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By Jeana Harris

Updated: May 27, 2024

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House Relocation Company

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    Need to move to a new place but don’t want to leave your house behind, it may hold traditional value, you may have spent a lot on it recently and don’t want to get it in vain or there are natural hazards such as flood zones, etc. You should try relocating the whole structure to a new land. Before getting a permit and making all the preparations to move your house get consultation from a house moving company regarding the building, they’ll inspect it and suggest to you the costing, and potential risks based on the weight and surface area of the building.

    When You Can Move a House

    • When you are moving it to a place near your current residence.
    • When the transportation route is clear including other obstacles such as utility lines, traffic and trees in the way.
    • When the structure of your home is strong.
    • When the size of a house is compact, big sized houses are also relocatable but the process of moving may cause more trouble than convenience.

    When You Can’t Move a House

    • When you are moving through states or countries. This type of relocation service is not available for longer distances.
    • When the transportation route is not clear.
    • When the structure of your home is not strong enough.

    Things You Need to Check Before Setting the Course

    Tree trimming- Any tree present in the anticipated moving course should be removed before moving. You can contact an expert tree trimmer or get it relocated by getting it removed from the roots entirely. Also keep yourself prepared on the day your house is getting relocated to remove any other obstacles. If you want to easily find an Arborist near you in Forth Worth, check out this website for the best services in your area.

    Traffic Control- Moving a whole structure can cause you to halt traffic or cause a disturbance, for this very reason you’d need to get the permissions and a local or state police to escort the house movers without disturbing the traffic.

    Overhead Utility Lines can be costly to move as sometimes it hang as low as 13 feet, however their usual height is 15 feet to18 feet over the street, you must enquire about the cost of moving these wires and obtain a “loaded height” from your moving company and then notify every service organisation in that course that own the wire, usually you need to call electric, link and phone service organisation.

    After consulting service organisations they can give you an estimated cost or per hour cost for every one of their officers that you are provided with for moving.

    Evacuations-  Dealing with rough terrains while moving the house is a pretty common issue though a lot of them are easy to overcome with specialised tools house moving professionals usually have.

    If the ground through which you’re gonna move the building is extremely delicate, the movers can form a path using steel plates or they can also use steel bars to form a bridge to travel across the trench, stream or such rough to move terrains.

    In any case it’s not you who’ll have to do all the planning and work, you just need to discuss everything with the moving company and they’ll take care of everything; however, depending on the terrain and difficulties faced, overcoming it will surely affect the charges.

    Best Companies That Move Houses

    The best way of choosing a house moving company is to look for one in your area as they’ll be well aware of the routes and terrain in your region, but checking their reputation is also a factor.

    Wolfe House and Building Movers

    They are actively relocating properties in Eastern drift and midwest, they have moved, gallaries, temples, libraries, homes, trailers, beach front houses, home lodges, etc. They have been moving structures since 1970. They use remote controlled Buckingham Power Dollies to relocate buildings.

    Phone- 610-488-1020


    Wolfe House and Building Movers

    Mitch Contracting

    This company is an associate of IASM, and they provide various services beside house moving such as house or building demolition and dumpster, this company is being handled by the founding families with years of experience.

    Phone- 828-252-0694


    Mitch Contracting

    Cherry House Moving

    You can get a house moving service from them at an affordable cost as they also allow you to negotiate the prices as per your convenience.

    Phone- 713-941-2924


    Cherry House Moving

    Blake Moving and Rigging

    The proprietor of this company Mike Blake was the president of IASM (International Association of Structural Movers) in 2008. He is also an authorised Real Estate Broker beside these he is an officer of house movers association in North Carolina, they have all the experience and knowledge to provide you a hassle free move.

    Phone- 336- 375-6939


    Blake Moving and Rigging

    Otting House Movers

    They have been relocating and raising buildings for 50+ years. Beside this they also buy and sell properties.

    Phone- Bill(Moving): (612) 708-3138,

    Justin(Sales): (320) 894-3875


    Otting House Movers

    Expert House Movers

    Is a full administration building relocation organisation, this company is managed by the four generations of a family. They have pretty good experience, and are well aware of how- to deal with any house moving substantially and so on.

    Phone- Southeast (1 (844) 252-2211), Northeast (1 (800) 669-7315),

    Midwest (1 (877) 530-5551)


    Expert House Movers

    Simmons House Moving Inc

    They are situated in north carolina and are into migrating structures, storm cellar and founder inclusion beside these they also relocate structures such as barn buildings, modular homes, mobile homes and any such building.

    Phone- 704- 484- 8691


    Simmons House Moving Inc

    The Overall Cost to Move a House

    The estimated cost of moving a house can cost anywhere between $100,000 to $200,000 depending on several factors such as size or age of house, distance in locations,

    Read More: Home Relocation Guides

    Labour- You can’t predict labour cost beforehand as it varies as per the area and the structure they will be relocating. Still for a reference you can assume $14 per square foot of your house.

    Weight- The heavier the home the costlier it will be to relocate it. A lot of factors can affect the weight of a building such as the material used in construction for instance the material used for roofing and siding can affect the weight drastically, fibre cement sidings are a lot heavier than vinyl siding. Beside these the width of the stud can also contribute to increased weight of the building.

    Size of the house- Smaller houses are easy to move and have a straightforward technique of relocating it, whereas the larger houses can’t be moved in single piece, you moving company may need to cut the sections of house without destroying it to move it in separate turns, this may add up the cost.

    Height of the building-  One story buildings are the easier to move whereas for moving a building having more than one story will definitely add extra cost as there are chances of utility lines getting damaged during move, you’d need to contact service organisations to raise utility lines for hassle free move.

    Risks in Moving a House

    Even though we as a human are capable enough to relocate houses from one place to another but there are some risks to it.

    Unforeseen Cost-  As we discussed earlier in the blog that you should have a plan and budget before deciding to relocate your house or building. Consulting moving companies can provide you an estimate of price you may need to spend even so it still is an estimate and not a concrete figure you can rely on, try to have an extended budget then estimated as there can be unforeseen problems during the move which can increase your moving expense.

    Possible Damage in Transit-  Facing damages is common while relocating, but moving such a big building is more prone to damage especially if the distance is long. Even if you have a professional team, you must keep yourself prepared for any kind of damage.

    Inspections and Renovations- Once you move your building to a new municipality, you may need to hire a local home inspector to get approval of structure as per the code, you may need to renovate a few parts of your home.


    How Does a Relocation Company Sell Your House?

    A relocation company will sell the property on your behalf, the property will remain in your name for a few months until the company relocates it, meanwhile the company will provide you guidance over the prices, marketing and sales technique.

    How Does Selling Your House Through a Relocation Company Work?

    It’s a two step approach, the company will market the property until they find a buyer and once they find a buyer they’ll purchase it and sell it to the buyer, this process will save taxes for both you and the moving company.

    Table of Content

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