Most Popular Roof Shingles Colors in 2024

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By George Taylor

Updated: Jan 25, 2024

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Roof Shingles Colors

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    Picking the color for your roof shingles can be a difficult choice to make as there are so numerous color choices other than dark and brown. The best way to select a roof shingle color is to choose one that complements your siding color. On the off chance that you’re seeking out more surface or have multiple shades on your home’s exterior, you’ll be able to get shingles that combine a number of colors for a dotted look that can highlight numerous colors at once.

    When in question, select a natural color like brown or gray. On the other hand, if you’re searching for something diverse but still classic, then black will continuously be timeless.

    When you’re picking your roof color, you will need to consider more than fair how it’ll  complement your siding.

    Asphalt Shingles

    The Impact of Roof Shingle Colors

    The roof shingles colors impact your home environment:

    • Energy Saver– While shingle colors may seem like  an afterthought, they can affect your monthly energy costs. The right shingle colors can actually lower the surface temperature This means spending less money on cooling and a more comfortable indoor temperature for your family.
    • Valuation– Choose a color that appeals to many people. Gray or black roof tiles are classic color choices that have never gone out of style and improve energy efficiency in colder climates. It is probably a safe bet that these color choices for your roof shingle may increase the value of your home.
    • Style-Your roof shingle colors should complement the dominant colors of the house. Lighter siding colors work well with darker  shingle colors, while homes with darker elements can create contrast with a lighter shingle color.

    The roof can also highlight other design components such as doors, shutters or even the surrounding landscape.

    Popular Roof Shingle Colors

    Depending on the color of your siding, there are some colors for your  shingles that you may want to consider:

    Terrestrial Color

    Brown Roof Shingles

    Put terrestrial earthy colors to your roof and give a comfortable and cozy vibes to your home. The natural terrestrial colors like brown, beige and orange gives you elegant grace to your roof and overall design for your home.

    A light look ceiling gives a soft and swanky atmosphere. A timeless exterior colors is created by using the earthy colors.

    Traditional Gray

    Gray shingle roof

    Gray rooftops minimize warm retention on hot days, keeping the house generally cool whereas maximizing warmth on colder days. Additionally, multi-colored roof tiles that incorporate dark and white bits too offer assistance cut down on warming and cooling costs, as the gray color roof assimilates warm, and the white reflects warm

    Bold Blacks

    Black is one of the most flexible colors. In summer, the dark color absorbs the heat of the sun, keeping the building cooler. In winter, the black roof helps retain heat, which reduces the energy needed to heat the building.

    Blacks roof shingles

    The dark bold black color at your  roof shingles helps prevent sun damage, which means the materials much longer. Black roof shingles add appeal and value to your home. The unique look of a black roof can make your property stand out from the rest and help your home to blend into the surroundings.

    Warm Reds and Terracotta

    When you combine the exterior color of a white house with  a red roof, you get a charming old-school look that appeals to many. After all, that’s why you see so many white houses  with red roof shingles.It’s just a classic exterior color.

    Reds and Terracotta shingles

    Any shade of gray, light or dark, matches well with a red ceiling and adds a subtle touch to the ceiling that draws attention, but not too much. Think of it as slightly lighter or darker shades of white.

    Earthy tones  always go well with red roofing shingles and nothing is more earthy than brown. The effect is even stronger when combined with abundant greenery and lots of trees.

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    Cool Blues

    Cool Blue shingles

    Ethereal Blue can be the accent or base of your look. It’s airy and full of personality, so if you want a unique cool look that gives your roof something to do with your exterior design. Cool blue roof shingles when paired with dark brown or even white accents, is the best side color to give your ceilings and accessories a quick and reliable updated look.However, it can also be used as an accent by itself, in which case the other neutral side colors provide additional context.

    Factors Influencing Color Choice

    Consider some factors that influence your color choices for your roof shingles:

    Tile Gable Roofs

    Surface- Basic siding can match truly well with a standard shingle roof or any other roof texture. But on the off chance that you’ve got cedar shakes, metal, or any other premium siding, you’ll  need to think twice about recently introducing an essential solid-color shingle roof. More premium shingled rooftops like building and creator shingles allow much more measurement and provide your domestic a more premium look.

    Sun shining bright over a roof shingles

    Location– On the off chance that you live in a hot climate, a lighter-coloured roof will offer assistance to reflect the UV beams and keep your home cooler within the hot summer months. Meanwhile, coastal cities will have darker rooftops since they fit the aesthetics of the environment. They too stow away green growth and dampness stains that happen in wetter climates. Looking around at your neighbors roofs colors and styles can be a great pointer of which way to go for roofing shingles colors.

    Barrel Style Shingles

    Warm or Cool Colour– Naturally accept that a neutral roof and light siding are progressing to go together. Making a difference and maintaining a strategic distance from jumbled colors is one of the essential reasons we put this directly together.  On the other hand if you have a beige house and slap a bluish-gray roof on it, you might clash since your house is warm and your roof is cool Generally, hotter colors – beige, orange, brown, yellow and cooler colors – blue, dim, white are aiming to work best together.

    Warm or Cool Colour shingles

    Take your arranging into thought as well. For illustration, cooler colors might complement pleasantly in the event that you continuously plant shining coloured blossoms and have hanging plants. Whereas arranging made up of more actually happening plant life like pine trees and bushes, hotter colors will seem fantastically pleasing.

    Home Design– The shape and style of your home and roof ought to play an enormous role in which color shingles you employ. For illustration, in the event that you have got a large roof with numerous crests and valleys, a dark roof is attending to take over the look of your home. A light dim or finished shingle is getting to make those auxiliary components of your roof pop and emphasize the plan and design of your home.

    Synthetic Roofing

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    Building material shingles are thicker and more solid, but they too offer a wide range of colors.

    The magnificence of colored material shingles is the decor that you can make. The mix of colors makes roofing material shingles look superior and electrifying.


    What is the Most Popular Color Roof Shingle?

    Black is a timeless classic color style for your roof shingle.

    What Color Roof Makes a House Look Bigger?

    The use of light colors at your roof makes your house look bigger.

    What Color Roof Has the Best Resale Value?

    Neutral colors roofs are the best color choices that are best for resale value.

    Is It Bad to Have Dark Shingles on Your Roof?

    Dark-coloured rooftops are more inclined to harm due to the tall level of UV beams retained by the shingles;this will cause materials to split, dissolve, rankle, and blur.

    Table of Content

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