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