10 Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors: A Comprehensive Guide

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By George Taylor

Updated: Jun 01, 2024

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Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

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    Metal roofs play an important role in adding visual appeal to the exterior house as it is the first thing a visitor sees, so it has to look great. Metal roofs are also preferred by homeowners due to their outstanding features. It is durable, cost-effective, energy-efficient, adds aesthetic appeal, has resistance to hailstorms, and many more. When you decide to install a metal roof, confusion arises regarding its color as to which color will suit your home exterior. In this article, we have discussed the best-standing seam metal roof colors for your roof.

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    Tips For Choosing Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

    Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors for your homes

    Exterior Design of the House

    Exterior Design of the House

    The home’s design impacts the metal roof color effect on the overall appearance. With contemporary style homes, a solid color metal roof is best whereas for conventional home style, variation in color gives the best effect.

    Color of the Exterior Elements

    Color of the exterior elements

    For the best effect of the metal roof color on the exterior decor, choose one that goes well with features such as siding, trim, or windows. The colors of all these features should not clash with each other; they should be in contrast.

    Weather Conditions

    The color choice is dependent on the climate of your area. For the cold zone, dark colors are the best option as they absorb heat and maintain the indoor temperature. For hot areas, light color is a good choice as it reflects heat and maintains a balanced indoor temperature.


    Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors for beautiful landscaping

    The landscape of the surrounding area is vital in deciding the color of the metal roof. For areas surrounded by greenery, shades of red and brown can blend well, whereas for homes located near water, blue or green gives a more soothing and calming effect.

    Personal Preference

    No matter what the climatic conditions and the house style are, the most important factor is your preference because you have to look at the roof colors every day, so it has to match your taste and display your personality apart from other factors

    Trending Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

    White Metal Roof

    White Metal Roof

    White standing metal roof color is a classic choice for a stunning impact on the exterior home. White metal roofs look amazing and reflect sunlight, giving relief from energy bills. For the maximum effect, a white roof looks good on the white house, but if your home is not white, don’t worry. Merely mix and match colors and accent a few features.

    Red Metal Roof

    Red Metal Roof

    If you want a Spanish villa look, opt for a red metal roof color. Red also suits the ranch, colonial, and craftsman homes. Terra cotta or colonial red is worth trying as it gives a sleek look to the traditional tiles and blends with the greenery in the surroundings.

    Forest Green

    Forest Green Metal Roof

    Green gives a natural punch to the metal roof, just like red. It goes well with all the house styles but looks best with a cabin-style home. Green color, being the natural color, blends with the surroundings as an extension of nature.

    Neutral Metal Roof Color

    Neutral Metal Roof Color

    It is one of the most popular choices for standing seam colors for metal roofs as it complements any home design, be it a warm neutral or cool neutral. The warm neutral enhances the warm-toned wood accents. It is a perfect fit for all weather.

    Copper and Bronze Color

    Copper and Bronze Color Metal Roof

    Copper and bronze roofing is a timeless choice for homeowners due to its durability, but it comes with a heavy price which gets balanced in the future due to its long-lasting behaviour. Copper color roof looks neat and clean and enhances the architectural details of the building. If you want an affordable option, go for galvalume panels, which will retain the color till they last.

    Stone Gray Standing Seam Metal Roof

    Stone Gray Standing Seam Metal Roof

    It is one of the most preferred choices for metal roof color as it extends a modern look to homes, especially with modern design homes. To make the exterior home inviting, pair the gray roof color with light-tone (white, cream, or tan) siding.

    Timeless Black Color

    Timeless Black Color Metal Roof

    Black has been a classy and modern color for many years for any home decor idea. Black blends well with all the palette, be it neutral or monochromatic. You can choose any roof design with a black metallic roof.

    Deep Blue

    Deep Blue Roof Metal Roof

    Blue, especially steel blue, seamlessly brings the sky to your metal roof, adding tranquility to the home. The best feature is its compatibility with most colors, such as beige, taupe, or silver.

    Wine Color

    Wine color metal roof

    Wine color enhances the lush green garden of the backyard, especially when the garden has more green, yellow, and white hues. The vertical panel in wine color exhibits a cozy feel, making it ideal for colonial-style homes.

    Cocoa Brown Color

    Cocoa brown metal roof color

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    One of the cool colors with depth to create a visual appeal that suits any landscape from modern to conventional. Brown color brings in the nature around it if you live near the tall trees and shrubs.

    Where To Find Standing Seam Metal Roof Colors

    There are various online and offline standing seam metal roof colors options available to buy metal roof colors, such as McElroy Walnut Creek Metals. You can also contact the contractors who can show different options. Apart from all these, there are online tools that show you the color impact through a visualizer tool.


    The standing seam metal roof colors enhance the look of the exterior decor if planned properly. Consider all the vital factors, such as the area of your stay, home style, budget, and desired durability. All these factors will help you find the best color for a metallic roof.


    How Often Should I Repaint or Recoat My Standing Seam Metal Roof?

    It depends on the color and type of coating you choose. In the case of oil-based coating, paint it every three years, and for the elastomeric system, after every 5- 10 years. This will add life to the metal roof.

    Are There Color Options That Provide Better Energy Efficiency?

    Yes, neutral colors like beige, white, gray, and many other tones are energy efficient as they reflect sunlight, keeping the indoor environment cool during summers and saving energy bills.

    Can I Change the Color of My Existing Standing Seam Metal Roof?

    Yes, you can change the existing color. After proper inspection of the roof, paint it with a color of your choice.

    What is the Best Color of Metal to Put on a Roof?

    The best color is the color that suits the house style and the weather conditions. For a warm zone, opt for a light color, and for cool weather, go for a dark shade. The color decides the energy efficiency.

    What Are the Two Biggest Concerns With a Metal Roof?

    The biggest disadvantages of metal roofs are it creates noise during the rainy season and it is expensive when compared with other roofing material.

    Table of Content

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