Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

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Updated: Apr 06, 2024

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Metal Roof and Siding Color Combinations

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    Long-lasting and recyclable roof structures are made of metal. Whether you use any type of metal roof - steel, aluminum, zinc, or copper, they last for thirty to fifty years, costing $8 to $30 or more per square foot.

    Sidings have a similar function to a roof that keeps wind, rain, snow, and sun out of your home but is installed on the exterior walls.

    Color these metal roofs with your sidings, as per your preference.

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    The Impact of Color Choices

    A perfectly coloured metal roof, in combination with siding color, can smash up your home by giving a broader look to your home. The striking choice of your metal roof and side colors can:

    Soak the Heat: A suitable color metal roof and sidings absorb and transfer less heat to your home.

    Save Energy: A home having a metal Roof and siding color combination uses less energy, as more comfortable temperatures are maintained. It can save up to 40 per cent of your spending on energy.


    In the U.S., the traditional home style is the most prominent and popular. A mix of past and modern components gives your home a traditional look. Roof color, combined with your Siding color, provides the traditional style you are looking for in your home.

    Navy Blue and Sandstone

    Navy Blue and Sandstone

    Navy Blue Metal roof color, stirred together with sandstone sides, provides a striking balance between metal and stone.

    Classic Red and White

    Classic Red and White

    If you are going for stand-out looks, then paint your roof with classic red and the siding white. Contrast yourself to the fullest by having the blend of the classic red metal roof with the white siding.

    Dark Brown and Beige

    Dark Brown and Beige

    The most adaptable shade is Brown, which goes very well with a warm color, Beige, giving a consistent look. Light shade Beige color is an excellent choice for your sidings, with a Dark Brown metal roof, giving your compact home a larger feel.

    Midnight Black and Deep Blue

    Midnight Black and Deep Blue roof

    Deep blue is an all-around color that is adaptable to any color. It goes well with a midnight black. A metal roof with the sidings coloured in a deep blue lap over gives your home an elegant and sophisticated appearance.

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    Rich Red and Deep Green

    Rich Red Roof and Deep Green Siding

    Rich red is an excellent color for your rooftop, and it combines well with Deep green sides, giving a historical, emotional, and traditional view to your home.


    A plain and simple design for your residence is what we all are looking to achieve: a rustic look. You can easily attain a rustic appearance in your home by having different color combinations for your metal roof and the sidings.

    Forest Green and Cream

    Forest Green Roof and Cream Sidings

    The finest and fairest color that goes with forest green is the cream color. Merge your forest green metal roof with Cream sidings to give your home a simple rustic style.

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    Terracotta and Cream

    Terracota Roof and Cream Sidings

    The easiest and most straightforward look is to combine your terracotta roof with cream siding shades. This combination to your home gives a comfortable and reassuring gaze.

    Earthly Brown and Olive Green

    Earthly Brown Roof and Olive Green Sidings

    An earthly brown metal roof can look great with olive green, providing your home with a warm and inviting atmosphere.

    Earthly Orange and Teal

    Earthly Orange Roof and Teal Siding

    If you want to have complementary colors to your home exteriors, just paint your metal roof orange and sidings with the teal color. It gives your home an expressive and colorful appearance.

    Deep Burgundy and Olive Greens

    Deep Burgundy Roof and Olive Greens Siding

    The deep burgundy and olive green tone brings vibrancy to your home. The burgundy roof and the other exterior and sides painted in Olive greens bring your home a simple, lively, energetic appeal.

    Timeless Classic

    A beautiful house made in such a way that is beyond the changes in society and fashion. It is timeless in its design and classical in its structure. To have the timeless classic style to your home, color your metal roofs and exterior sidings that will never change in accordance with the trends but rather be a trendsetter and classical, timeless beauty for others.

    Charcoal Grey and White

    Charcoal Grey and White

    It is a timeless classical combination to have your roof coloured with charcoal gray and sidings with white. Contrasting each other, this brings brightness to your home atmosphere.

    Slate Gray and Charcoal

    Slate Gray and Charcoal

    If you are opting for a slate gray metal roof, then pair the siding walls with charcoal color, bringing contemporary looks to your home.

    Cool Gray and Sage Green

    Cool Gray and Sage Green

    A perfect layered and spacious decor comes with a combination of a cool gray roof and side walls painted in sage green. Make the sage green stand out with high-contrast gray roofing.

    Pearl White and Soft Blue

    Pearl white and soft blue

    A pearl white roof looks elegant and timeless when paired with soft blue siding colors. It is a timeless classic pairing of colors.

    Classic Black and Pure White

    Classic Black and Pure White

    The sum of colors is Black, and the purest form of color is white. Bringing together to paint your roof and exterior sidings brings a timeless classical beauty that is unbeatable in any time, zone, and era.

    Modern Trends

    Today, home styles are more individually driven depending upon your lifestyle. Modern style having more of you and your tastes have taken over, the Colors themes for your exterior- roofs and the sidings.

    Modern Charcoal And Warm Wood Tones

    Modern Charcoal and warm wood tones

    Modern Charcoal metal roofs are a mix of dark gray, black, and ash colors and one of the most popular, paired with the wooden color sidings. This brings a contemporary, modern appearance to your home.

    Soft Lavender and Natural Gray

    Soft Lavender and Natural Gray

    The use of soft, adaptable, and trending lavender color with natural gray gives a soothing effect to your home. It brings a modern and quiet decor to your home.

    Sleek Black and Cool Mint

    Sleek Black and Cool Mint

    For a rush and enlightening experience, color your metal roof with sleek black and combine it with a cool mint color for your sidings. One of the boldest and most modern colors for your home is sleek Black with Cool Mint.

    Urban Gray and Red Brick Accents

    Urban Gray and Red Brick Accents

    Urban gray is an adjustable color that gives a pop-up to your exteriors when paired with the Red Brick. Grey paint complements red bricks, creating a far-reaching effect on your home. A widely used modem color combination is Urban Gray with Red Bricks.

    Vibrant Pink and Lime Green

    Vibrant Pink and Lime Green

    A striking and vivid combination of colors will be given to your home by having a Vibrant Pink metal roof and sidings painted with lime green. It is a friendly, pleasing, and attractive approach to coloring your exteriors.

    Muted Lavender and Deep Gold

    Muted Lavender and Deep Gold

    It is a very charming color pairing if you paint your roof with muted lavender and Deep Gold siding walls or vice versa. Combine your options and set up a modern trend.

    Factors to Consider When Choosing the Color of Your Metal Roof and Siding

    Climate: Metal roofs and Siding colors are to be chosen as per the climate conditions of your region. Go for lighter colors in hot and humid conditions. Dark paint combinations can be used in cold climate conditions.

    Energy: Lighter colors are more energy efficient as they reflect more sunlight and keep your home cooler, whereas dark colors absorb more sunlight and keep your home hotter.

    Budget: The cost of various colors may vary, as some colors can be more expensive than others, so it is essential to realize your budget when choosing the color.

    Maintenance: Overall maintenance is required to keep your home looking the best in all and, over time, would require the colors to resist fading and chalking damages. Go for a less maintained color for your roofs and sides.

    Creativity: The color you choose for your residence roof and sides should be applied to your surroundings and enhance the overall look of your home.

    While choosing the color of your roof and sides, you can give your home a traditional, rustic, classical, modern look, or more. That choice is up to your creativity, imagination, and style.

    Visualizing Color Combinations

    Colors transmit sense, fascinate interest, provide a distinct view, and invoke sentiments. Choose your color by bringing more visualization and creativity to your thoughts by:

    • Understanding of colors
    • Mixing the color combination well
    • Use of light and saturated colors

    Take the help of online paint visualizers before implementing the colors on your metal roofs and sides.

    Most paint companies provide this kind of facility, but there are many options available online to search from. Preview and visualize your color combinations online before actually doing it.

    Maintaining the Exterior Colors

    The easiest and most common way to maintain the roof and side colors is to wash it with pressurized water or jet-pressure pipes.

    Preserving and Cleaning the Coloured Exteriors

    Preserve the exterior colors by:

    • Pressure wash the roof and side walls
    • Cut the unwanted greenery from the roof and sides
    • Keep your sewage pipes and gutters clean


    Metal roofs with suitable siding structures are the most modern-day solution for a durable exterior. Choose and paint them as per your fancy imagination. Combining and pairing the Colors of your roof with your sidings gives your home a traditional, rustic, classical, timeless, and yet modern and contemporary appearance to your home.


    What Color Siding Goes With a Copper Roof?

    Colors like cream, white, tan, brown, black, blue, and red go well with a copper roof. The best contrast to copper roofs is white or cream sidings.

    Green Metal Roofs Go With What Colors?

    The green metal roof combined with gray, beige, white, cream, lavender, brick, tan, and brown colors of the sidings looks most prominent. Pair the green metal roof with any of these colors, and you have your home stand out.

    What Color Metal Roof Goes Best With White Sidings?

    The Gray metal roof is to be chosen if you have white siding to give you the most traditional look. White is the color that goes down well with any of the dark shades. You can choose any color roof, and everything goes with white.

    Should the Roof Be Darker Than the Siding?

    No, the roof shouldn't be darker than the sidings; rather, they should be in contrast to each other.

    Table of Content

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