20 Residential Roofing Ideas For Your Homes

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Updated: Jan 25, 2024

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Residential Roofing Ideas

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    The exterior home decor leaves the first visual impact on the neighbors, friends, or family who come for the first time, so it should be the best. Residential roofing is a vital part of outdoor decoration, so it should be functional (to protect you from extreme weather) and stylish to add curb appeal. Many homeowners overlook roofing without realizing that residential roofs have a strong and long-lasting impact. Whether you plan to update the existing roof or replace it with a new one, choose the best material and design.

    A roof speaks a lot about your personality and choices, especially if it matches indoor decor. The outdoor style should look like an extension of the indoor interior. If you are looking for tips to select the best residential roofing for your home, here we are with the selected designs you would like.

    Points to Consider for Choosing the Right Residential Roofing Material

    Aesthetic Preferences

    While selecting the residential roofing material, sturdiness is undoubtedly crucial; however, aesthetic preference is equally important to reflect your style and elegant choice. If you are replacing the old roof with a new one, you better go for a new design for a new exterior look.

    Climate Considerations

    Weather in your area plays a vital role in deciding the material types because some materials easily withstand snow, rain, and hailstorms, while other types are good at handling tropical temperatures and winds. For example, wood works well in cold weather, clay and concrete are suitable for a hot climate, and Asphalt and metal are suitable for most climates.

    Ease of Installation

    On top of all other considerations, the installation cost and the ease of installation is crucial. Opt for Asphalt if you want an affordable option and easy installation material; however, remember that these will not be as durable as heavy material. 

    Budget and Cost Considerations

    The cost depends on the size of the house, the material selected, and whether you are replacing roofs or repairing them.

    Meet the Fire Code

    Always check if the material meets the fire code in the local area.

    Color and Design Availability

    Check if the material you select has different color options and designs to complement your home.

    Roofing Material Lifespan and Warranty

    The lifespan and warranty are essential as they will help maintain the roof for a few years. The warranty ensures free service and repair for a fixed period.

    Types of Residential Roofing Systems

    Roofing choices speak a lot about your choice and your home’s style. A perfect roof adds aesthetics to the outdoor decor and keeps the structure intact. Some of the residential roofing types are discussed in the following points.

    Gable Roof

    Gable roof

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    It is one of the simplest residential roofing styles with a pitched triangular roof with two sloping sides. It’s a timeless feature that gives the perfect exterior view when side slopes are visible along the front and back of the house and a triangular roof from the side. 

    Sloping Gable Roof

    Sloping gable roof

    It is best suited for ranch-style houses for minimum visibility of the rooftop from the street. The smart choice for roofing material is the texture and color that blends well with the siding. 

    Hip Roof

    Hip roof

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    It is one of the most commonly seen roof styles, with four sloping sides forming a peak along the top. To enhance the look, you can combine it with dormer windows. 

    Shed Roof

    Shed roof

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    This style has a single flat surface area, displaying a unique design that can’t go unnoticed. It was popular during the Victorian era. 

    Gambrel Roof

    Gambrel roof

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    Gambrel roof style looks like an inverted gable roof with both slopes on each side having a peak in the middle. This design has more headroom and is ideal for areas with snowfall. The only drawback is it’s building and maintenance. 

    Skillion Roof

    Skillion roof

    It has a one-directional slope displaying a dramatic angle to the roof. Depending on your choice, this roof style can extend a bold and modern look to the home’s exterior. Apply this style to a certain part of the roof or to the entire house. 

    A Shape Roof

    A Shape Roof

    This design resembles the letter A with uniform angled sides commonly seen in traditional cottage-style buildings. It is best for cold weather areas as the style provides a natural slide-off drainage with minimal snow freezing on the roof, reducing roof damage.

    Bonnet Style Roof

    Bonnet style roof

    This style provides shade to the walls like a bonnet with a double roof on each side with a steep upper slope. If you are staying in a tropical climate zone or gazebos. It resembles a reversed mansard roof and is mostly seen in old buildings.  

    Mansard Roof

    Mansard roof

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    Though it looks like a flat roof from the ground, it has four steep slopes, each divided into two, creating additional space under the roof.  

    Arched Roof Style

    Arched roof style

    This style has a beautiful wide curved shape with load-bearing feature. Proper installation is very important for this style. The design suits all types of buildings, be it modern buildings, barns, warehouses, or stables. 

    Curved Roof Design

     Curved roof design

    This design with a curved arch at both ends looks amazing, extending a modern look to the building. It is weather-resistant but requires professional help to install it, adding to the cost of the roof. It has unmatchable aesthetic appeal. 

    M Roof Style

    M roof style

    As the name suggests, it has an M shape with a double gable roof with two sloped sides meeting in the middle. The best feature of the style is a central gutter system between the two pitches. 

    Saddle Roof Style

    Saddle Roof Style

    A unique design with a concave and a convex curve. This design can transform a conventional home into a modern one. 

    Types of Roofing Materials for Residential Roofing

    Once you decide on which residential roofing types to install, the next step is to choose the right material for durability and aesthetics. In the following sections, we have covered some of the best materials for your homes.


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    Many homeowners in the US prefer Shingles because it’s affordable, durable, and easy to install. The advantage is that it can be recycled to make pavement after its lifespan. Fiberglass, Asphalt, and mineral composites are mixed to make various colors such as brown, red, green, etc. But, the colors might fade if exposed to sunlight. 


    It’s been in the market for so many years. Metal roof material is a popular choice for homeowners because it’s sturdy, affordable, low maintenance, easy to move, and has amazing curb appeal, even after years. Depending on the style, it can last up to 80 years. Your grandchildren can use it too. 


    Wood material goes well with all home styles, be it Cape Cod cottages, cozy Craftsman, and Tudor-style homes. It can last up to 50 years in dry weather but needs treatment in fire-prone areas. Don’t opt for this material if you are in a wet climate zone because wood gets damaged due to moisture. 

    Clay Tiles

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    It is one of the oldest and most popular residential roofing materials that exists to date. Though the installation and repair are costly, it will last longer than any other roofing material, balancing the cost in the long run. It’s a perfect fit for hot weather like the ones in Florida and California. 


    One of the most popular and durable materials. The cost is similar to clay tiles. It is preferred due to its fire resistance, extreme weather resistance, resistance to hailstorms, etc. Slates are available in natural and synthetic materials. Opt for synthetic if you want an affordable and durable one, as synthetic material is as durable as the natural one.

    Solar Shingle Roofing Material

    The latest and practical approach towards the residential roofing style. Though it’s an expensive choice because installation cost is high as you would need a roofer to install it, it will help you save energy bills. Produce renewable energy at your home and save the environment. 

    Green Roof

    The most trending roofing material opted by modern homeowners who love to stay close to nature. It is covered with soil, plants, and vegetation protecting your house from rain, snow, wind, and extreme heat. 

    Common Roofing Problems and Solutions

    Improper Ventilation


    • Ridge vent
    • Spray foam insulation
    • Having a ridge roof in place of an attic fan


    • Moisture accumulation in the attic
    • Excess heat in the attic area


    • Hire a contractor to identify and fix the issue

    Damaged Roof


    • Poor installation of tiles
    • Broken shingles
    • Material is flown off the roof


    • Exposed roof to weather conditions
    • Rooting sheathing


    • Contact a roofing expert to repair the damaged roof

    Water Accumulation


    • Snowstorm
    • Stagnant water on the roof


    • Leaks
    • Structural damage
    • Soffit board rooting


    • Regular check-ups with the help of a professional roofing expert

    Improper Roof Flashing


    • Flashing material bread or cracks


    • Connections such as chimneys and skylights become vulnerable to moisture.


    • Proper attachment of flashing 
    • Call a professional to repair it immediately

    Poor Installation


    • Inexperienced roofing professional


    • Mold 
    • Complications in the long run
    • Short lifespan


    • Hire an expert to get it repaired


    The journey of selecting the best residential roofing material involves several factors that should be considered because they help you choose the suitable roofing material for your home. Amongst the various designs and material types available, opt for one that extends your indoor interior to the outdoor area for a uniform look.


    What is the Difference Between Residential Roofing and Commercial Roofing?

    Residential roofing is done for homeowners, while commercial roofing is done for commercial properties.

    What is the Best Roofing for a House?

    The best roofing depends on your priority, home style, budget, and the size of your home. Slate and clay tiles are the best if durability is your objective, but it is expensive. Solar roofing and wood are also good choice, but it costs more than slate and clay. Consider the vital factors before buying the material.

    What is the Cheapest Type of Roof for a House?

    Asphalt shingles are the most affordable choice, but their lifespan is less than the other roofing materials.

    What Type of Roof Adds the Most Value to a Home?

    Any new roof will add value to the property. However, metal roofs are known to add maximum value to the home.

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