The Essential Guide to Toilet Paper Holder Height and Installation

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By Trinity Archie

Updated: Mar 07, 2024

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Toilet Paper Holder Height
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    Integrating additional fixtures like toilet paper holders is both cost-effective and straightforward.

    Visibility refers to whether the toilet paper is easily seen and reachable, which can be achieved by installing the holder with the roll facing forward. Cleanliness can be maintained by positioning the roll facing backward, reducing the risk of contamination. The holder's design should complement the bathroom's style, considering factors like material and shape. Space constraints may require a compact or wall-mounted holder. Lastly, considering accessibility is crucial, especially for elderly or disabled users, by ensuring the holder is installed at a reachable height and orientation.

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    DIY - Paper Holder Installation

    DIY - Paper Holder Installation
    Design: Bill Jackson-Martin / Photo: @vogue_product


    Use a pencil to indicate where the brackets should be placed.


    • When drilling into solid wood or a stud, there's no need for additional anchoring. Utilize an electronic stud finder to pinpoint the stud location, then drill 1/16-inch holes.
    • For drywall or ceramic tile, anchors are required.
    • For drywall, drill 3/16-inch holes and insert anchors using a hammer.
    • For tile, protect it with tape, use a carbide drill bit, and follow the same steps as for drywall.


    Attach brackets to the wall using the provided fasteners and pre-drilled holes.

    Ensure brackets are level and securely attached to the wall.


    Mount the toilet paper holder onto the brackets, sliding it downward to clip it into place.

    Determining Toilet Paper Holder Height

    Ensuring optimal convenience and hygiene is crucial when determining the height of your toilet paper holder. Aim for positioning the center of the roll approximately 26 inches above the floor, with the roll placed 8-12 inches in front of the toilet rim.

    To ensure accuracy, have multiple users close their eyes and reach for where they would expect the roll to be, then mount the holder at the average distance. Installing the holder requires gathering tools like screws, a drill, and a spirit level. Mark the position accurately, secure anchors, and attach the holder to promote cleanliness and accessibility for all users.

    Positioning of Toilet Paper Holders for User Comfort

    The ideal placement for the toilet paper holder should enable easy access without causing strain.

    Positioning of Toilet Paper Holders for User Comfort
    Photo: @luxury_homes_collections

    Placing the holder excessively low can cause bending while positioning it too high might create challenges for shorter individuals or kids. It's essential to account for variations in toilet height by measuring from the floor to the bowl's top to determine the best placement. Additionally, factors like bathroom layout and proximity to other fixtures, such as the flush lever or sink, should be taken into consideration for both functionality and aesthetics.

    While the standard height is typically 26 inches, it's not rigid; consulting household members or professionals ensures the holder's suitability for all users.

    Key Factors for Toilet Paper Holder Height

    Comfort, accessibility, and functionality. Three elements need to be considered while incorporating the idea at which height you should fit the Toilet Paper Holder.


    The average height of your family members who will generally be using the washroom should be considered so that the toilet roll is within comfortable reach for everyone.


    The key objective in setting the toilet paper holder's height is to guarantee effortless usage and accessibility. Position it at a level that enables users to easily access the toilet paper without exerting strain or reaching too far. This consideration holds particular significance for individuals with physical constraints or those who may need bathroom assistance.


    The toilet's height is an essential aspect to contemplate. With the availability of toilets in various styles and heights, it is best to measure the height from floor to toilet bowl and place the toilet paper holder in reachability.

    Ensuring practicality is paramount when selecting how to position your toilet paper holder. Prioritize accessibility for both yourself and guests by considering factors like easy dispensing, prevention of tangles, single-handed usage, and roll stability. Ultimately, choose the orientation that best meets your household's functional needs.


    Selecting the appropriate spot and positioning for your toilet paper holder is crucial for ease and accessibility. Ensuring the toilet paper holder is strategically positioned provides easy access, optimizing the usability of the bathroom. The best placement for the holder is within arm's reach of the toilet, making it effortless to grab paper while seated.

    Table of Content

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