8 Best Colors to Pair With a Red Metal Roof

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By George Taylor

Updated: Feb 01, 2024

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Black House with Red Metal Roof

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    There are lots of trends coming and going when it comes to home decor and architecture. However, going with trends might not actually be a good idea when it comes to deciding your home exterior. There can be quite a lot of confusion regarding the color of the roof and the walls.

    One roof style that never goes out of style and looks good on almost all types of homes is a red metal roof. Red metal roofs are versatile, beautiful, functional, and much more.

    If you have been looking for a guide to help you style and maintain a red metal roof, then you have landed at the right place. Here you will find the right colors to pair with a red metal roof along with tips for the upkeep of your metal roof.

    Here are some Amazing Metal Roof Colors of 2023 That Will Inspire You!

    Yellow for a Bright & Breezy House

    Yellow House with Red Roof

    Yellow is the most popular color when it comes to pairing it with a red metal roof just because they both look so good together. Using a pale yellow color with a bright red or a deep red metal roof will make the place look unique and creative. A soft and muted yellow color will add the right amount of brightness to the place while maintaining elegance.

    Neutrals Like French Gray

    French Gray House with Red Roof

    Grey color is versatile, and stylish and looks good with almost all shades of red. Almost all shades of gray look great when paired with a red metal roof, however, our personal favorite is French gray when it comes to pairing it with red. French Grey is a very light shade of gray that will make the home look sophisticated, timeless, and put together.

    This color combination is sharp and great for when you want a statement exterior without anything flashy.

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    Pale Green House With a Red Metal Roof

    Pale Green House With A Red Metal Roof

    Pairing green with red can be a bold and risky move but when done right, this can become one of the most beautiful color combinations for the house exterior. When matched with subdued red tops, soft and pale shades of green like sage green can give your house a soft and elegant appearance.

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    White Walls With a Red Roof

    White Walls With A Red Roof

    This combination is fresh, elegant, and classic, and looks great on almost all types of homes. When paired with a red metal roof, white color provides a clean and polished look to the home exterior which makes it perfect for people who want a home that looks organized and put together even from the outside.

    This color combination will look the best on Mediterranean-style homes and bring out the architectural beauty of the place.

    Add Balance With Tan Shades

    Tan House With a Red Metal Roof

    Tan and Red harmonize together like nothing else. Red being a bold color goes really well with a neutral color like tan and creates the perfect balanced look which is sophisticated and stylish. To further create an intriguing contrast with your red roofs, you can even mix your tan house with gray or stone siding.

    Brick Exterior With a Red Roof Never Goes Out of Style

    A brick house with a red metal roof

    This is a very classic combination when it comes to homes with a red metal roof. The brick exterior provides the perfect monochromatic look to the place, making it look warm and welcoming.

    Brick walls are great to add some texture and personality to the house and give it an elegant and timeless vibe. A brick house with a red metal roof screams creativity and is anything but boring.

    The Classic Beige & Red Combination

    Light Beige House With a Red Roof

    The rosy, mushy tones of a light beige paint look great with all shades of red which makes it one of the best colors to pair with a red metal roof. This color combination is best for modern-style homes as it provides a simple yet attractive appearance to the place.

    This combination may also assist you in creating an earthy craftsman-style house exterior when combined with warm, wooden, or brown trim and sidings.

    Blue With Red is Always in

    Blue House With a Red Roof

    This is a very fun and creative color combination, best suited for homes that will carry a unique appearance well. The shades of these colors can vary according to your choice and preference.

    Some of the best shade combinations for this are pale blue with brick red for the perfect contrast between bright and dark. Another shade combination is burgundy red with periwinkle blue.

    Steps to Maintain Your Metal Roof

    Metal roofs are known to be low maintenance and that is true to the most extent. However, there are some things you can take care of to make sure that your metal roof looks good as new and holds up well for a long period. Some of the steps you can follow to ensure the optimal appearance and functioning of your metal roof:

    Proper Installation: A metal roof that is correctly installed without excessive denting. Due to the panels’ ability to expand and contract in response to temperature changes, we advise you to prefer a standing seam metal roof over the one with screw-down panels.

    Ensure Proper Cleaning Of The Roof: Cleaning your metal roof regularly will help you keep its appearance intact and also look for any dents or weather effects. There are different ways in which you can clean your metal roof so make sure that you do it while keeping its safety in mind and not recklessly use any harsh materials or methods to clean it.

    Regularly Check For Any Kind Of Damage: Sunlight exposure can cause the materials near chimneys, solar panels, air vents, and skylights to deteriorate and so can other weather extremities. This is why it is very important to keep checking your metal roof for any damages regularly, especially after it has gone through extreme weather conditions.

    Lookout For The Trees Growing Near Your Home: If there are trees close to your home, you might wish to have the ones that might brush up your roof clipped by someone with experience as they can leave leaves on your metal roof, scratch the paint and make it more susceptible to damage.


    Red metal roofs are a great option if you want something attractive, versatile, and functional. It can protect your home efficiently, make it look beautiful, and goes well with almost all colors so you don’t have to go through the hassle of not finding the right paint color for your house exterior. Metal roofs increase the curb appeal as well as the value of your property due to the endless benefits they carry like being environment-friendly, durable, and sturdy.

    You can also increase the longevity and maintain the appearance of your red metal roof by following some simple steps mentioned above in this article. We hope all your queries regarding red metal roofs got answered here. Remember, it is important to enjoy the process of redecorating or painting your house so take as much creative liberty as you want to make your home look just how you want it to look.


    How is a Metal Roof Made Waterproof?

    When in contact with metal surfaces, waterproof sealant for metal adheres, filling gaps at seams, joints, and around fasteners.

    Which Metal Sheet is Best for Roofing?

    Because of its durability and long-lasting qualities, Aluminum is considered to be the best metal sheet material for roofing. Another benefit of getting an aluminum roof is that they come in numerous colors and hence, can be very versatile and easy to pair with other colors.

    Which Metal Roof Has the Longest Lifespan?

    On an average, metal roofs can last for anywhere between 50 to 60 years with proper maintenance. However, copper metal roofing can last significantly longer than many other materials.

    What Kind of Paint Should I Use for a Metal Roof?

    There are many different types of paints that suit different metals, hence what type of paint you use is totally dependable on the type of metal roof have. For example, acrylic latex paints can be used for painting metal roofs but they must be specifically made for the task.

    What Should the Color of the Roof Be?

    Neutral colors like white, tan, beige, etc. are great if you want a house that blends well with the surroundings. If you want to make a statement, then solid bold colors like red, blue, green, etc. will do the trick. Similarly, different colors for the roof can be used for different looks. Hence, the color you choose for your metal roof entirely depends on the type of house you want.

    Table of Content

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